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  1. Actually, Woot stepped up. I got a reply E-Mail denying any illegal action from woot, they also said MSI has not contacted them...not sure if I believe or not, but woot extended my initial 90 day warranty to a full 2 year 100% money back warranty. I kinda like that. From woot.com: Dear Mr. Bavousett, Woot of course denies any wrong-doing in this proposed infringement against MSI. We do not believe that any cards transacted were 'stolen merchandise' -- we transact only with reputable manufacturers and vendors. We will of course cooperate fully with any investigation that is called for. Obviously, we feel harm has been done to our reputation with this claim and we reserve all rights to defend ourselves with further action. To our members, We would like to take advantage of this opportunity to extend a 2 year Woot direct warranty on all purchased OEM-MSI video cards, un-real/imaginary as they may be. Unfortunately, as we do not have the support of MSI for replacement cards, this will continue to be a full refund only warranty from Woot. This has been automatically implemented on your purchase. We will update here, or via email as necessary if there is any news. Thank you for your past and continued support. Snapster (and rest of Woot Staff)
  2. If you want instant gratification, and only occasionally, a 25 shot of nitrous won't hurt anything unless there's already internal engine damage. A wet kit is not that hard to install. Larger pistons? I had the 3.8 v6 in my Taurus rebuilt with a 4.2L stroker kit and a .50 bore. It was not cheap, but the dyno shows 265HP at the wheels...up from 188. If I hadn't had a blown HG and some smoke already, I woudn't have thrown that much money into the motor, the rebuild cost twice the value of the car once I had all the little things replaced too...I'm tossing the exhaust into the little things category. I say your best bet is a good K&N filter, open the exhaust, and have the injectors rebuilt. I don't mean pouring injector cleaner into the tank, I mean find a shop that will pull them out, replace the screens, run them through a few sonic baths and flow/pattern test them.
  3. Well, I would send it back because it is illegal to be in possesion of stolen property. Regardless of how I got it, if it IS stolen, it belongs to MSI. I have to get the refund from woot, and that is really as simple as calling my credit card company. I won't keep it if it wasn't Woot's item to sell. Hell, I bought it because it was such a good price...I don't have a PC with PCI-E anyway. I just wonder how much of their other stuff came from the source that sold them these cards.
  4. Simpsons . the world? For the win? I know that KFTW is Fort Worth Meacham International Airport...flew in there a few times while getting my cross country flights...just not up on that slang. I just found out about this about an hour ago...and MSI slapped a reply almost instantly. I'll give woot a day or two to respond.
  5. Don't mind if I do! Blaah blahh blwabba bladda blah yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  6. From MSI Legal Department I'm kinda pissed, because I bought one of these from woot.com and it IS the green PCB model. I have contacted MSI and Woot, MSI asked me to stop using the card, but I have not used it yet, so I will leave it in the bag for now. Woot hasn't replied. If I have to return it to MSI and I get stuck with a $130 loss I'm gonna go postal. No TV and no Beer makes Homer something something...
  7. Hehe...already ranked 5th. I brought 38,646.81 points to the party.
  8. I've been crunching seti units for long time...figgered I'd join a group. Active Crunchers - Dell Dimension 2400 - runs 24/7 P4 @ 2.53 Ghz - 512mb DDR400 Dell Dimension 4600 - Runs 24/7 P4 @ 3.2 Ghz - HT - 1024mb DDR400 Dell XPS M1710 - Runs 12-18/7 Core Duo T2500 @ 2x2Ghz - 1024mb DDR2667
  9. I have two of your #3....they look FANTASTIC!
  10. Yeah, It's nice that the core is so OC'able, just wish they had used faster ram. Now if there was some way to unlock the extra pipelines....
  11. Here's the stock 3DMark05 score...[core] 375MHz [ram] 1000Mhz (coolbits shows half speed of 500Mhz) And the Overclocked result...[core] 630MHz [ram] 1150MHz The OC was done with NVFlash using v6301150.rom making it run at 1.24 volts...so bye bye battery life. And the 3DMark06 score... Click below for the full image. http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d171/jba...mark06-OC-L.jpg And the 3DMark06 validation link... http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm06=493128
  12. Good deal, look at pricewatch.com for some Cheap prices.
  13. Naw, it's easy, flip that switch on the back of your extra PC's to 220V and tie them into the main power line coming in before it hits your meter. There, free electricity until the power company finds your little pigtail and sues you for theft of service...
  14. Oh man, that is the COOLEST song. I'm gonna leave that playing all night. I bet I'll sleep like a Llama.
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