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  1. Just asking this for one of my friends. How much does your income have to be to qualify for a loan of $40,000 for 60 months (5years) with $5000 down? Four years ago he applied for a loan of $32,940 with $3,000 down for 60 months and told them he made $35,000 and they could only qualify him for $16,900. They said he had excellent credit it's just his income wasn't high enough to be fully financed. Now he makes $59,000 a year and he is applying for a $40,000 loan. I know it depends on the bank but do you think he would qualify this time around? Just to give him a rough sketch of what to expect. Thanks
  2. I know boinker mentioned this ^, but I do see another potential accident waiting to happen cause you have no hose clamps. I had a setup with big 1/2" OD fittings and 7/16" ID/5/8"OD tubing which gives a nice tight fit, and I still sprung a leak. Things can happen. I'd hurry up and get some reusable herbie clamps. If you don't want to screw with clamps then I'd recommend compression fittings.
  3. there are 2 of these same threads open lol
  4. Simply my point proven. I just don't understand this part though cause it really confuses me. Someone please explain this to me cause I don't get it. Black people have their black history month. They "claim" they care so much about their past and where they came from, hence the reason why they have this month to honor that. Then how come they don't stop think about all the things their ancestors have done for them? If they really understood and actually CARED about the true meaning of black history month they wouldn't be acting the way they do. No matter what skin color you are I will never be a racist. Hell I'm half white and half Asian. I would be the last person to act racist.
  5. This sounds just like Al Sharpton. If your not familiar with the guy he is an annoying racist bastard. Everytime a black guy gets shot here by a white cop he goes nuts and causes huge riots out in Manhattan and backs up traffic going into the city. The black guy pulls a weapon, the cop shoots and suddenly the white guy is wrong??WTH>>>>??? I have many black friends and their cool. But 95% of the ones I see act retarded and just cause way too much trouble. Black people from the past fought hard to be where they stand in society today and I respect that to the fullest. With the way black people act today it puts the their ancestors to shame. I know white people do bad things too and I'm not being stereo typical, but everyday when I watch the news most crimes that have been committed are by black people. I'm sorry but it's just the pure damn living truth.
  6. He is on liquid cooling, he said it in the OP Insane OC you got there buddy
  7. No problem! If you want to overclock just upgrade the stock CPU cooler to one of these: If your on a budget get this: Prolimatech Megahalems Rev.B CPU Cooler - Retail If money doesn't matter get this: COOLER MASTER Intel Core i7 compatible V10 Hybrid TEC RR-B2P-UV10-GP 120mm CPU Cooler - Retail There is no need for RAM cooling since they already have heatsinks attached to them. Just make sure you have some good case fans too.
  8. Here is a good setup I pieced together: CPU Waterblock= EK-Supreme HF - Acetal Radiator= ThermoChill PA140.3 High Performance 140x3 Radiator Pump= Swiftech MCP655 12v DC Pump - with Speed Controller Tubing (Make sure to atleast get 10 feet of tubing): Tygon R3603 7/16in. ID 5/8in. OD Laboratory Tubing # AAC00033 Rad Box (Supports Radiator)= Swiftech MCB-120 Rev 2 Radbox Radiator/fan housing - Black Fittings (Get 4 of these. 2 for the radiator and 2 for the waterblock)= Bitspower G 1/4 Matte Black 1/2in. ID Barb - BP-MBWP-C01 Fans (6 for the radiator)= Scythe 120x25mm SlipStream SY1225SL12M - 68 CFM Fillport (Better option over the resevoir)= Danger Den Delrin Fillport T-Fitting (use this in combination with the fillport to make your own T line)= 1/2" OD T-Fitting With the 1/2" OD fittings and the tubing I chose for you, it won't require you to use hose clamps because of the tight fit . As for coolant I recommend you use just plain distilled water. Nothing beats heat transfer better the plain ol water. But just make sure it's distilled and not out of the tap. Make sure to add this in the water too: Nuke -PHN Concentrated Biocide (10mL) If you have any tech. questions let me know
  9. Never listen to Newegg reviews lol. Boy isn't it a coincidence that they all put their tech level as "High".
  10. Doesn't that memory come with a cooling fan for the memory, or is that the other dominator model?
  11. How come every CPU you get, it fails to give you a descent OC?
  12. How did it leak on there? Weren't you using the clamps or the appropriate type of barb fittings and tubing. If you did, there shouldn't of been any leaks in the first place
  13. I ordered a Vapor-X 5870 when it came out and Newegg put me on a damn wait list for almost 2 months. Either way if Nvidia releases it in March, it doesn't gurantee that you will get your hands on one in March cause it will surely be on high demand like what happened to me. Save yourself the hassle and get a 5870
  14. Sorry to hear about that bro! Pics please?
  15. On iTunes it only lets me upload my songs from iTunes to my iTouch. I was wondering is there any software that lets you download the songs back to windows from your iTouch? I'd like to have all my songs that I actually paid for. Stupid apple
  16. double post^^ Anyways I've personally never ordered any of Dell's stuff. The only time I ever ordered off of Dell's store was a 24" Samsung Monitor and keyboard set that happened to be on sell. I paid for ground shipping and it arrived to me in just one day. Other than that I've never owed any of their products.
  17. Das auto lol a little VW inside joke....
  18. 16GB Flash Drive Lot of 100 condoms off ebay Some watercooling stuff XFX 5870 Car air freshners from walmart grounding kit from my car
  19. I own and live in a house not an apartment thank you very much . And no FIOS isn't available here in Flushing yet. I've been calling and calling them and hounding them down to make it available but haven't see nothing yet.
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