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  1. tasty http://www.stylelist.com/2010/01/20/mirand...ses-nude-in-gq/ My second favorite next to Hayden Panettiere! Wayyyy better than Natalie Portman. *Waits for a flame from Claymeow*
  2. Sorry it's taking such a long time for some updates. Newegg screwed up on an order I made for a XFX 5870 and I'm awaiting an exchange that I will receive next week. And guess what? DangerDen decided to sponsor me for a waterblock they make for the 5870 called the Summit block. Their also giving me a fillport reservoir and a rad reservoir that attaches to any radiator on the market. Even though I ordered the EK Supreme-HF waterblock from sidewindercomputers, DangerDen also decided to send me their MC-TDX block too. I will show you guys some benching results against the EK Supreme-HF and TDX waterblock. Plus I'm awaiting an order from sidewindercomputers for a whole bunch of watercooling stuff, cable sleeving and other things I've ordered. Then I have another order coming in from performance-pcs.com. I think I order some pre-sleeved Scythe fans and cable management stuff off them. Basically I ordered so many things and getting so many things that I had to make a list to keep track of everything so that I make sure I have gotten it all.
  3. haha my 50" Samsung looks like a digital photo keychain compared to that lol
  4. Some how you remind me of a deer hunter or woodsman lol It has to be the flannel!
  5. You mean the whole forum lol jk ivy you know we love you
  6. He loves being tea bagged. Especially when he is drunk!!
  7. I'm not to sure how those work really. Some say their rubbish cause you would have to have mini capacitors inside to store the charge, and that the charge would have to be discharged at some point. It really doesn't make sense though. I just use them and never had any damage done Another good way IMO to keep yourself discharged when working on your components is to keep your forearms attached to the case if your working near the inside of it. It works nicely to keep you grounded. And btw since your a first time builder, don't forget to use standoffs
  8. By connecting it on to a metal surface on the case your discharging the static from your body through the anti-static wrist strap and on to the case. It wouldn't hurt anything cause your discharging it on the metal not the components. Plus you don't have to necessarily attach it to the case. I always attach mine to any grounded metal surface. If you don't like screwing with the wired wrist straps you can always use the wireless ones.
  9. I tried playing silent hill 4 before, and had nightmares for weeks!! Have you ever encountered baby face in there? It will leave you with nightmares. After that it was no more horror for me.
  10. Are you kidding me? Yes it is!! I hate horror games. Sorry I'm just scared of horror games and movies. I'll stick to my mmo's and non-horror fps games
  11. I've played the first one. I got scared and quit the game.
  12. You don't have to really be exact on the weight and dimension. I always just guess the weight and it works. lol I never get any returned packages.
  13. A buyer bought something off of me on ebay. He paid $9.99 for the shipping right? Every time I print a shipping label it keeps charging my credit instead. It won't use the money he paid to buy the shipping label. WTH?? I don't have access to the $9.99 cause paypal doesn't release it to me to let me use it for the shipping label. When they release the funds to me, they never give me the money he sent with it to pay for shipping off ebay.
  14. If your using 1 stick of RAM it doesn't matter. If your using 2 sticks make sure the color coded slots match eachother for dual channel.
  15. I'm calling Verizon tomorrow. I need faster internet!! I feel so stupid showing that on here lol
  16. I still wouldn't use them, but I guess that's your style so go for it!!
  17. Have you thought of looking at a 5850 instead?? Way better than any of those choices
  18. Queenz

    Another Xbox 360 down

    I had it on one I bought last year. I got the Rrod after a couple weeks of ownership. So it's not all about the dust problem. I'm pretty sure I posted up the problem on here. Anyways after a day of getting it, I tried the system out and it went away. Sometimes it does go away itself (google it). Even though it never came back on I sold mine and got rid of it.
  19. I personally don't like them cause it makes it look like ricer Honda's with all the blue neon light thingy's lol. I only put white cold cathodes in my case so that I may see the inside to look at my work whenever I please. That's exactly why when I watercool I used just plain distilled water instead of the colored crap in the bottle the makes a mess of a setup.
  20. hey man whats up!! Haven't seen you on here in ages. I really wish we could get the original OCCer's back on here
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