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  1. I just recently bought the NZXT single braided cable extenders . Paid like $35 for all the cables I need.
  2. Hey whats up buddy haven't seen you around in like forever! I see you still have my quote lmao
  3. I'm almost done with my build just need to finish up on some last touches and post some pictures up. Had some temperature problems before because the waterblock wouldn't seat good on the CPU, but I fixed that. Now my temps are awesome! But I have been playing around doing some overclocking lately and this is what I have: 4.8ghz @ 1.356 volts 29c idle/60c load max
  4. I wanted a nice Intel SSD but these will do. Both are SATA III and the OCZ has the sandforce controller. And I got a free download of Arkham city with the Samsung drive and paid nothing for these drives. So I'm happy
  5. haha I already explained above why I have 2 different SSD's. They were given to me as gifts back during Christmas time so I had no pick over them.
  6. Ok after a trillion hours of screwing with everything I almost gave up. But today when I came home from class I decided to take everything apart and have a look over it again. This time paying attention to EVERY single thing. I removed the waterblock and I happened to be looking at the bottom of it. Upon closer inspection I realized that there was barely any thermal paste on the back of the block and most of it was still laying on the CPU. Usually you would see a square outline of the CPU on the back of the waterblock after pulling it up. But on mine there wasn't. After fiddling with the block for a while I came to a conclusion that I never tightened the waterblock good enough so that it has even contact across the whole CPU surface. I was afraid of tightening it too much before. But this time I did. And to my amazement I checked out the temps in Windows and at stock speeds I was idling around 18-19c and around 40 load. So now I overclocked it and these are my temp results. At this speed before I was around 78-80 load. But look at it now!! Sooooo relieved it's finally where it should be at
  7. That will buff right out no problem /sarcasm
  8. I know you can buy cases on Newegg I'm talking about him referring to custom built cases from the ground up. Are you referring to places like mountainmods.com?
  9. Ever since I've seen the Coolermaster Cosmos II case I've been thinking about buying one. I just love the design of it. I have one problem though how come Coolermaster decided not to make a damn clear viewing side panel on it to show off your nice hardware inside? I mean come on people that spend $350 on a case are going to be throwing some really nice hardware in it and want to show off their stuff. Especially if your planning on throwing some sweet looking watercooling setup inside you want to see it! Makes no sense to me at all They got everything else right with the case except the damn side panel.
  10. I have the Heatkiller LC waterblock. The LC version doesn't come with a jet plate.
  11. Mine didnt come with that jet plate because I opened the block to clean it before I used it.
  12. Nope no heat on in the house and if it was on I keep it low. I understand 4.5ghz is a high OC but on my old watercooling setup on my i7 I was getting 29 idle and 45 something load. I actually thought my temps on this would be better because my old setup was 45nm and my new cpu is 32nm. Wouldn't a smaller die = less heat generated even when OCed? It's actually runing hotter
  13. Ok I reseated the block like a million times and that helped nothing. So I mounted the radiator outside of the case instead of inside like it was before and the temps dropped about 5-6 degrees on idle and load. But for some odd reason something doesn't seem or feel right still. On my old i7 860 setup I was getting 29 idle and like 45 load. Here is my setup on load and temps. I'm at 4.5ghz @ 1.320 on vdroop: I have a question. I'm using a nickle/chrome plated version of the heatkiller block. Could the reason my temps would be so poor is because the block base is not copper and that its nickel/chrome plated?
  14. Queenz

    Nyt Ryda's Rig

    Ok I just saw this thread has 17 pages and I thought, "man this must be a big build going on". So I went through all 17 pages and didn't see anything I want to see some stuff soon
  15. Here some more things I have: Scythe Q12 Fan Controller. Works with 12 fans!! I got the black aluminum version: Ok for this your probably wondering why did I get one 60 gig SSD and one 64 gig SSD when I could of just saved some cash and about a 120 gig SSD? Well these were given to me as gifts during Christmas from two different people so I had no power over that And ofcoarse some black mounts for the SSD's: For the video card I got the Asus DIRECTCUII video card. This thing is a monster!! I recall measuring it around 11 something inches and it takes up 3 expansion slots: I LOVE the black aluminum backplate on this: Again sorry for the low quality pictures. My iPhone camera isn't exactly the best
