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  1. Intel Core i5 2500K Gigabyte G1. Sniper 2 Motherboard Corsair Vengeance 2x4GB=8GB 240-Pin DDR3-1600:: Silverstone Strider Gold 850 Watt PowerSupply OCz 64GB Solid State Drive Corsair 800D Full Tower Case :: Custom watercooling EVGA GTX580 27" Samsung LED Widescreen Monitor Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit Country: USA
  2. I've been wanting to post this thread for the longest since its been bugging me. But are desktop PC's dying? I don't know if it's just me but all of my friends are using laptops instead and don't really own a desktop anymore. It seems like smart phones, tablets, and laptops are taking over. When I had to take a mandatory computer repair class in college almost everyone in that class used laptops at home instead. There were some enthusiasts that like custom computers and even they had laptops instead of a desktop. Even my professor that taught things about windows computers was more interested in Mac's OS. I found that ridiculous since he spent the whole semester babbling on about Mac's OS. The way desktops use more electricity, take up more space, and not portable make them less usable to the average consumer. And on top of that almost all of my friends use freakin MacBooks and suck Apple's d*** a lot. On top of me thinking desktop PC's are dying, it also seems like no one uses windows anymore. My college has since switched to all Mac's along with a host of other universities I've been to. I know enthusiasts like us will say NEVER, but the truth is people like us that are interested in building custom computers only make up a small percentage of people that buy computers. I could be wrong, but I'm just calling what I see. Just has me wondering sometimes if in the next 10 years no one will be into computer modding anymore.
  3. Radiator sold to Puck!! I lowered the price on the SSD to $40!!! Come on someone buy it from me. FREE shipping remember and it's brand new never formatted.
  4. It didn't come with no mounting screws. I went to home depot and had to buy my own screws lol. Sorry no screws. I just took the radiator to home depot and matched the holes.
  5. If you want it buy it Another cool feature I forgot to mention is that since the radiator is modular, you can attach more radiators to the top to extend it for more cooling. Only thing is that the radiator needs a good cleaning. It's dusty and could use some compressed air and a flush with water.
  6. Have some Extra things I don't need and have to get rid of: Bought this extra and don't need it for my build. It's brand new without the box. Never used. MSRP on Newegg is $60 you can have it from me for $40. OCZ agility 3 60gb Solid State Drive Brand new without box $40: AquaComputer Airplex Modular Radiator $60: SOLD!!! SHIPPING IS FREE ON ME!!!!!! NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING sorry
  7. A shot with the lights off: If your wondering I'm using 5000 kelvin LED bulbs to light the case inside.
  8. Thanks guys! Yup it's the Bitspower kit. It's this one right here: http://www.sidewindercomputers.com/bid5mcmodkit1.html
  9. Yup distilled and silver kill coils
  10. Thanks everyone! As you can see I still have some things to do like sleeving the pump cable and what not. I'll get around to doing it soon
  11. Thanks man! Yours is sweet looking too. I'm jealous of your quadfire setup
  12. Was wondering if you guys can give me some suggestions on good games out right now. Anything but suspense/horror lol. I've been playing BF3 since December and all the bugs get on my nerves plus I'm starting to get bored of playing it. It use to be real addicting at one point. I also was playing Arkham city before and beat it already. Got the game for free with the purchase of my Samsung SSD at Microcenter. No Diablo though lol.
  13. Just recently switching out the black tubing and added white tubing for some contrast. I also sold my Asus GTX 570 and was planning on getting a GTX 670 but found a lightly used EVGA GTX 580 with a Watercool Heatkiller Black Hole Edition waterblock for $250!!!!!! I couldn't pass up that crazy deal. The block is worth $120 by itself. Also since then I sold my Raven case and got this gorgeous 800D. So here it is as she stands today: I still have some sorting of things to do but you get the idea
  14. Up for sale is a lightly used Asus Direct CUII GTX 570. Haven't used it that much besides doing some gaming with in for BF3 and Arkham City. This thing overclocks like a beast thanks to it's dual fan and copper heatpipe design. And did I mention this video card is gigantic! Probably the biggest video card I've ever seen and had. This will handle any game you throw at it on maxed out settings. I'm providing the original packaging, manuals, accesories, etc etc. No scratches or damage on the backplate or any part of the video card. MSRP on Newegg.com is $329.99 plus shipping: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814121432&Tpk=Asus%20gtx%20570 YOU CAN HAVE IT TODAY FOR $200!!!!!! PLUS FREE SHIPPING Guranteed 100% working new order upon arrival. If you ever have any questions or concerns just feel free to message me.
  15. lol I ended up using a loading trolly to get it to class. It still was a pain in the butt because once I wheeled it across the parking lot, I had to carry it up 4 flights of stairs. It's not exactly 150 pounds, but it feels like it. I can't even lift it up myself. Actually the class laughed at me cause my computer is so big and heavy. Took 2 people to lift it to the front of the class. It was worth it though since I got an A+ on the project.
  16. Been wanting to get a laptop for a while now. I'll admit I never had a laptop before. I've always used desktops because I'm an enthusiast just like the rest of you . This will be my first time actually owning one lol. And really I never been an Apple guy when it comes to computers. It wasn't until I was in the Apple area in Microcenter that I realized I love the Macbook Air. It just looks amazing! Here is what I'm looking for in a laptop: Web browsing Email Music very very light gaming Ultra thin design Lightweight Good battery life What do you guys think of this one? http://www.microcenter.com/single_product_results.phtml?product_id=0370579 Trying to keep it at a $1k budget. I just need it to do my hw on for school and carry to class to take notes and such. Watch Youtube, browse, etc. Maybe some very light gaming once and a while like Diablo 3. Suggestions? By the way I see that it comes with 2 gb of RAM. Was wondering if it's possible to upgrade the RAM on a Macbook Air? I only see tutorials on how to upgrade the RAM on a Pro but not Air. I'm also want to install Windows 7 on it too and dual boot.
  17. haha thanks. I didn't even notice
  18. 09 Infiniti FX35 5K CBI Osram Bulbs Putco Jet yelllow 3K Fogs Full LED Interior Exterior Color Matched Black Obsidian Grille OEM Front Lip Stainless steel Interior Upgrade 35% Tint front windows/ 20% rear windows 50% tinted windshield Ichiba Spacers Infiniti M56 upgraded shifter Wanted to do an exhaust but prefer my quiet interior lol
  19. What kind of tubing are those? Can you provide a link please
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