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    Asus P4PE mobo
    P4 2.4G 533 FSB
    1024 Geil DDR 333
    520w PSU
    Aluminum Case w/ 7 fans
    ATI Radeon 9000 Pro 128 AGP
  1. I have always kinda stuck with Intel. I am not really sure why. I have built two AMD systems, one for a friend, and one for my car. I have a 12" touchscreen LCD monitor I molded into a custom fiberglass dash I made. Its running an XP 1700 I think? I dunno, cant remember. I have also always been very happy with Asus Mobos. They seem to offer a lot of great features at great prices. I found another forum where there are more intel guys, and the P5WD2 Premium seems to be THE mobo to get for the new 65ns chips and OC'ing. There are guys pulling 4+ Ghz out of air cooled systems. I would rather not spend any more money on this system. Now with the PCI-e that is out there, along with D series chips and 1066FSB's it doesnt seem worth it to try and get anything more out of my machine. My money would be better spent doign a complete upgrade. I can still sell these components to friends to make some cake towards my new system.
  2. well I started pricing out a new system. I know how you feel about Intel Psycho, but I am looking at the Asus P5WD2 Premium w/ an Intel 920 D and some OCZ Gold DDR2 memory. Eventuall I would get some of those 150GB Raptors, but for the first phase I will be stuck with the crappy IDE drives I have right now.
  3. i could try that just to see, but I need that 1024 for work, so its not really worth getting a lil bit more speed
  4. you are prolly right... It has been 3 years (or is it 4 now?) since I built this thing. All I would need to do is save for a while and get a new Mobo, CPU/HS, GFX card, and some different memory. I already have a really great case, PSU, and a shitton of fans. It really wouldnt cost too much to do the upgrade since I have a good foundation to build on. Hell, I could even sell the components I have now to friends. I can think of 3 of them that are still running PII or PIII systems.
  5. i am at 166FSB, 1.600Vcore @ 2.99Ghz with temps around 37-39ish at idle. I havent tested it yet in-game, been working all day. I did find that my memory is not what I thought I remembered it as. I originally built the system with a Corsair 512 PC2700, then when I went to upgrade I pulled a no-no and got a 512 GeIl Ultra Platinum PC3500 (DDR 433) with the intention of ordering a second GeIl at a later time. The reason being that they came out with a BIOS update for my mobo that would allow it to support 800FSB speed if you had DDR400+ memory. If I get my hands on a second stick of Geil 433, then I would have a lot more headroom. Also, at that point I could get a new CPU, like a 3+ GB with HT and 800FSB. Right now I do not feel too comfortable tweaking the memory considering I have two different brands, and two different speeds, with the smaller limiting both to PC2700 (333mhz).
  6. it really kicked up the speed there, the DL is done and I am installing it now. EDIT: $%*)^$(%)#@^* All that work and I cant run it on my system. Some error about not having pixelshader 2.0 or something
  7. actually the file is 576.89MB. There is 1 hr and 22 mins left now. I am on a cable modem.
  8. i am trying to DL it, but I cant find a good fast DL site. Right now I am using Bittorrent and there is 37 hours remaining! EDIT: I closed it out and tried it again, only 4 hrs remaining now!
  9. lol... for me getting paid comes first! Anywho, I was able to run the game for 45 mins with no issues, and slightly higher FPS. I just went into the bios, and up'ed it from 160 to 166 again just now. We'll see how it works after I go in and get some food in my belly. If I can go higher, then I will have to get into the whole memory issue.
  10. hmm.. well I was able to play the game with no glitches for about 10 mins or more. I ended up disconneting from the game so I post back here. What really sucks is that I NEED to have two monitors set up for working. I have to move all the icons around, then go into the display properties and disable the second monitor any time I wanna fire up a game? I am going to fire up the game again and run it for longer, maybe 30-45 mins and see what happens. (BTW - my temps when I exited the game were nice and low, the CPU was only at 41*C)
  11. There is no option in the bios for shutdown at any certain temp. I will shut down the second monitor for testing right after I finish this post, then I will try the game again, should be about 10 mins or so and I will be back. As far as fans: PSU has 3 Case has 5 CPU HS has one Video card has upgraded fan and accessory case fan on it (total of 2) I think I can pull the case fan off the Vcard for now, I put it there when I was planning to OC the video card, but that has been put off now since the new card is on its way. Ill be back in a lil bit with my no-second-monitor results. (i wont be able to see what the temps/volts are at when the game crashes tho.)
  12. ok... I am still running a 1:1 ratio, with my FSB @ 160, and the voltage @ 1.575 running 2882Mhz. Here is what I do not get. Everything boots fine, and the temps are holding steady. The confusing part is the MBM5 dashboard. Its showing: Core 0 @ 1.65V Core 1 @ 1.65V +12 @ 11.67V -12 @ 12.2V I dont get it. When I go into the bios and look at the hardware monitor, it shows 12.2 for the +12. Why is MBM5 showing 11.67V for the + and 12.2V for the +? What is the difference between these two? One is the positive and one the negative? Shouldnt these both be right at 12.00V? When I try to fire up BF2 and leave my MBM5 dashboard running on the second monitor, I can play the game for a few mins, then either the game crashes to the desktop, or the entire computer reboots. My temps did not go up over 40*C. However, I did catch the +12V at the last second it was crashing showing 11.46, I didnt get a chance to see the +12V before the sytem restarted. Is my PSU (520w) not enough? Is this .21V drop enought to crash the system? Should I not be paying any attention to the +12V and be looking at the -12V since that seems to match up with what my BIOS hardware monitor is reading?
  13. i agree and understand what you are saying. This is why I only tried tweaking the FSB, and nothing else as I felt I wasnt informed enough about the rest of the settings to tweak them. I kinda feel the only way to learn is to read about something, and then go and try it. Am I risking doing damage? Yes, and I understand that. I need to learn somehow. The divider thing is kinda over my head. My BIOS lets me set the AGP/PCI frequency to "auto" which from my understanding keeps it locked at 33/66. Is this what you are referring to when you say a "divider"? EDIT: BTW I am about 20-30 miles north of hudson. Also, I just sent payment for that 9600XT to Maestro. As you said, I will wait on any overclocking on that until I get this tweaked to perfection, or atleast as close to perfection as I can get with my knowledge at this point.
  14. anyone have any reccomendations on what to try for the Vcore and memory settings?
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