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  1. I don't think you'll get much for it, althogh ebay does have some weird people that pay outrageous amounts for pictures and boxes...


    If I were you, I'd put it to folding.




    yea or give it to someone as a christmas present lol wow im a cheap butt

  2. so I can try things that I don't really need and would be sacred to try on my main rig....i'll probably try out linux sometime soon again, other OS maybe, raid setups and idk what else, basically whatever I'm interested in at the moment...


    oh yeah and its a bit upgraded already  :D  (traded some spare case fans for dvd-rom and some more ram  :P )




    i never really did get linux lol

  3. To be honest, I don't know really how much, but just to compare, I bought this 2 months ago for $60. Here it goes:


    Asus Cusl2-C

    Intel Celeron 667MHz

    128MB RAM PC133 (was supposed to be 512  :bah: )

    20gig Quantum HDD

    Ati 3D Rage Pro AGP

    SB Pci128

    52x CD-ROM Lite-On (broke down already  :lol: )

    1.44 Floppy drive Panasonic

    Realtek Network Card

    300W Macron cheapo PSU

    Miditower case




    but y did u buy such an old computer? ooooo yea and i dont really care how much they will give me for it as long as it over 40 bucks or more cuz need some new case accessories for my current computer real bad lol

  4. Thats a killer combo: Celeron D and X1800XT  :rolleyes:


    at least clock it to some insane speeds and have fun with it :P




    yeea buying such an expensive graphics card and mother board made me have to buy a low cost processor but it fine wit me atleast it 64 bit and 3.2ghz but da prob is da cache is small only 256kb lol but o welllll....................

  5. o well guys it doesnt matter if u bleave me or not cuz today i upgraded my bother board to a socket775 with a 64 bit celeron D 355 at 3.2ghz and with the ati radeon X1800XT 512 MB it was 16% off at compusa so does n e of u kno n e good coolers to go on it for overclocking?

  6. well im wanting to kno how much do u think they would give me for this computer below becuase i dont want that no more well here is the specs for it:


    intel pentium 3 500 MHZ

    KA6110 motherboard

    250 watt power supply



    1x 64 MB PC100

    1x 128 MB PC100

    1x 128 MB PC100

    ATI RAGE128 32MB

    8.5 GB hard drive

    4.7 GB hard drive

    Gigabit ethernet card

    16bit ISA Sound Card




    i kno guys dont laugh it was pretty good for its time baq then so wa do u do u think how much money i could get out of it at a computer reseller?

  7. for ur information guys it plays half life 2 at 1280x1024 at high becuase my ati radeon 9250 is overclocked at 612/763 becuase i ripped out the original heat sink on it and replaced it with a intel pentium 4 processor heat sink to cool it and and i have no loss of frame rates per second

  8. so, queen, like we all asked, what do you use the compy for, cuz it would do just fine for solitaire, but if your talkin hl2 on it, then you might need to rethink a lil. 


    of course its still faster than my main rig so i figure its gotta be atleast a 17 :D




    actually my computer plays half life 2 at high and doom 3 at medium

  9. :withstupid:


    celeron = bad

    ati9250 = worse


    and unmatched memory doesn't help either, though your board wouldn't support dual-channel anyways.  Hell, I'm surprised it even supports DDR.


    So yeah, I'd say 3-4 if you're a gamer.




    as a matter of fact my motherboard does support dual channel i juss havnt bought matching pairs of ram lol

  10. does any of you have any suggestions on how to make the celeron D run faster and better than wat its meant to be? my motherboard doesnt support overlocking so is there some software for intel motherboards so i can overclock my celeron D. my motherboard is an intel 865GV. ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED!!!!

  11. Can u guys please tell me how decent my computer is i kno i may not have the best but i still would like to have someones opinion please rate it a 1-10 and give some comments. Here are the specs:


    Antec Super Lanboy case

    Intel 865GV motherboard

    Intel Celeron D 335 2.8 ghz

    ATI Radeon 9250 256 MB

    1x 512 MB of PC3200 System RAM

    1x 256 MB of PC3200 System RAM

    52X CD-RW Drive

    48X CD-RW Drive

    500 watt PSU (modded with a tri-color 80 mm fan)

    80 gig hard drive

    120 mm blue LED fan

    80 mm blue LED fan

    Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition

  12. Ok i fried my motherboard when i was placing it in the computer case. I did not put the motherboard on stand offs so this leaves me to believe that when the motherboard touched the case and i turned it on i caused one big circuit and fried it cuz the stand offs werent on there keeping the mother board off the case. Can any one please help me and tell me if my theory is right? Any help would be appreciated. :D:(

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