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  1. He is just suggesting something smarter for you. Nobody cares if your going to blow 1k on a processor Why would he hate on you? What you think your something cause your spending that much? I could blow that much on a cpu if I wanted to. But I'm not stupid enough to blow that much money on something that will be outdated in a couple of months.
  2. I just recently closed my checking account with Bank of America after many many never ending issues with them. I must say their customer support line really lacks ummm... support?? Somtimes people talk rude to you and other times I can't even understand their accent. Mostly Indian accents ( no offense intended guys). Just last week I had to hang up and keep calling until I got a hold of an associate without an accent so I could understand what their saying. Anyways on to the issue. I was wondering what are some of the better smaller banks to deal with? I heard that dealing with smaller banks are better cause they crave for your business compared to bigger banks like Chase or Capital One, and tend to treat customers alot better. Are there any small banks in my area that are good to do business with?
  3. Queenz


    I have two parakeets. One died because she was eggbound when she was about to lay eggs. Now I have two males. I'm allergic to all animals with fur. I hate dogs and cats Keets are very lovable
  4. The 360 sounds like a damn belt sander when you got a game in the optical drive. I sold it and got rid of mine. Way too annoying.
  5. This is what I don't understand. You say friends or whoever tell you this stuff all the time but your tired of listening to them. Then you ask on a "forum", and the "forums" give you practically the same advice and you listen. WTH?? I must be ******* stupid or something lol. :blink:
  6. But he only has that to work with at the moment.
  7. Welcome to the internet Here are mine: 1. Getting my hands on Mass Effect 2 2. Getting in some more playtime in modern warfare 2 3. Finishing my Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks game I started on the DS lol. I'm stuck at the last temple cause I can't get the flute thing right. I gave up.
  8. UPDATE!! Since I won't be receiving any more parts till this coming Tuesday, I headed out to my local Microcenter just to look around. It turns out they sell the Swiftech MCP-655 pump that Petrastechshop.com doesn't have in stock. On the plus side they were both similar in pricing so I bought it there. As you can see I'm not the best when it comes to taking pictures, but I know how everyone loves lots of pictures in build logs so I tried to do the best I can. Here are some pictures: Packaging: There will be more stuff to come later this week. Plus I might write up a guide in this build log for proper wire management and watercooling if I get the chance. This also leads me to a little story I wanted to tell. At Microcenter earlier today, I was in back near the watercooling and air cooling area where they got everything set. The store was busy inside, but not busy enough where I couldn't here someone's conversation lol. I was picking up the pump and I overheard these two guys that were just looking around at things trying to figure out what they were. This one guy sees me near the watercooling section and says to his friend, " Hey look over there, thats that stuff they call watercooling". His other friend then says," Why would you make the inside of your computer wet?". The other guy then replies, " I don't know but who ever uses that stuff is crazy cause if that **** leaks all over everything it could short it out and start a fire, how stupid could you be?" I wanted to laugh so bad when I overhear people talking about something they know absolutely nothing about. BIG FAIL FOR THEM! They obviously don't know about non-conductive liquid and clamps. Nor do they know your not actually wetting the computer. They were saying other ridiculous stuff that I won't bother listing, but they kept calling the computer their disk drive. Come on
  9. I already pre-ordered mine through gamestop
  10. Kaskade Feat. DeadMau5- Move for me Inna - Hot (Radio Edit)
  11. This is awesome. I just purchased one for my new build I'm working on. GREAT FIND!
  12. I will be doing a raid config. Oh yeah BTW I just wanted to see what the mobo looks like inside of the case since the case is powder coated black lol. I will have to dismount the mobo again to install the waterblock plus do some wire management cause some of the holes for the wire management that lead to the back of the case are covered by the mobo. The only downfall of this case I could find is that it attracts a good amount of dust on the inside and outside after a few days. Especially since it's black. EDIT: BTW guys the 750watt Silverstone PSU I ordered has 2x 8 pin CPU power connectors for my mobo. I can't wait to see the OCing results I get with that extra amount of voltage
  13. It's okay cause I purchased a new copy this morning. I figured I'd have a problem finding someone. As for the comment you made to Sdy284.....uhhhh I'm going to go run behind the couch now
  14. Never really liked case fans on the side. Besides cooling, the only thing they do is block your vision of the inside of the case. That's if you have a case with a side window though. But the just my opinion.......
  15. When he says excellent, I'm assuming he means $100-$250 budget. Either way the Coolermaster Haf 932, Antec 1200, Silverstone Raven, or Thermaltake Spedo case would all be good choices. That's if your looking for a big full tower case. EDIT: That 800D case looks freaking awesome!
  16. Silverstone Raven Full Tower Case(have it) Check out my pending build log using it: http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.p...171063&st=0 The case is insane in person. Pictures just don't do justice for it.
  17. It's called suggestion something alternative It happens alot here on OCC when people ask what they should get. But you obviously haven't been on here long enough to realize it
  18. discs are in bad condition and are not readable. And I can't find the cd-key.
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