  16. Ok thanks guys! Glad to know it's normal haha. I thought maybe my motherboard was having an issue.
  17. Something that just started recently after building my computer is that I notice from a cold boot the computer takes 2 times to start to actually make it to the POST screen. First it will start up and all the fans and power will kick in and then it will quickly shut down for 2 seconds then start back up again to where it finally makes it to the POST screen. It does all of this itself and the first boot attempt it never makes it to the POST screen. After it restarts itself the second time then it does. I cleared the CMOS and even checked every connection and nothing is overclocked and I have the latest BIOS already nothing works. One thing I notice is that it does this on a cold boot after the computer hasn't been on for a good hour or overnight. Now if the computer has been on for a while and I shut it down and start it back up right away it turns on fine the first time.
  18. Thank you! I really appreciate those words You should do a build. I talked to a body shop about a build I did before and they were offering to paint all the metal pieces for me for $80. But that was on another case not the Raven since it's already painted black from the factory. One thing I hate about this hobby though is that once you start you can't stop
  19. Some bitspower compression fittings pr0n: Testing fitting them on the reservoir and Heatkiller LT waterblock: Also purchased Tygon R3400 1/2in. ID 3/4in. OD Laboratory Tubing # AAE00038: Just incase your wondering what the Bitspower matte black compression fittings look like with the Tygoon black tubing: I'll keep you updated guys. Tonight I'll put up some of the hardware I bought like the video card and solid state drives. Thanks for looking!!!!
  20. CPU has been installed and prepping that by applying some Artic Silver 5 thermal paste: Also received my EK Multioption Reservoir 250: EK Reservoir and accesories: Installing the included EK anti cyclone piece and clamps: Finished:
  21. Sorry forgot to update this guys haha. I f but haven't got around to posting some pictures of the pre install and stuff I received. Aqua Computer Airplex Modular 240mm Radiator. I must say I love this radiator. You can actaully take the whole thing apart to clean it out and this is no soldering flux gunk in it like Thermochill and HWlabs radiators tend to have. Inside is complete copper with aluminum fins and stainless steel on the outside: Made in Germany: Notice the different in and out outlets on it? This is good because it gives you many options as to which direction you want to route your tubing: Bitspower Matte Black MCP655 dress up kit: IandH Silver Kill Coils: Matte Black Thrumbscrews for my Expansion Slots: Matte Black Silverstone Aero Slots. Using these to replace the ugly chrome slots my Raven case comes with: Matte Black Fan grille to replace the ugly chrome fan grille that came installed on the exhaust fan in my Raven case: Swiftech MCP655 Pump with custom made G 1/4" holes so that I can install my compression fittings into: Prepping the pump by installing the Bitspower matte black dress up kit and my matte black Bitspower compression fittings:
  22. I'm on watercooling and for some reason I'm getting some really high temps at idle. Here are the specs: Intel Core i5 2500K Gigabyte G1 Sniper2 Motherboard Corsair Vengeance RAM ASUS GTX570 Cooling: Heatkiller waterblock MCP655 D5 pump with bitspower dress kit EK Multioption res 1/2" 3/4" ID Tygon tubing Aquacomputer airplex radiator artic silver 5 thermal grease Scythe slipstream fans for radiator Ok here is the issue on idle I'm at about 52c and load is about 70c. I'm overclocked to 4.4ghz with 1.35 vcore. For some reason in windows using coretemp or realtemp I'm getting these high readings. But in the BIOS it says my CPU temp is between 27c-33c idle. That's about an 10c difference in temps compared to what software is showing me. Could I have a faulty temp sensor? This is my first Gigabyte board so I'm not sure how reliable these are . I just built this system and these temps don't sound right. I've used a similar watercooling setup before on a different motherboard and didn't have this problem. I've taken off the waterblock and reapplied thermal grease so many times and made sure the block is having good contact. I even switched the flow around.
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