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  1. ha cool i am half puerto rican and half chinese lol serious
  2. Well said. Hey swiffy what are you? like nationality?
  3. True because to me my life isn't just all about computers and having the latest fancy hardware and what not. When I say this I speak for other people here on OCC that don't just mess around with computers all the time. Some people lets say like a sport other than computers, or like to buy houseware stuff, or power tools, etc. But as you can see me and swifty like spending it on clothes or shoes also. So everyone and I mean everyone has their own opinion and other hobby besides just computers. Maybe not everyone but there is probaly alot who do. And when you live here in NYC and go to schools here that all people do is judge you on if you have the lastest jordans, or nike, or ecko, or whatever like ghetto stuff. If you were here you would probaly understand why. But as of right now these are just opinions and not nothing to start crapping the thread I started. And you talk like your freaking older than me. You were born in 90 so I am assuming your 16 like me. Your just saying all this stuff probaly because you grew up in a family where you could get most of the things you wanted. Otherwise if you didn't you probaly wouldn't even be talking about that. And I just didn't quit the job because of that, I also quit it because of other reasons I don't want to mention here on OCC. So don't talk like you know me if you don't know the full side.
  4. thats not true they don't last you only like 3 months. Thats only if your hard on shoes and you wear them out fast.
  5. lol well I guess I will just go look at footlocker tommorow or something. I will try big kids shoes its just I am 16 years old and I think I might look kind of silly asking the clerk oh can I have a size 7 in big kids shoes lmao BTW: I do got the babyblue and black 14's but I gave them to my GF to hold onto.
  6. yeah my dad is only willing to give me 40 bucks for shoes lol. I spent most of my money on water cooling for the past month so I don't have crap now.
  7. yeah their air jordan retro 7's. they cost only 39.99 for size 7 in big kids. but i dont know if they will fit my feet
  8. Sorry about this just had a question. Ok I seen shoes I want but they are too expensive in mens sizes so I am looking into big kids sizes. I am a size 7 in mens shoes. Is there a certain size in big kids shoes that would fit my size 7 mens foot?
  9. I know but it just doesn't look right with something covering the side. Thats why I got the idea of making the plexy glass look like side panels on both sides.
  10. Ok I have this old p3 500 mhz computer. The case I have is very nice. I painted the front with a nice coat of fire engine red and the interior with black. I got to admit it looks pretty sexy but both the side panels are missing because my mom trashed them thinking I didn't need them. What should I do now to cover it up????? I would hate to trash this case spending my hard time painting and modding it to my needs. Any one got any ideas. I was thinking about just buying to big slabs of plexy glass. But I am not sure. Any good ideas?
  11. But I think its just because they never made an X64 version of 5536. Notice that 5536 only has an X86 version. I bet 5600 was made to add X64 and ofcoarse fix more bugs, crashes, driver problems, and blah blah blah that were in 5536. But if you ask me I think 5536 runs very smooth besides the compatibilty issues I was having with the ATI Catalyst control center, certain games, ATI Tool, and Radlinker.
  12. OMG I just got Windows Vista Build 5536 Pre RC-1 in my email and installed it since they released it a couple of days ago, and all of a sudden they sent out a new build today . http://www.winbeta.org/comments.php?id=4616&catid=1
  13. Ok I got like 2 aluminum panel things you take out for the 5.25 inch bays. I was think about putting some thermal paste on my ram, and attaching them on there as if the were aluminum heat spreaders and use 2 paper clips to keep them onto the ram. Is this a good idea or should I just drop it and forget about it?
  14. Well If I were you I would usually just make sure the clamps are tight enough and make sure all the tubes are attached sercurly. But with all the hot weather we been having I wouldn't really say losing about a teaspoon of water is something to worry about because it evaporates sometimes
  15. Queenz

    New And Old

    Have you thought about going with a Core 2 Duo? And isn't this topic in the wrong area of the forums. I thought its suppose to go in the place where you put system builds at, and if I am wrong please correct me thats suppose to be in the "Motherboard & Bios" section of the forums.
  16. Yeah it does have a manual but it doesn't say anything about it being in a certain position on the motherboard or anything.
  17. See here is a picture of my water block. No matter what direction it is in, it will fit no matter what. But like what I am asking is will it affect water flow if the block is upside down.
  18. Ok for some odd reason I heard somewhere that placing the water block upside affects its peformance. I heard its suppose to be in the direction where the inlet and outlet holes are suppose to be at the top and not at the bottom. Is this true? Because I have mine like this. And would anyone know have any ideas on how to cool my radiator better. Right now it has a 80MM fan on it that is DC 12V and runs at a max of 2700 RPM.
  19. cool I couldn't possibly even have enough room in my case to even run all those freaking tubes everywhere lol
  20. For some odd reason I remember you saying that was an AM2 before. But maybe I am
  21. They really need to start making waterblocks for RAM
  22. I totally agree because I see kids or families sitting at home who aren't fortunate enough to have a computer. Just imagine how it would be to be in that position. Like donate them to an orphan place or something in that area. I am sure the kids would be more than happy enough to have them
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