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  1. I got a Power Color Radeon 9550 in my budget rig. Does anyone know of any mods I can do to the card to make it run better. I did do overclocking but I wanted to do more. Its watercooled and I have ramsinks. I did raise the voltage in the bios from 1.55V to 1.65V. But I really don't know if it helped or not. Just caused more heat I guess. But anyways does anyone know any mods such as bios mods, volt mods, etc. Oh yeah I did look for something to flash it too a 9600 but couldn't find matching memory for it. Its infineon memory or something like that.

  2. If you must use "straight" super glue dont put it in the middle because it will not allow the chip to disperse heat into the water block, try small dabs on the outside corners...

    *although you should always use some type of thermal paste on and heat transfering device anyways*


    Also be careful about what you hook up yo your water cooling setup.

    I know these blocks are low-resistance, but adding too many components can cause the radiator to be overwhelmed and not reduce the heat of the water suffeciently enough to cool your CPU!

    and thats not a good thing...


    Hopefully everything works out!!


    btw where did you put the heatsinks?



    I put the heatsinks on the RAM of my graphics card. But actually to be honest since I added the two water blocks on my cpu the temp went down about 2 or 3 degrees also because I had to shorten the tubes.

  3. Ok I purchased a Zalman VGA waterblock. In the package I got 8 heatsinks and two water blocks. One large and one small. Ok I used the large waterblock for my graphics card. So I thought to myself, why not mod the smaller water block to fit on my chipset. So I did. But in the middle of the chipset I put a little bit of super glue to make sure it stays on the chipset. Is this okay to do? If I ever wanted to take it off would finger nail polish remover be an option to use? But whatever is going on it did bring my chipset down a couple degrees which is good in my terms.

  4. :withstupid: yeah go for the core 2 duo. If i were you i would either go for the E6300 or E6600. They overclock like mad and they are very freakin good for gaming too. And you will be up to date with hardware having them. Oh yeah not to mention your going for a water cooling setup. Can you just begin to imagine the overclocking capabilities you will have since you will be running on water. :O

  5. Ok I am on purchasing this RAM for my budget system I have:





    Right Now I have crappy kingston value RAM that can't overclock for nothing. I really don't plan on purchasing any other RAM its either this RAM or nothing else. The specs at the store say its ideal for overclocking. But I don't know if it is or not. Can anyone tell me if this RAM would be better or not besides it being 512MB.

  6. the motherboard is doing great im at 2.8ghz with 400mhz fsb and im expecting to hit atleast 3ghz cause ive barely touched the vmch. Unfortunately i dont have internet access with it right now but i will in a couple of days once i get back to school. so no cpu-z posts (too lazy to transfer pics via flash drive...)


    To be quite honest im coming from ide, i didnt have sata in my last comp cause i got a 200gb ide for 40$ so i just went with that. Obviously, it is faster than that.


    Too poor for water cooling


    yes its a ninja


    ill try to post pics with flash in a little bit


    So you must of been saving up for this rig for a long time right?

  7. What kind of cooling are you using? If your using stock may I suggest an upgrade to better air cooling, or if your experienced enough how about water cooling? You would probaly get better temps and a higher OC with one of those choices too.

  8. that IS ONE HEK of an OC... i think thats all you'll get, but i don't see why your complainiing with that OC :P most of the core 2's i've seen maxed out around 4.0 on water


    you probably already have like 16sec in superpi already :lol: (BTW: 1.5v is a wee bit too much for my taste..., i hope your not using that as your main OC)



    Yeah I run it on 1.5v 24/7. But what confused me is that i seen someone else running an allendale at 4.1ghz with almost the same setup as mine. And I don't think I reached the motherboard limit on Fsb and I do got my Ram running on a 5:6 divider. What if I put it on a 1:1 divider?

  9. Ok I got rid of my other motherboard and purchased a new one for my E6300, here is the setup:



    Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 1.86GHZ @3.7ghz

    (New) Asus P5W DH Deluxe Digital Home Series Motherboard

    OcZ Gold Series DDR 667 1.8V

    (New) OcZ PSU

    ATI Radeon X550

    Titan Bianca External Water Cooling System



    Ok I managed to hit 3.7 ghz with the voltage at 1.5 and my temps at 29 degrees idle, and 40 Degrees load. My timings are at 3-3-3-5. Everytime I raise the FSB up 1mhz, the computer will stop while loading Windows XP. I tried upping the voltage 0.0125v and a little more, it still wouldn't even. I even messed with my timings. I don't get what am I doing wrong. I know I could get more out of it but I don't know what is the problem :( Can someone please help me?

  10. Ok I got a UV cathode light tube I had for about 2 weeks already and all of a sudden the UV cathode light started getting dimmer and dimmer and now its so dim and not bright that it barely lights up now to make the things in my case glow. I tried putting it on a seperate inverter and a new one and still nothing. Could there be a short in the wire or something and is there anyway I can fix it because I bought this UV Light very very far away from where I live and I don't want to travel all the way there just to return a 10 dollar light.

  11. Ok I had windows Xp media center edition 2005 on my computer and I decided to use my Windows vista cd I got in the mail today. But after I installed windows vista I couldn't boot Windows XP Media Center Edition no more. So since I still had access to my media center edition partition I thought I burn my music and picture and movie files to a cd so I wouldn't loose them when i reinstall windows xp media center edition. But everytime I try to open My documents its keeps saying " D:\Documents and Settings\Aaron\My Documents is not accessible Access is denied. So instead I moved the My documents folder to my other partition and it opened but its was empty. I'm so pissed off I don't know what to do. I had so much valuable music and pictures in there. What should I do now?

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