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  1. The problem is that they are stuck on trying to offer at least one title fight per month. The little guys aren't big enough names to be a big draw for a PPV, GSP gets hurt too much training to be able to defend his title regularly (his last two or three fights have all been delayed due to training injuries), there are not enough top contenders to keep Sylva's fights from being reminiscent of late 80's Mike Tyson (12 second wins in a 5 round title fight? not the way to win fans), and there is no way Couture is defending again in under three months. However, Liddell could fight monthly, and keep winning and putting on good shows. But they are struggling to find good fighters for him to face too. Jackson might not be ready quite yet, but after losing this one (their second fight), it would make for even better PPV sales for Liddell/Jackson 3. There seems to be a very large jump in talent in some of the weight classes. For Heavyweights, Couture was a stop-gap. They needed someone to come back and fight before Crocop gets the title. And once Crocop gets it, then they need to find someone who can challenge him, and its not Couture. I think they figured Herring would be the guy, but he has looked horrible so far. In Welterweights, after GSP and Hughes (maybe Penn if he even fights again), it drops off pretty significantly. In Middleweights, Sylva, Franklin, Swick (yes, I think he is ready for a title shot already). For as many fighters as the UFC is showcasing right now, they just don't have enough title-worthy guys. Thats why they keep stealing guys away from Pride.
  2. I like my CRF 250 X four stroke. I was a relative beginner on the dirt, all my experience was on the road, I find this bike to be very predictable, easy to ride, with lots of power if I want it. The "X" is the trail model, the"R" is the track model. And yes, get gear. Helmet for sure, gloves are a definite, and I would not ride without my boots either, they have saved my feet and ankles a few times already in less than a year. Then chest protector, knees, elbows, pants, and jersey. Yes, I might look like a wanna be racer, but I am yet to come home hurt (other than my pride after some nice falls).
  3. Franklin didn't appear to be quite as impressive as I remember him being pre-Sylva, but he still looked pretty good. Definitely showed that MacDonald has a few more fights to go before being considered in the upper echelon of the sport. And I just realized that I will miss the next PPV (April 7), because that is my wedding day (for those that know me, yes, I am already married, its a long story...). But anyway, I will not be watching that one live. As much as my wife enjoys watching UFC, I guess that's not in the plans for that day.
  4. Hughes was fighting to not lose, he wasn't fighting to win. He was being overly cautious, not taking any chances, and did not show any of the strength that he has been known for. I wasn't impressed with him at all. Couture on the other hand, wow, what a fight. Sylvia might be bigger and stronger, but with that added size comes a lot less speed. He practically looked sedated compared to Couture. That fight was never in doubt.
  5. Thanks, I have that one (02 MC 800 stretched from 144 to 151), and a 98 Powder Special 600 136. Most of my photography has been snowmobiling, thats the reason I bought the camera and lens that I have.
  6. It's coming. Two weeks away. Yes, still early, but any predictions? T. Sylvia / R. Couture C. Lyttle / M. Hughes R. Franklin / J. MacDonald J. Lambert / R. Sobral (Babalu) R. Holman / M. Hammill and 4 other fights with guys I have never heard of. Here's my breakdown: Skill-wise, I think Couture is better. Even after retirement, he kept training and coaching. While not training for active fighting could have been hard on his cardio, the rest would be good for his body. His wrestling skills are unreal. The only problem is, he needs to get inside Sylvia's massive wingspan to do any damage. Many have tried, not many have succeeded. While I think Sylvia has to be looked at as favorite, I think experience will win. Couture, by decision. Hughes needs to make a statement after getting taken to school by St. Pierre. I have a feeling that this one will last about as long as Hughes / Gracie. Hughes, first round knockout. My prediction for the fight of the night. Everyone knows that Franklin is good. People are just starting to see how good MacDonald could be. Franklin, like Hughes, has something to prove. While a very well-rounded fighter, I don't think Franklin is as good on the ground, or has the fitness level that MacDonald has. I have to go with my Canadian boy, MacDonald, by submission in the second round. And I am going to get lazy on the last two I listed. Babalu and Hammill.
