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  1. Distilled water and Silver Killcoils as your biocide is your best bet. And there is no such thing as Non-conductive fluid. Don't be fooled by such stupid advertising. No coolant is non-conductive, it's just a phony gimmick to get you to buy the garbage. Everything becomes conductive over time cause of the movement of metal ions into the water. This also goes for distilled water too. Nothing transfers heat better than plain distilled water.
  2. ^ loves all the male members on here
  3. Sorry ivy the drive just sold a second ago lol. Samsung DVD-RW Drive sold to playah!! And btw ivy case badges mean alot to some people lol, I don't know why though
  4. OCz RAM sold to maenuwa Everything else is still up for sale
  5. More stuff for sale. NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING!! 48 U.S States ONLY!! PAYPAL ONLY!! Abit IP-95 LGA775 Motherboard (Supports Intel Core 2 Duo processors and below) $35 Intel Core 2 Duo E4300 (Includes Intel Stock Cooler and Case Badge) $40 HL DVD-ROM Only PATA Optical Drive $7 HL CD-RW PATA Optical Drive $9 If you would like to purchase everything as a combo let me know. PM for any details or questions I'm an eBay member with 100% feedback, and a well respected OCC marketplace seller. THINGS SOLD SO FAR OCz DDR2 PC6400 Dual Channel Ram 2x512MB 1GB
  6. We should make a funny log of all the questions asked over there cause I got many lol.
  7. I thought you couldn't ship freon? If not how long of a drive from here to NH? Let me know.
  8. Do you realize you just made fun of yourself by saying, "little" lol
  9. All the motherboards I've had before never had a 4 pin molex connector on it. How come my EVGA P55 FTW has a 4 pin molex socket on it next to the PCI-E slots? I've done my research and it says it supplies extra power to video cards when overclocking. Is it really needed or something that's just a waste of real estate on the motherboard?
  10. No wonder her eyes look slanted a little. I could tell she had a little Asian in her.
  11. haha this is going to be funny, I can tell already lol
  12. Her face looks like a foot.....like Sarah Jessica Parker
  13. I bet about 95% of the people on here have gotten drunk before 21. I can bet you on that
  14. Queenz

    Games to buy.

    If you have the 360, get Gears of War 2. Back when it came out last year, I had mine pre-ordered way before it came out. When I had my 360 last year I played it over and over again. The game is pretty intense and probably one of my favorites on the 360 of all time. For PC get fallout 3 and Dirt 2
  15. I'm not going to answer this mainly cause I can get in trouble lol *mike's hard fruit punch" cough cough Seriously though I got one more year to go, but who really counts?
  16. Can't wait to see more
  17. I have a thing for red heads too. That red head on The Mentalist is freaking hot. Her real name is Amanda Righetti:
  18. GOOD GOD DO WHAT??? Please don't tell me what I think you mean
  19. Take a gander at these : http://www.gq.com/women/photos/201002/mira...ideshow#slide=5
  20. Where's the option for Craig Ferguson?
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