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  1. yeah, it is set to microphone, the only thing that I have changed are my speakers, but I don't get how that can be the problem.
  2. I recently got myself the Logitech X530 and I plugged in everything correctly. The weird thing is, when I plug in my headphones onto the control pod in the headphone jack and talk on ventrilo or even on voice recorder, it records whatever I am hearing. So, when I am playing music and recording even with the headphones plugged in, it still records the music that is playing, but quietly. The mic still works and everything, but I just want it to not record what I am hearing. Anybody know how to fix this? Thanks! EDIT: I should also mention that I have the Creative Soundblaster Live! 5.1 and I plugged my microphone onto the sound card. This problem also has not happened with my old crappy speakers when I plugged in the headphones into the headphone jack. EDIT: I have found out that without the headphones plugged in and just using the speakers, when I record, the music from the speakers is not recorded from the output, but it is quiet and it seems like it is recorded from my computer. I mean, the sound coming from the speaker is not recorded, but I can still hear the music but it is very quiet when I record, so it is like it is recording from "what u hear", but I can still input my own voice and the recording source is set on microphone
  3. Thanks for the super fast reply! It sucks that it doesn't support SATA II, but oh well.
  4. So I'm thinking about buying a 250GB SATA II hard drive and I was wondering if my motherboard ASUS P4P800 SE supports SATA II? I search on google but I can't seem to find anything. Is there another name besides SATA II that it is called?
  5. Is there a program or something that lets me test how well each set of ram will perform? I used 3dMark05 with my 9800 Pro and I scored 2345 with 1.5gb and I scored 2437 with 1gb of ram. Does that take into account for loading times as well as performance? I play Battlefield 2 and I would like to know which configuration will be the best for it.
  6. So yeah, I have recently gotten 1 gb (2x512mb) of OCZ Premier PC3200 (200 MHz) DDR400 Dual Channel ram with latency of 2.5-3-3-7. I have my old 512mb (2x256mb) ram which is SpecTek Incorporated (?) PC3200 (200MHz) DDR400 Dual Channel with latency 3-3-3-8. My motherboard is ASUS P4P800SE and I know that the frequency and stuff of the better ram (OCZ) have to be underclocked (can I use this word?) to match the not-so-good ram. My question is, is it better to use 1.5gb ram at a frequency of 159.9 MHz or just use just the 1gb OCZ ones at frequency 199.9 MHz and dump the old 512mb ones. Thanks in advance for any helpful replies!
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