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  1. Okay my friend put a Core 2 Duo in a new motherboard I bought. Its an Abit AG8 UGURU motherboard. How come the motherboard recognized it and its working fine with DDR 400 or 533 RAM. This motherboard only has support for the P4 and P4 Extreme and Celly. So what gives this is like impossible or is it?

  2. Ok I got an ATI Remote Wonder Plus and I am wondering how can I set it up to work with the media center in windows xp media center edition 2005 or the media center in windows vista RC2? Or is it even compatible with it at all? But if it is can someone please give me steps and help me do it because I don't know how to.

  3. WOW it really sounds like you did something wrong there and I bet at anything that you probaly did. You have some good watercooling equipment from what I see you posted, So I am guessing you did do something wrong with the setup. I am not sure but you probaly never seated the waterblocks with the thermal paste right or something like that because usually that is common mistakes that end up giving bad temperatures. Oh yeah and second watercooling doesn't even require alot of maintanance like verran said he only needs to be changed once a year and with other people like me sometimes not even. But there is some conditions like if your not using an anti-bacterial solution/anti-algae such as antifreeze.



    Well after 9 months I finally had enough with trying to clean and care for my watercooling project and went down to the local pc store to pick up some decent fans.

    I purchased the Zalman CNPS7000-AlCu for my CPU and 2 Zalman VF700-Cu for my graphics cards

    I was only going to try out the cpu heatsink until I could find a better option but I am so impressed with this little cooler that I've decided to keep it.

    I also purchased 2 ultraquiet 120 fans

    My temps were immediately reduced 10c on my cpu and gpu's idle omfg and the entire cases ambient temps have reduced significantly

    Under load my temps are still a few degrees lower than my WC kit and my pc is a lot quieter. I don't have a db reader but my pc has gone from sounding like a mini tornado to a purring kitten

    Having now tried WC, I would say that air cooling is equivalent if not better in terms of silent operation and temperature reduction given the quality of the heatsinks on the market. I'm running the low end cpu cooler and I imagine my temps would be much improved if I upgraded to the CNPS9500 or even the CNPS7000B which has twice the surface area for heat dissipation. Unfortunately the things are also massive lol

    This is one OC enthusiast who is disenchanted with WC and I think the only way I would return to it is with an external fully enclosed passive WC kit that simply required connection to the waterblock.

    As the room, price and insignificant temperature reduction required for such an endeavor is prohibitive I doubt I'll go back :foldon:

  4. Hey guys whats up? I havn't been on OCC in like 2 months or something because school has started and everything. I just been too busy caught up with HW, School, my gf, and family and kind of forgot about coming onto OCC. So whats been going on here while I have been gone? Have they retrieved the data from that Harddrive crash here on OCC yet? And I see they sent out some newer builds of vista too since I been gone. Has there been any improvements in it since build 5600? And how is everybody doing here?

  5. Oh ok good because I thought I might be downloading 5536 over again lol. :rolleyes: But I just hope to see a big improvement from 5536 to 5600. But if you ask me 5536 already runs pretty smooth too. But I did notice a few bugs in the media center, and a kind of slow startup. I love that snipping tool also its pretty neat if you ask me. Oh yeah and I am glad to see how reliable ATI is too make a 32-Bit, and 64-Bit driver for Pre-RC1 versions already because when I got build 5536, ATI still had the Windows Vista Beta 2 driver up available for download. So I am glad to see they put up a new driver available for download. But when do they plan to make a freaking better boot screen for Vista? :angry:

  6. Hey I am currently using Windows Vista Pre-RC1 Build 5536 on my computer and I am in the process of downloading the lastest build from microsoft's website from the customer preview program that has been open for a few days or whatever. Does anyone know what build it is? Because I hope its not the same exact build I got right now because then I would be downloading it for nothing.

  7. I think this topic should be closed because I think its kind of racists to post these things on here. And as for the immigrants don't say that. Actually they shouldn't be deported because what about their kids. Alot of people you see before you came here to give their kids a better life and if they get deported that would be just wrong.

  8. I just don't want to cause any troble ok and that goes to you too bigred. All I was doing is asking about a shoe size thing and talking to that nice guy swifty. And as you can see I am trying to save money by buying big kids shoes not mens. If its a deal hell yeah I will go for it. I can understand about saving money for important things. If you knew this I don't exactly come from the rich family. My mom and dad work to jobs together and barely have anytime home to spend with me because they are too busy trying to keep a roof over my head, food on the table, and clothes on my back. But for once out of the whole year if my dad actually offers to buy some good shoes because he never does this ofcoarse I am going to take it. I aint rich you know. I can't afford that X6800 rig you have bigred, or all those freaking cars. And did you ever even think about donating a car to a family that actually really needs it? I see mothers and fathers and their kids having to walk out in below freezing weather just to go grocery shopping for their family. And here your enjoying yourself to its fullest with all these fancy pancy cars. Thats why I try to do good in school so that my future family won't be going threw things I go threw. So my kids will get the stuff they want. And they will get to see their daddy everyday. Which is time I barely get with my dad. Seriously wtf is money if you don't got your parents here with you.

  9. and todays lesson (which you NEED to learn and SHOULD have already learned) is budgeting your $$$.

    you spent 'X' on computer gear, and now lack the $$$ for the shoes you "want" (but don't really "need"). what does this tell you?


    I have learned not to waste money ALLL HAIL THE GREAT BIGRED :bah:

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