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  1. my soon to be (5days) insane watercooling setup!!
  2. Downloading EDIT: The link you provided is directing me to porn pop-ups. Still downloading though
  3. Kaskade - 4AM (Adam K & Soha Remix) Kaskade & Deadmau5 - Move For Me
  4. It's a joke!! I'm interested in the build he's got going
  5. I almost cried when I saw this: Verizon High Speed Internet FTL?? LOL
  6. I spy a hot soccer mom in the background lol I totally agree with greengiant912 The wire management is excellent so far bro.
  7. Looks freaking awesome. I've seen that case in person and it's quite sexy I can't wait to see more BTW I'm glad to see your making use of OCC's new worklog section.
  8. haha I just noticed that too!! It looks like gloves lol
  9. lol don't make me break out those CES pictures blockhead
  10. @ Road-Runner: First of all you don't know anything about my expenses. Second you have your own opinion and I have my own opinion. Some may think spending alot of money on a cpu is a waste, and some may think spending alot of money on a car is a waste. That's why were on something called "the forums". When you post something up on "the forums" your opening yourself up to many nice and not so nice comments and opinions whether you like it or not. If you were to post up on a specialist car forum that your going to blow like $1k on a cpu alone, trust me you will get bashed and flamed like there's no tomorrow. Don't believe me? Go try it man. I can give you a couple of websites where I gurantee you that it will happen. Just like when I posted up on here that the car I was getting an expensive car when this is a computer specialist forum. I was just practically asking to be flamed when I did that. You of all people should know that since you been a member on here for a long time. And to robsamberg for the misunderstanding. The reason why I'm trying to tell you not to waste the money on a cpu like that is cause you would be better off putting it towards other better parts to your build such as the video cards, ram, or a motherboard instead of just focusing mainly on the cpu. I'm not sure what your situation is with what kind of stuff your piecing together on your build, but I think it's silly "IF" you were to buy a nice top of the line cpu and then pair it up with lower end stuff.
  11. Glad to hear your back man I remember seeing you around here when I first joined about 5 years ago.
  12. And what's that suppose to mean <_<
  13. Had a really bad electrical surge and it killed my 920 and Asus P6t
  14. I wasn't thinking about watercooling the 5870, but then I saw this: http://www.sidewindercomputers.com/ekwaekac1.html uhhh just fighting myself right now lol
  15. Here is a good setup I pieced together: CPU Waterblock= EK-Supreme HF - Acetal It's compatible with 775 and 1366 Radiator= ThermoChill PA140.3 High Performance 140x3 Radiator Pump= Swiftech MCP655 12v DC Pump - with Speed Controller Tubing (Make sure to atleast get 10 feet of tubing): Tygon R3603 7/16in. ID 5/8in. OD Laboratory Tubing # AAC00033 Rad Box (Supports Radiator)= Swiftech MCB-120 Rev 2 Radbox Radiator/fan housing - Black Fittings (Get 4 of these. 2 for the radiator and 2 for the waterblock)= Bitspower G 1/4 Matte Black 1/2in. ID Barb - BP-MBWP-C01 Fans (6 for the radiator)= Scythe 120x25mm SlipStream SY1225SL12M - 68 CFM Fillport (Better option over the resevoir)= Danger Den Delrin Fillport T-Fitting (use this in combination with the fillport to make your own T line)= 1/2" OD T-Fitting With the 1/2" OD fittings and the tubing I chose for you, it won't require you to use hose clamps because of the tight fit . As for coolant I recommend you use just plain distilled water. Nothing beats heat transfer better the plain ol water. But just make sure it's distilled and not out of the tap. Make sure to add this in the water too: Nuke -PHN Concentrated Biocide (10mL) If you have any tech. questions let me know
  16. UPDATE!! Got more stuff yesterday night. I'm still waiting on the watercooling stuff and my XFX Radeon 5870. Here ya go: Newegg Boxing Newegg Boxing Opened: My new babies G. Skill 4GB DDR3 2200 (YES 2200 ) G. Skill Memory Cooler Memory Intel Core i7 860 Batch # Silverstone Strider Plus 750watt Modular PSU PSU packaging Dual 8 Pin CPU power connectors FTW!! Modular Sexy Accessories Stock Intel Fan (I will not be using) Intel Core i7 860 (My Baby) Just did a quick install for now Once my watercooling stuff arrives and my XFX 5870 arrives, I will start piecing stuff together Watch out
  17. what kind of temps are you getting on idle and load?
  18. I know how the Dell monitor comes with the webcam, but Newegg had a Samsung LCD monitor with the exact same specs as this one for only $189.99
  19. Update!! Well I had the day off today and Newegg says another round of my packages will be arriving today. I'm not to sure when it will arrive. But anyways I'm expecting my Core i7 860, G.Skill DDR3 2200, and Silverstone Strider Plus 750watt Modular psu. What I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on is the silverstone power supply I ordered. Mainly because of this :D : I took her blouse off and now those pups are exposed:
  20. Why don't you just take the case to have it powder coated? A buddy of mine had this Haf case powdercoated matted black at a specialist. I think they charged him like $110. Having it powder coated is way more durable than spray paint. Plus the results will look way more professional.
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