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  1. Ever since that HDD failure thing I heard about no one barely comes on here no more or when they do they don't put up any threads like they use to. I was with a couple of friends and they were talking about OCC and was saying how they think there is no point on going on no more on here and some other bs they were saying. They were talking about how they lost their interest in the website ever since the HDD failure happened. Are people starting to feel this way too?

  2. Ok when i boot my computer the fan stays very loud and is at super high speed. so when windows starts i have to open up this application that tells the fan speed in order for it to go down and get quieter. But i dont like waiting like this i rather have the fan slow down at boot and i dont kno how to. Does any of you guys kno how to do this i tried looking in the bios but i cant seem to find it

  3. ok if my processor is 64 bit and my motherboard is made to house socket 775 chips does that mean my motherboard is 64bit its a Mach Speed PM800MS motherboard. Oo0o and i got another question will my AGP card be supported in windows vista in the future and will it work in it to?

  4. :( Ok i juss bought an intel celeron D 346 and a Mach Speed socket 775 motherboard. I dont got no problem installing it but see i have this 80 gig hard drive with windows xp home edition on it from an emachines computer and im wondering will the mother board still run windows xp without me having to reinstall it because i dont got a genuine version of microsoft windows and i dont want to end up installing it on that hard drive because then it will limit my windows update downloads because my copy is not genunine. So can you guys please tell me if there is any chance that after i install the motherboard and processor that i will still get to use the windows xp already on the hard drive with out any problems.

  5. i bought a new heat sink for the radeon 9250 and i romoved the 2 pins holding down the graphics card but it still stuck to the GPU. i tried every way possible to remove it wit a ravor and dental floss does can any of you help me with this issue because i need to remove it!

  6. well see guys i was kinda on a budget i cuz i got the x1800xt so it did limit the money i had left to spend on a processor and mother board but hopefully sometime in the future ill upgrade the 2 components but as of rite now everything will suit my gaming needs im just in the process of buying a new case to hold all my new hardware. but can any of you please tell me some advantages between a regular intel mother board and other motherboards?

  7. Wait......wait.....are you trying to tell us that your rig is 64bit because of your.....intel motherboard?????  :lol:




    no but im juss sayin but w/e my processor is 64bit and if u dont bleave me check intels website look up the intel celeron D 355 it has 64 disable bit technology aka 64 bit

  8. Umm <_<  You would actually do that to family??..Well there ya go..and to think you said you didn't trust silkster for ripping you off....Dude I dunno. I am really fighting back my rage right now...soon I will unleash my pwnage if this keeps up..


    Maybe I'm taking this a little to personal but....




    yo man wats ur problem cant u get along i havnt said one thing bad bout u god im only 15 dang give me a break man i dont got a job to buy the best parts or stuff like that but atleast i try ur an adult u got the ability to do more than me jeez

  9. PM me, im pretty serious about this. I paid $120 for this on newegg. Nothing is broken (except side panel TT fan is failing<- But that can be replaced).


    Reason why I want to get rid of this is because I don't want a case with doors. What I can tell you is that I moved from my old Aspire X-Dreamer II case to this. TT Tsunami is 2x quieter & cools WAY better.


    And yea, if you want to take a took @ it you can come by. Borderline of Queens is where I live.




    o i live in flushing queenz

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