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  1. People mentioning Prius's, Corolla's, etc etc.........When has any of those cars been sporty? Have you thought at looking at the Infiniti G37/35? You can find used ones in the $25K price range for an 07+. I own a G37 coupe. Very sporty ride and suspension, nice features and technology. One of the best 3.7L V6's with 330HP, and on Wards top ten engines 14 years straight . You really can't go wrong with a VQ engine. With AWD it gets 19 city, 25 highway. Without AWD it's 19 city, 27 highway.
  2. Anyone going to see The Crazies? Looks like just another any other zombie movie. I may go see it even though I hate horror movies but love zombies for some reason. haha I make no sense at all
  3. Oh yeah I also modded the front panel switches for the white cathodes into one of the 5.25 drive bay slots. I had to cut out two holes to insert both switches in them. A good rule of thumb is to always cut the hole smaller than the diameter of the switch to insure a perfect tight fit:
  4. I'm receiving my reservoir and more cable sleeves tomorrow. As you can see the tubing is long. I left it long cause I'm not sure yet where I will mount the reservoir. Then when I decide where to mount it, I will cut the tubing to the appropriate lengths. I will also show you some pictures of the wire management on the back. I'm still trying to decide if I will be using the Xigamatek exhaust fan on the top cause I'm not that big of a fan of flashy annoying fans. Before I had replaced it the stock SilverStone fan was there and I was just wanting to see what the Xigamatek fan looked like on there. Mounted the pump at the bottom of the case: PSU: As you can see I found a place for the door tag lol
  5. How about the Nissan Altima Hybrid? Great gas mileage, great quality, best in class standard/optional features. Check it out.
  6. The reason it took weeks for me to build this is cause I had a few orders get screwed up and I had to get those exchanged. I guess that's what happens when you place multiple orders all at once lol. Plus Newegg screwed me over with the wrong video card and I had to wait another week to get my 5870. When I do things I have patience with stuff, so I'm not in a real big hurry to do things. @SDY, I've noticed this too and thought the same thing. I have no clue as to why they did it. But the way they machined it can't be felt on the contact surface, it's in the block internally. The contact surface is pure flat. I will be contacting Dan to ask him about that though I got another round of pictures coming in the next half hour so stay tuned
  7. As you know in my buildlog I just bought a 5870. I noticed that the retention bracket on the back of the card is touching one of the resistors on the PCB of the card. I notice ATI put these rubber spacers in between the PCB of the card and the retention bracket. I was wondering is this a potential accident waiting to happen? Like shorting something out or whatever?
  8. Installed my Matte Black Bitspower fittings onto the DangerDen Summit block Time to install the DangerDen Summit block onto my XFX 5870: Removed the backplate and cooler: Next clean off the old thermal paste: Done!: Installed the Thermal Pad to the regulators and applied MX-2 to the required contact surfaces: Installed the backplate and all the screws back on. Yes the nice black backplate still fits on even with the waterblock installed: Front Shot: Applause to:
  9. Now onto the video card: Rear (Kind of looks like a dual exhaust on a car): Back: Crossfire Interface: Dual 6-PIN PCI-E power connectors: 2x DVI, HDMI, Display Port: Side Shot: More Accesories: More stuff to come late on guys
  10. Uh oh another package today? YES I know what it is: Opened: YAAAAAYYY it's my XFX ATI Radeon 5870 Newegg: Opened the box and slid this out (Atleast it's not the crappy boring Sapphire packaging): Accessories: The infamous XFX door tag: Installation Manuals: Installation CD:
  11. woohoo more bitspower fittings haha: 3M Mounting tape: GE Black Cable Ties(Small): I bought Poland Spring Distilled water for my cooling fluid: Don't forget to always rinse your stuff out before using it such as the radiator or CPU block, etc. Don't use tap water to do it as this will just be adding flame to the fire. Use distilled water instead: Let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Doing so will remove any particles and dust inside that gets in during the manufacturing process: Time to install the Scythe Fans to the radiator and install the mounting brackets that allow it to be installed externally of the case:
