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  1. Everyone knows police cause more trouble than what they prevent. Always taking advantage of their sirens to run .ing redlights and crap. One almost tried to kill me the other day cause I was making a left turn and he turns on his siren cause he didn't feel like waiting for the light to change at the intersection, and almost just ALMOST smashed in my side door cause he ran the red light and was flooring it. Then he yells at me and calls me a .ing idiot and says I need to watch myself. Even though it won't do anything I wrote down the car number and filed a complaint with 311. Some cops actually do what they have to do, but then you have the other 95% of them that think they can whatever they damn well please. Well I say good riddens to the 3,150 police officers Bloomberg's laying off here in NYC for his budget proposal. Cops always give tickets for stupid things. Yeah their too busy giving out tickets for tinted windows, burned out brake lights and such, when there are worse things happening out there like people driving drunk, murders, rape, robbery, kidnapping, the whole nine yards. Now where the hell are cops at when these things are happening? Oh wait their too busy giving me a ticket for my tinted windows and people blowing their nose FAIL
  2. Thanks for all the comments guys I can promise you more pictures within the next couple of days and over the weekend. BTW I think I'm going to call her blackjack
  3. For a first timer that kit is good, but for hardcore it's ehhh.... Custom setups are better, plus you get to choose the stuff you want. Everything is this kit is chosen for you already.
  4. Vote Queenz for coolest member!! Vote Queenz for most annoying!!
  5. Hardware Video/Monitor Help - Cpu/Motherboard Help- Modding/Case Help- Software Help/Programming Help- Overclocking Help- General Help- Member Coolest Member- Verran Coolest Staff- Verran Geekiest Geek- Most Bannable Member/Staff- ClayMeow Best Rookie Member- TKrow21 Most Committed/Dedicated OCC Member/Staff- Best Spammer-Ivyithos Most Annoying Member/Staff- ClayMeow Funniest Member/Staff- Bosco Worst User of English Language- Rud3bwoy Best Photoshopper/Graphics Designer- Most Improved- Kamikaze_Badger Best/Most Forum Pwned- Hardnrg Best Political Debater- LoArmistead Best Gamer-KrazyxAzn Worst Gamer- Overclocking Most Extreme Overclock- Road-Runner Most Extreme Cooling- Road-Runner Coolest Cooling Solution- Mods Best Case Mod- Most Ghetto Mod- TacoHunter52 Best Avatar- Andrewr05 Best Sig- Best User Title- Best Username- Coolest Rig- Best All Around Member- TacoHunter52
  7. That's why when we put things together we always end up with extra parts left over Thanks for the tip clay And thanks alot nrg
  8. And finally on to the main attraction : EK really packaged this waterblock nice compared to the HeatKiller's suck azz packaging: Always make sure the seal is not broken : It's official I just wet my pants : Time to check the contact surface: Wow: I wanted to try out my Bitspower fittings and I must say this does look badazz: Here is the jet plates (As you can see they give you a blank one to make your own jet plate with a dremel or drill: As you can probably tell I'm going for a black look badazz theme . I'm still waiting on more watercooling stuff like my 5870 waterblock and more fittings and alot more other stuff. Plus Newegg just shipped out my XFX 5870 too!! I did receive my black cable sleeving already but my camera battery died, so I will try to get pictures up of that tonight if I can hehe.
  9. Got some more things in today EK Supreme- HF LGA1156 Waterblock Bitspower G1/4 ; 1/2" OD Fittings Tygon 7/16 ID ; 11/16 OD Tubing (Freaking thick!!) The Situation lol: Tygon Tubing: Bitspower 1/2" Matte Black Fittings: EK Supreme-HF LGA1156 Waterblock (Matte Black ): Packaging opened: Free Artic MX-2 Thermal paste is supplied with it: Jet plates for the Waterblock: Mounting Hardware: Intruction Manual: Motherboard Backplate:
  10. I messed with some of the settings, modes, and used a trippod and this is what I got: What do you think for a noob? And I don't have the manual no more
  11. Welcome to OCC Doug BTW how long have you been using this site as a guest?
  12. I suck at photography as you can see in my build log thread. I was wanting to know if you have any tips or tricks as to what I should do, and what settings to adjust on my camera to make a picture come out alot better than what I've been taking them. I don't own a DSLR camera at the moment so please no camera suggestions For now I have the Casio Exilim EX-S10 BTW another thing that is a constant problem with pictures I take is that they come out really dim and dark no matter how bright the lighting is. I even try different flash settings and it makes it look like crap and the flash can been seen in the picture on the item I'm trying to capture.
  13. < is about ready to force ivy to teabag ^ or < will do it himself
  14. < is kind of scared of how ^ mentions it so specifically as if ^ has had it happened to him before
  15. Especially if the blocks use jet plates like the EK block.
  16. BUMP!! And yes they are lol
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