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  1. The power supply is some 300w generic pos, but i kno it work because it spins the fans. The drives i dont think matter. The mobo is the PcChips Tidalwave i got it at frys today. The fan some cool master one. The cpu is the hyper threading p4.
  2. Hey Everyone; I bought a Radeaon 9600se, PcChip Motherboard and P4 3.00 ghz So I install it all. Hit the power, the fans spin the drives open. But nothing from the monitor or any beeps!!?!? What should i do or try? Help me -Cs-Sniper
  3. What!!!, geting radio on regular speakers, is this a joke?, theres not antanna, is it really possible to pick up radio waves some how?
  4. Hey board, im thinking about buying a dvd burner. But i heard there comming out with double layer burner that have like 9gb of data storage. So i have some options. I want to be able to copy dvd movies, but i was wondering are some of the movies on double layer disks? so i should buy a double layer burner? (to burn them) If i buy a cheaper single layer burner (which i want to, to save $$)will i still be able to backup my movies? thanks in advance!!
  5. Hey Everyone Here my comp's stats: AMD XP 1800+ Soyo Dragon+ Radeon 7500 64mb ddr 512 DDR pc2100 Cool Master Fan for Socket A IBM 60gb hdd 7200rpm Western Digital 80gb hdd 7200rpm TDK cd-rw 40/12/48 350w Power Supply I think the case, power suppy, hdd's, cd-rw are all still good. I know the graphics card is ancint history. The motherboard, cpu are kinda old. The memory is still good i think? but it may need to switch to be compatable with a different motherboard. What do u guys think i should do to my comp with about a $350 budget? !!Thanks in advance!!
  6. Ya Slayer Rocks, Angle of Death dl it!
  7. Im a jobless 17yr old living at home, so my income is probably 2000 a year. Not bad money for 2 hours of yard work around the mouse and neighborhood
  8. wow only 400, id pay about $600 for that
  9. or u can get one of those open signs on the small stores, my friend has one
  10. look good, but is all that time and work worth $10 for a factory made one
  11. that is one of many reason ill never buy a premade computer again
  12. thanks guy i got it fixed with partition magic Yay i got a 60gb hard-drive now!!
  13. I put the jumper in wrong and my hardrive only read 30gb of 60 I just fixed the problem and put the jumper in right now it boots up right, but on 3DMark 2002 se show my hdd as 60gb but windows, in my computer it still show 30gb! what do i do? how can i fix it?
  14. omg, ur missing so much, its the biggest store ive ever been in and it %90 eletronics, such a great store, kicks best buys .
  15. I heard of these things that give u a score on how fast yor comp is. I was wonder wut one is the best? or which one is most people using so i can compare scores?
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