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  1. SO your saying that it isn't even stable raising the speed of the RAM 10 more MHZ without raising the voltage to 2.8V? Usually RAM could do that speed on stock volts. I think you raised the voltage too soon. Your overclock isn't even high enough to add more voltage yet. I had crappy kingston RAM and it could do 210 on stock 2.6V. You need to check your timings because it doesn't sound right.
  2. I did not know where to post this so I am assuming temperature related issues goes under cooling. But anyways ok there is this problem with my temperature or something. I was checking my info on my budget rig and it says I have a Power/AUX temperature of 106 degrees celcius. I know I have posted this topic before but it got lost with the crash. I am really sorry if you get mad that I posted it again but I can't help it. This issue is starting to really bug me with temperature thing. What do you guys think it is? Here is a picture below of all the things you need to know if you can help:
  3. So does that mean any card that says Windows Vista ready on the box will have future DX10 support? And yeah it is a nice card.
  4. Will your card have future DX10 support?
  5. Why don't you get some better air cooling for now instead?
  6. May I suggest this AGP card: This is if you want one up to date and has good peformance: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814161008 But really if your wanting one with very good peformance I would probaly look at the X800 series or something although they are not new like the 1K series.
  7. OMG just imagine having two of those babies is SLI BTW: How much did it cost?
  8. Just be warned that installation takes like 2 freaking hours. Especially longer if you choose to have updated installation files installed.
  9. Yea besides usually the original copy of the bios is on the CD that came packaged with your motherboard. I have an Asus motherboard just like yours so I am assuming yours probaly has the orginal bios on the CD too. Just explore the CD to see what you got on there.
  10. You know what I got to admit that Windows Vista Pre-RC1 is pretty fast for a test version. I got it running on a Celeron D 3.4ghz with 512MB of RAM and a radeon 9550 and so far no system hangs or bad peformance. Although it is having trouble working with my Catalyst Control Center.
  11. COOL me too!!!!!!! Except I am burning it to DVD right now lol!
  12. Actually if you paid attention to things you would know there is an X6900 it just hasn't come out yet. It will be coming out at the end of 2006 maybe! Conroe XE By the end of 2006 Intel plans to introduce the Core 2 Extreme X6900, which is slated to clock at 3.2 GHz, while keeping the same FSB speed, L2 cache size, socket, and TDP. According to leaked info, Intel is to release another Conroe XE in the 4th quarter of 2006, model X8000 with 3.33GHz and 1333MHz FSB QDR. Allendale An E4300 Allendale (1.8GHz, 800MT/s FSB) will be released in the 1st quarter of 2007.
  13. Is the Core 2 Extreme X6900 suppose to be Intel's answer to K8L?
  14. Vista will probaly be my last upgrade for a while when it comes out for consumers
  15. Yeah it could have short or the switch may just be plainly done for. Try using another switch or something like that. But oh well I guess its too late because you already took it to a Computer Repair shop
  16. Oh yeah wasn't microsoft suppose to send us a Copy of Windows Vista in the mail if you took that test they had up on their website and passed it?
  17. Do you think my budget celeron D rig would be able to run vista smoothly because I don't have my main rig's hard drive partitionand and if I do partition it I will lose valuable data. So I was thinking about putting it on my budget rig. It has a celeron D 3.4ghz, 512MB RAM, ATI Radeon 9550.
  18. When you mean solid, do you mean solid like Windows XP?
  19. I know TT ain't no good. Not to mention it only comes with a CPU water block and nothing more besides the pump, radiator, and blah blah blah. Heck you probaly get the same temps as stock cooling. Just add some more money to it and you could get an even better setup with good peformance.
  20. I just got a letter in my email asking me to participate in the Windows Vista Pre-RC1 Test Program. They gave me the download link and product ID and everything. Can't wait to see how it is
  21. Well I would say YES go with Intel. Well yeah before Core 2 Duo came out AMD was the way to go for gaming. But remember thats just an opinion. But the reason Intel is the way to go now is because the new Core 2 line has better overclocking capabilities, a high bus speed, 65nm proccessor, lower voltage, and unlocked cores(X6800 ONLY).
  22. But it only says 9500 softmod and 9800se softmod. Oh yeah I choose softmod swapper and I rebooted it and it installed 9700 drivers. But then everything still is the same. The core and mem are the saem still.
  23. yeah I was gettin too sensitive there lol
  24. It has 256 MB and yeah I have the Omega drivers. But how do I find the softmod?
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