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  1. I'm paying for 30mbps wideband so that's about right
  2. BUMP!! I also added a ATI RADEON 850XT Platinum Edition 256MB Video Card (USED) to the selling list. ONLY $8!!
  3. I can't believe he has been gone this long. I remember our chat we had back when I first joined. We were talking about how he painted his case fans with UV paint that he got from his local craft store. What a helpful and great guy he was and always looking out for this place and it's members. Miss you buddy!
  4. I just upgraded from Verizon DSL to Time Warner Wideband with 30 mbps download speed and all I have to say is WOW!!! :blink: What a night and day difference. My Samsung SSD I bought last month came with a free download of Batman Arkham City which was like 16 gigs in file size and it only took me a little under 2 hours to download!! Only thing is I feel that my router is holding me back. I have a wireless router connected to my new cable modem and the router is a piece of crap. Occasionally after a day of it being on I just randomly lose my internet connection and the router has to be reset. I made sure all the settings were configured right. And by the way the router use to do this when I had DSL too. So it's definately a problem with it. I even upgraded the firmware on it and that didn't fix the issue. I'd rather save myself the headache a buy a new one. Any recommendations? I don't have a budget. The router can be $100-$300 it really doesn't matter to me. Thanks!
  5. When are you shipping out the Antec products?
  6. Bump!! Price lowered on harddrive to $20! Please someone buy my stuff its taking up space
  7. Bump!! I still have the brand new Logitech wireless mouse and keyboard up for sale. At $15 I think that's a steal!! And $25 for a 200gb SATA drive isn't bad either. Come on guys I really need to get rid of this stuff
  8. Sure no problem! I'll let you know
  9. Have some things up for sale. Prices are pretty much set at what they are. I'm already selling everything really cheap. I've sold here on OCC many times and never disappoint anyone. Checkout the feedback section on here. I also have 100% feedback on eBay. EVERYTHING IS BRAND NEW WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE HARDDRIVE. BUT THEY HAVE BEEN OPENED. As you can see everything is still in the original packaging untouched. ATI RADEON 850XT Platinum Edition 256MB Video Card (USED) YOUR PRICE $8 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you everyone!!! Buyer Pays shipping!! Logitech MK300 Black 104 Normal Keys 11 Function Keys Wireless Standard Keyboard and Mouse SOLD TO playah!!! Western Digital WD2000JS SATA Harddrive 200 GB SOLD TO ttranuf!!! Danger Den MPC-CPU - i7 1366/1155/1156 Water block Block SOLD TO BubbaXM2!!! Danger Den Fillport & Reservoir Combo SOLD TO BubbaXM2
  10. I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good speaker setup in the $100 range. I'm looking for something budget friendly, but still offering good quality and clear crisp sound with lots of bass. Right now I'm using these old Creative I-Trigue 2.1 speakers and they suck. I was wondering if I should do a custom setup for get a regular setup like these: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=36-121-044&SortField=0&SummaryType=0&Pagesize=10&PurchaseMark=&SelectedRating=-1&VideoOnlyMark=False&VendorMark=&IsFeedbackTab=true&Page=2#scrollFullInfo Thanks!! By the way my sound card is the onboard Creative Soundblaster X-FI Xtreme Fidelity HD. It says that it supports high definition audio so I was also wondering are there any speaker systems out there that support HD audio? I also have the fiber optic out audio port on the back of my computer so I was wondering if that would be better to use than the RCA jack port. And is that the port you use when you want to use the HD audio feature?
  11. OMG I actually won something!! Thanks OCC staff!
  12. Can anyone confirm if messing with the BCLK on the new Z68 boards is dangerous? Factory settings are 100. I read up on it on some other websites saying the changed the BCLK above 100 runs the risk or ruining the motherboard in the long run because your also altering the PCI-E frequency and other things when changing the BCLK because it's all tied together? Can anyone confirm if that statement is true?
