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  1. ok im gonna talk to my mom (im 16 yes i live at home lol) now she needs to get on the net all the time and we got our wireless network but i cant install it cause of the eathernet and usb problem. SO i think i can get her to buy me the mobo so she can get on all the time instead of having to move the modem from here to her computer. now if i got the mobo vid card and ram now is there anything else that NEEDS to go along with the mobo? just the cpu right?
  2. mm well the thing is if i went all out right now id have to borrow money and i really dont wanna do that lol. so i can afford a nice video card and an extra stick of ram, would that do me good untill i can afford the processor new mobo cpu AND psu lol
  3. haha i think i might be able to get that i wanted to spend around 400 but i really think i can find 50$ more god im loving you guys ehh achully i think that im gonna get that video card and a extra stick of ram save up some more money then get the other upgrades as i come up with the money
  4. yeah! ok haha now when you say "psu" your reffering to a power supply right? cuase the 400-500 wat thing he mentioned, where does it say what kinda power supply i have in that everest thing i dled?
  5. http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/Se...21824&CatId=318 ok thats gotta be right for my mobo, what do you guys think? its looks better than that 40$ one they got for sale there and i can afford it if i dont get a new mobo but this psu, ill look them up thanks guys
  6. darn it lol k lemme try again haha i think im learning wait a minute the one that ham posted was a pci express too
  7. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814102483 how might that guy work? is it a good deal for its price?
  8. haha well they did screw me over pretty good i told him i played wow and asked if itd hold up, he said itd be nice cause itd cause less heat or whatever, later on i figured out the only reason it was even overheating is cause the fan was out on it :(
  9. ahh a site i can look this up on? sorry i really suck at this
  10. ugh.. those jerks said the vidcard would work fine and look at this im allready replacing it . so if im only gonna get the vid card and stick of ram whats a retilivitly decent card? **edit** you guys are saints
  11. so for now i really just need the mobo, vid card and the extra stick of ram? and i should be set and my fps will be semi decent?
  12. i just thought of the eathernet problem and only one of my usb ports work too so i really do achully need a new mobo, when i thinkt hat then i think i might as well go all out
  13. im really not shure, i guess i wanna be able to play games with out lagging as bad as i am. if it costs more i can find a few more dollars to throw in to it, i just wanna know the "best bang for your buck" deal. right now im going to get an extra 512 RAM and a motherboard FOR SHURE cause my eathernet port is messed up, and a vid card, so far i can hanel the ram and the mobo the vid card and the cpu im gonna want some suggestions on i love you guys
  14. wow your right about the mobo its the exact same one. thanks the only thing is i dont know what my likeing would be and im not shure how to find the AMD Athlon XP 3000+ for ram i think i can handel that part, and then the vid card back to that likeing im not totally shure on what to achully get, thank you for your help tho
  15. awesome stuff, do you know where i can get the stuff and what mabye would be the best choices for what i need? im sorry i dont know anything about this stuff
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