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  1. I probably won't watercool the GPU, just a heatpipe on it should be decent enough. What sort of pump and resevoir would work well? I was thinking about putting the radiator at the top of the case to give space for the rest, I'll cut some more holes for air to escape up there. This will allow me to also run a quieter fan in the front to cool the hard drives and other cards.
  2. Hi, I want to water cool my new system mainly to create an as near silent computer as possible. I already have the case and am willing to modify it to fit a large radiator and pump. Before I get too into water cooling though I want to make sure my current case will work well for it. I want everything to be inside the case because I do sometimes bring it to lan parties. I am going to run an AMD 64 3800+ x2 processor when I do get the rest of the system. I am only going to run a dvd burner and two hard drives so losing drive bays is fine for a bigger radiator. I will probably run only a CPU cooler, I will just get a heat pipe for the video card. I honestly don't know much about water cooling at the moment too. I know I would like to do it but I do not know which brands are good or how much a decent quiet system would cost, any help with that would be appreciated although I am going to be searching on my own. Thanks.
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