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  1. I played Zelda for the wii earlier today. I was not impressed :(


    why werent you impressed? I have the game and I find that the graphics and gameplay is great. Although the story line isnt as great as the one for Nintendo64.

  2. Ok my mom and dads anniversary is on wed. next week. They said they want a dog real bad, and I mean real bad. So I play onto adopting a dog for them and surprising them. Unfortunatly you have to be 21 years or older or 18 years or older at them animal shelters to adopt a dog. So the only choice I have is to adopt a dog from a regular household family who wants to give it away. I don't know what to do. My parents work so hard for me and it would mean alot if I could get them a dog. It has to be a dog that stays small its whole life, and is very hairy. Can someone please help me find a dog in the queens area or has any advice on how to get it? My area code is 11367. Please help me. I have no other family members that are older that can some and help me get the dog. So i need some other alternative

  3. Hey since my crap compusa PSU burnt out its finished. So now I am looking for a new PSU. I will only be purchasing from a store and not online. So my choice will be microcenter since they have some good fair prices. I am looking for a good PSU that will be able to power my Overclock very well, gaming, name brand, will not burn out any of my precious hardware, and most of all a cheap price somewhere in the 50 60 or 70 dollar range. Here is a link to the PSU section on microcenter's website:





    Please help me choose a good reasonable one :)

  4. Well I just got done a while ago removing the evidence of it getting caught on fire. I removed the melted 4 pin power connector. Now it still looks brand new like nothing even happened to it. I'm not going to tell them the board is defective, I will just say that when I got it the box was partially opened and when I opened it the I/O shield or anything was missing. My mom bought a microsoft keyboard from there. She dropped it and cracked it by accident and they let her exchange it for another one still.

  5. OMFG I just removed the 4 pin power connector and guess what. It was stuck and I kept pulling pulling and pulling. Until finally it came off. Guess what happened. The one of 4 pin power connector on the motherboard actually melted down into the 4 pin socket. It was brown and burnt and melted!!!!!!!! Not only is my PSU screwed up now so is my new 1 week and 3 days old motherboard. This is what I get for using a crappy compusa norwood micro psu on an ABIT motherboard. Now Idk if I can even exchange the motherboard because I ripped off the bar code on the box. There is still a bar code on their but not the microcenter bar code they put on in the store. I could easily lie to them telling it was defective because their stupid but I wonder if they will let it slide since I have my receipt and proof of purchase of that exact motherboard. And as for the PSU I might just wire another 4 pin power connector on their since that was the only problem. Any suggestions and help guys would be appreciated :)

  6. Ok i overclocked my ABIT AG8 to 3.8ghz with the voltage at 1.51V. But anyways after I did that I ran orthos and I had a failure with that. So I restarted and lowered the clock speed a few more mhz less. It started and windows was loading and then all of a sudden KABOOOMMM!!!!!! The things shuts off and keeps trying restarts by its self. Now the computer won't boot up at all. I mean yeah everything comes on but I dont get a psot screen or anything! And on my motherboard it shows the bios error codes on the digital display and it says 9F, but in my motherboard manual it says nothing about what error 9F means. I have tried everything I could. I cleared the CMOS jumper, removed the batter, and cut off ALL POWER. I even removed all the expansion cards too and still nothing. I have the things I have above are the things that they told me to do in the book, and even more including removing the expansion cards. I mean come on what the heck this stuff gets me pissed off. One thing I got to say is that ABIT has some poor crappy manuals that barely explains anything about their configurations. But yeah anyways can someone please help me.

  7. Well just last week I got a new ABIT AG8 Motherboard for my celly rig. I easily already hit 3.65 GHZ alreadu with my RAM at a 1:1 ratio. I never had any ABIT boards before and I do have to say I am impressed by their overclocking potentional. I did hit 4.0 GHZ a few days ago but I needed to add some more voltage which I didnt and it became unstable and shut down. I will do that just as soon as I clean up my rig inside and add more cooling because it has reached degrees up to 65 degrees celius at full load with more voltage. I will keep you guys up to date with my OC and hopefully you can help me along the way my fellow ocers. I will get some pics on here as soon as I can.



    (Yeah I know I am OCin a celly oh well its still fun)

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