  12. I got more even more stuff today. Thisis what I got: 4x Scythe Slipstream 68CFM 120MM fans GE Black Cable Ties(small) 3M Double Sided mounting tape(For cathodes) 4x Fan Cable Extensions 2x of more Bitspower Matte Black 1/2" barb fittings So this is the package I received today: Scythe Slipstream 68 CFM 120MM Fans (Black): Supplied Adapter: Fan extension cables. I got these cause I know for a fact the stock wiring won't reach:
  13. Now onto the CPU block. It says it's for LGA1366, but this does work with LGA1156 too which is what I have: Opened: Wow this block is nice and the packaging is excellent. DangerDen uses a good amount of foam: Accessories: More block pictures: Back contact surface of the block: I know how I have the EK Supreme-HF waterblock and now the DangerDen MC-TDX waterblock which doesn't make sense to do, but I'm using them to do a comparison in idle and load temperatures to see which one performs better. Again thanks so much Dan and DangerDen and I really appreciate what you have done. I can't wait to try these out. Applause to:
  14. OMG this is one heavy sexy beast: Here is the back of the block: It comes with G 1/4 ; 1/2" fittings already pre installed: Front of the block. The front is smoked so you can see the inside of the flow of liquid which is pretty cool: Applause to:
  15. And here is the box from DangerDen. This is a special to me cause it's not any ordinary items. Dan over at DangerDen decided to sponsor me since he knew of my build log. He is a very nice guy and always has your back if you have any questions or need help with anything. Which probably explains why he is good friends with Dave (Bosco) on here. I do believe DangerDen sends them stuff sometimes I'm guessing for reviews here on OCC. Anyways I received my package today from Dan over at DangerDen, and I must say that everything is packed very well: Opened: This is what I've really been waiting for, the DangerDen Summit 5870 full coverage waterblock: Opened (Very good packaging): Accessories: Manual: Thermal Paste( Supplied free): Thermal Pad for the regulators on the graphics card:
  16. More UPDATES!! Here is the Motherboard installed back into the case again with the block now on: Installed the PSU: More pictures: I ran the front USB connector for the ports on the front through the back and out the back plate hole: I ran he SATA cable through another backplate hole made in the case: I ran the dual 8 PIN CPU power connectors out the side back plate hole: Ohhhh look at that huge 180MM fan: I also sleeved the pump cables:
  17. UPDATE!! UPDATE!! Time to install the waterblock OH YEAH!! Oh I also did some cable sleeving. Here is a fan wire I did to the case: Here are some more CPU block shots of it installed. Looks badass rigt : Here is my G.Skill DDR3-2200 RAM installed on the motherboard with the supplied G.Gkill Memory cooler: A shot of the expansion slots ; More block and RAM shots:
  18. A reservoir is better than a T-Line cause it makes bleeding air bubbles in the loop alot easier. When you have a T-line it makes it harder to bleed. T-lines's are only good for people who have no space. The only downfall to reservoir's is that they do take up space in a case and it's only recommended if you have the space. Personally I wouldn't screw with T-lines cause their a PITA. Reservoir's are way better. If you have the room for one use it.
  19. Not too sure yet cause I may be adding in another 5870 in crossfire and another waterblock into the loop yet so I'm not sure Radiator measures in height at 21.5 inches. Almost 2 feet... It's basically a Thermochill PA420. I may be doing dual loops to run the CPU and GPU's on their own seperate loops. So I have to wait and see how that turns out
  20. Wow I wasn't expecting another package today cause USPS tracking said it wasn't even processed yet. Another USPS FAIL! Anyways I received another one of my orders from Sidewindercomputers.com Extremely fast shipping!! I ordered this day before yesterday and received it this morning. I wonder what could be in this box??: Packaging opened: Time to dig and pull her out: YAY more bitspower matte black fittings: And to the mail attraction in this THICK, LONG.....box ofcoarse lol: MY GOD this rad is HUGE! It's the Hardware Labs SR1-480: 4 120MM fans FTW: The finish on this is excellent and very well made compared to the EL cheapo garbage from Swiftech: This is how tall it is: Front shot: Butt shot: G 1/4" support sockets: Time to try out more of my Bitspower matte black fittings: Installed onto the HW Labs SR1-80 radiator: Oh yeah and the boring 4 packs of mounting screws for the 120MM fans for the radiator: More things to arrive in the mail in the next couple of days . I don't need a rad mount for this radiator cause my Silverstone Raven case includes 4 support brackets on the back to mount it. Stay tuned
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