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  1. drop the Kingston Memory and go with G-Skill memory or Corsair Memory
  2. I finished her up yet again today. I just wanted to show some pictures of the completed build, work area, and my TV I installed on my wall last year. Yes I have an obsession with nautical stuff. I love boats and ships and light houses. I've been to most major light houses in the U.S so you can suck it
  3. Thanks Ccoke!! That did the trick. I was trying to bleed my system and only had the pump connected to the power supply. Adding 2 fans to give it more load did the trick
  4. clean up your drive and resources and lay off the porn? Always works for me
  5. I think this was taken in June-July. I always get tanned alot in those months cause I spend alot of time outside
  6. This one is about a year old: Great night!
  7. I keep trying to start up my Silverstone Strider plus power supply without the motherboard using the paper clip trick and it won't work. It works on my other power supplies but not this one. And yes I am inserting from green to ground (black). Does my power supply not allow this or what? It works and everything when connected to the motherboard but the paper clip trick won't work
  8. I feel great now. The burning sensation lasted only a few seconds. I used a auto body mask that auto shops use when spraying a car in a booth. I thought this would of been good enough since it helps keep fumes out in bodyshop booths.
  9. Am I aloud to pour this stuff down the drain in my back yard? I have a storm drain in the backyard and I was going to dilute it with a whole bunch of gallons of water and pour it down cause I want to get rid of it. It's not burning no more. It just burned for a second then stopped. Just quick enough when I inhaled it. It's a 32% concentration
  10. I was working with this stuff outside and I spilled some of it in the grass by accident. It started to sizzle and made the grass turn white and I accidently inhaled some of it by accident and it burned the living hell out of my nose and throat even with my gas mask on. It wouldn't stop sizzling so I used the garden hose to spray it and it stopped. Is there anything I should be concerned about?
  11. Do you have it overclocked? Unstable GPU overclocks are known to cause this problem and having it recover.
  12. Queenz

    R1P5AW's Work Log

    Those are probably loud as hell. You should of went with Gentle Typhoons!
  13. Queenz

    New to OCC

    Welcome to OCC
  14. Queenz


    Welcome to OCC
  15. Back in high school we had a couple of extremely hot female security guards. I wish I could of been stripped searched by them. They would take people into the back room. But who's complaining
  16. Is that the one where you used the pipes?
  17. Here you go . BTW I went with the smallest one they offer cause I need the room in my case cause I have some plans. I may try to find an area to get the radiator inside for a cleaner look. Anyways the res is right around 4" in height: Man this project has become like a total freaking car modding addiction! Once you start it's hard to stop!
  18. Got my EK Multioption Reservoir: Installed my Bitspower Matte black compression fittings: Bitspower Matte Black stop fitting:
  19. I created this thread from a different computer sheesh. I'll put one up tomorrow.
  20. Hope this thread can go right compared to the last time. Post a picture of youself!! Please no foolish things and mean comments. Lets keep this mofo clean Edit: This will also help Claymeow on his long awaited search for a long term partner
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