  7. I understand some of the reason for the weigh-ins happening the day before, but don't agree with it. I think this is going to happen more and more as guys are trying to cut more and more weight to give themselves an advantage in a fight. Some of these guys are fighting at 15 pounds or more above their weight class, which goes against the whole point of weight classes. I think they should have a weigh-in the day before, with zero tolerance for overweight, and on fight day, make them weigh in again, give them 2 pounds, in case they eat the wrong thing, or drink too much water. that way, when fighting for the 185 lb title, you are watching two 185 lb fighters, not two guys that managed to dehydrate themselves down to 185, but actually weigh 205-210.
  8. I think Silva was playing with Lutter to make the fight look a little better, appease an already pissed-off crowd. I don't think he was ever seriously in trouble. I also thought that the rule about the downward striking elbow, which is what ended the fight, was in reference to the motion in relation to the strikers body, not in relation to the floor/ceiling. There were a few questionable non-calls during that fight. Jackson just looked nervous, his skills looked the same as always, not real technical, just makes things work. Cro Cop looked like a total professional, about what you would expect from an anti-terrost commando from Croatia. Zero emotion, zero fear, just go in, do the job, and leave. The last fight of the night that they showed was the best one, very balanced fight, lots of reversals, good skill, all attack, not much defence. Wish all fights were like that. All in all, I was slightly disappointed in this card. The Jackson fight wasn't bad, but was slightly boring. Cro Cop was impressive, but the fight wasn't much to watch (like a cat stalking a mouse, you know who is going to win, just not how messy it will get at the end), and the Silva fight was a disappointment from the start because it didn't mean anything. Now on to next month, can't wait to see Mr. MacDonald take on Franklin. See just how good his ground game really is. That is pretty much the only fight I care about on that card.
  9. Several answers the the questions asked: First, the two pics on the snow were with an older Pentax 35 mm SLR, that I didn't realize until after they were developed that I had some settings screwed up (it was a borrowed cam). The others were taken with my Pentax ist*DS. They appearance of lack of focus is due to low light conditions with no tripod. I was out for a hike, and had put the camera away because it was too dark, but couldn't NOT take pictures at that spot. The lighting picture is shaky because, well, have you ever tried to photograph lightning during the day, again without a tripod? I am not sure why some can see the pictures, and others can't. I haven't had time to upload them to another spot, but I am in the process of cataloguing them all, and will post them elsewhere when thats done, and then just link to them.
  10. I actually wanted the Chevy w/ Duramax, but can't get a 3500 with a short box. My local Dodge dealer sucks, and the next closest is about an hour and a half drive away. I get great service from the local Ford people, so thats what I went with. The F350 is probably overkill over what I need, the new F250's probably would have been fine. The problem is that the taxes are higher on the 250's than the 350's here. And this way, it won't be getting worked nearly as hard as it is capable of.
  11. Haul snowmobiles. When I make it back home to my parents place, I help out on the farm. But this truck is for toys, not so much work.
  12. Since everyone else seems to post when they get a new vehicle, I might as well too. By the end of today, I should be driving a 2007 F350 Lariet CC SB w/ 6.0L Powerstroke. My '99 F250 LD w. 5.4 gas just wasn't enough truck for what I need it for, so it was time to upgrade. I know the 2008's will be released in a couple months, with more power, and some cosmetic changes, but that just means they are trying to clear out the '07's now so they aren't stuck with them on the lot. Therefore, VERY aggressive pricing on them. I got an excellent deal, including getting about $3000 more than I expected on my trade. I am very happy with the deal I got. I will post pics when its sitting in my driveway.
  13. Some states (including Cali) have laws that require certain colors on police cars, from what I was told. Cali police colors being black with white doors. Can anyone point to a California police car that has different colors, that may show that I was misinformed? I am not aware of anything like that up here in Canada. If someone wants to stripe their vehicle like a police car, I don't know of a law to prevent it. However, I do know that if you use your look-alike vehicle to pull someone over, you will be in A LOT of trouble. The only thing I know of here in BC is that the only vehicles on the road allowed to have blue lights are police cars. flashing red and blue for police, flashing red for fire, red and white for ambulance, and green for Emergency coordinator (Search and Rescue, major emergency command post sort of thing). In fact, I have seen many vehicles on the road that still had the old RCMP colors of blue with white doors, as sold at auction once the cops were done with them.
  14. A few more, an inlet of the Pacific near Prince Rupert, BC.
  15. A few samples. One is a shot of lightning on the prairies in Saskatchewan. The other two are from snowmobiling in the Rocky Mountains.
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