  13. Update!! I started receiving some parts of my watercooling already. Today I received my Heatkiller 3.0 LC. I went with this one over the LT cause I want it all black: Front Package: Contents: The Heatkiller itself!!!: I received this a couple of days ago. I also purchased a chrome/nickel plated base plate to replace the stock copper plate. Doing this will prevent buildup of corrosion and what not so I don't have to worry about mixing different types of metal in the loop:
  14. I'm not getting rid of it lol! I love it haha
  15. Thanks for the kind words everyone! I have some more updates! Last week I received my Silverstone Strider 850watt Modular Power Supply. By the way this is the 80 plus gold version. I also went to my local Microcenter and picked up an i5 2500K. Here are some pictures and thoughts: Front packaging: Back Packaging: Side specifications: Inside Packaging: [/url] The beast itself: One single 70A rail: The modular cables come sleeved already from the factory, but I'm thinking about cutting the sleeving off and redoing it cause I'm not to happy with how the cables are sleeved. Parts of the wires underneath are still exposed. So I'm thinking about sleeving each individual wire for that ribbon look: My first thoughts when opening up this power supply is this damn thing is heavy!! Brought my scale out and it weighs nearly 10 pounds by itself. My previous power supplies didn't even come close to this one. Another thing I noticed is that Silverstone improved the surface and how they powdercoat the power supplies now. It's more scratch resistant and "heavy duty" if you want to put it like that. I really didn't want to choose this high wattage power supply, but I may put two 6970's in crossfire in a month or so. I'm still debating on that. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I know everyone knows how the packaging is for Intel processors, but I thought I would just share some pictures just for the hell of it: I'm still waiting on some more things like my solid state drives, my video card, custom watercooling parts, fans, etc etc to come. So stay tuned everyone!! By the way pictures were taken with my iPhone camera which explains the crap quality.
  16. I was wondering if it's true what they say about RAM that it's harder to overclock with 4 sticks of RAM as oppose to only using 2 sticks of RAM since it's putting more stress on the memory controller and northbridge? Someone told me this use to be the case on older processors and chipsets where 4 sticks of RAM would stress the hell out of it, but the newer more recent boards can handle 4 sticks of RAM now with ease. Wondering if this is still the same scenario?
  17. Received my Corsair Vengeance 8GB of DDR3-1600 RAM today Front packaging: Back packaging: What's inside: Have to admit the heatsinks on the RAM look awesome: Specs (speed, timing, etc): Installed them on the motherboard to see what they look like. I think they match the badass theme pretty well : Can't wait to find out how well these overclock! By the way I have another pair on the way. Then I'll have 16 gigs of RAM in total Stay tuned for more updates and unboxing!!!! :cheers:
  18. Long time no talk guys. Been absent here for a while and sold my other setup. Got rid of everything except my Silverstone Raven RV01 case. That's the only thing I'm reusing since I love this case. Time to get back into the computer modding scene and start off with some new stuff. On this build I'm going to go all out like last time and get some really good parts and do custom watercooling like the last time. Already started ordering some parts but not all as I'm not in a big rush to get this finished right away. Received the first item to start my build off. It's a Gigabyte G1. Sniper2 Z68 chipset Motherboard Accessories: Packaging: THE BEAST: Rear I/O Interface (notice the automatic overclocking button): LOL: Bullet: This lights up green which is pretty cool: Included with the accessories is a front panel interface (USB 3.0, eSata, and a instant overclock button): Obviously I haven't had a chance to try the board out yet, but from what I see and feel this is a very solid board. It's heavy and a lot bigger than what it looks like in pictures. The color scheme and layout looks beautiful. Just holding and looking at the board you can tell a lot of thought and care went into designing and manufacturing this board. Next update will probably be next week. Stay tuned for some more unboxing and updates to my build!
  19. What do you guys recommend for a video card? For that I'm trying to keep it under $400. I was thinking a GTX 570 or Radeon 6970?? From testing and benchmarks I've seen, they come pretty close in performance. I guess I'm going with a black and green theme now. I talked to my cousin and he helped me get a Gigabyte Sniper G2 Z68 motherboard at a good price. I'll also get the i2500K as you guys recommended and the Silverstone Strider 850w modular power supply that was also recommended. I use to have a Silverstone 750w modular power supply last year and loved it. Quiet, good built quality, solid rail, and handled everything I threw at it without crapping out on me. I also ordered the Corsair Vengeance 8GB RAM that was recommended.
  20. Expect to see a newly revised and totally different build log with in the next month. It will be even bigger than this one with totally brand new parts! Only the case will be reused. Stay tuned......
  21. I was going to listen to Stonerboy's mobo and ram suggestion, but I forgot to mention I'm trying to keep a certain color scheme going to since I'm using an all black inside out Silverstone Raven case. Any suggestions for an all black motherboard, ram, and power supply?
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