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  1. Oh it's the 11 year old looking guy again that takes pictures of himself counting money What's up!!
  2. Your settings aren't maxed out. If they were you wouldn't of scored that high.
  3. Been wanting to do this for quite some time now. I'm looking for a good security camera set. Just looking for a setup where I can watch my house over the internet and anywhere I'm at on my laptop of desktop. Preferably one with night vision. I'm looking for something that comes with live recording and two to three cameras. Two would be fine though. I really don't care for the wired ones and prefer the wireless ones so that way I don't need to run wires up to the balcony of my house and garage. Budget wise is under $300. Thanks guys!
  4. Looking for a racing wheel setup for PC. Has to be manual and not auto and compatible with today's games. I'm not sure about my budget but whatever you got let me know and I'll take it off you.
  5. Queenz


    Welcome to OCC
  6. Good luck on the build bro! But wth did they do to your stuff? LOL
  7. I don't see any floor. All I see is your facebook account?
  8. Although I don't know how pot has to do with spring I will say a few things. You don't need pot to make you feel good bro. Intercourse makes you feel good lol not pot. It doesn't matter how much less lethal it is to the lungs, it's still lethal in some way. Not to mention illegal.
  9. Your starting to act weirder than I do and that's not good LOL
  10. Yeah, I got the Voltage set to 1.3 on water. Any voltage below that and it would artifact and recover. I could go higher but I don't want to pump alot of voltage to the card. Temps are 31 idle and 46 load.
  11. Well I have my 5870 overclocked that's why:
  12. We got it bad here too! The damn east coast has been hit hard this past winter. We had a pretty cool summer here last year that's why I think this winter was bad. Back last summer it rained like everyday. I don't know if anyone on here from NY can vouch for me on that, but it rained like everyday in June and July. I barely got some swimming in during the summer. Hopefully this Spring and Summer will be alot better
  13. Here is one back from last summer when I was on vacation in Ohio:
  14. I didn't even read that part I just read the link
  15. That's wierd I've never had any issues with ATI drivers myself out of all the 6 years I've been using them
  16. Has anyone ever told you that you look like Apolo Ohno a little.
  17. I downloaded it off Steam last week and haven't stopped playing since
  18. EDIT: I fixed my screenshot above. Hey RR you forgot to add mine
  19. It's called being an attention whore. If the guy puts out a statement like this, it's obviously going to put alot of attention on him and alot of people reading the article.
  20. This guy is seriously a douche. As long as there are people out there like us, desktops will not be leaving anytime soon. These are just dicks jumping into something they know nothing about. One thing that dick is forgetting is that now a days it's all about having the biggest viewing space. Something laptops don't provide nor will they ever. I know you can hook up your big screen to your laptop but how many people actually screw around with that? More people always go back to their desktops at home simply because it's more comfortable and easy to see. Plus they can just flop their lazy azz down in a chair and move a mouse. On another note laptop expansion just isn't the same as desktops when it comes to a wide variety of choices. You buy it, your stuck with it. One more thing I'd like to add is that the price you pay for a mainstream desktop, your going to pay out of your azz for a laptop. Laptop hardware is still just too damn expensive. I wonder what this butt is going to say when someone brings up this nonsense article in 3-4 years time and there are still million and millions of desktops being used worldwide
  21. I sure as hell am. I can't do nothing outside cause it's too damn cold outside. Later on in the week we got 50 degree weather. You can start to tell that spring is around the corner Our Japanese maple tree in the backyard is starting to sprout buds already. Just a few weeks away
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