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  1. HSF? And why don't you get a Cheaper 8800GTS? The evga and bfg versions are both $429


    Reason why I ask about the HSF, is that EVGA mobo has parts where the backplates on larger HSFs would be... crushing the stuff behind it



    Ahhh crap that means I will have to buy a new water block right? Because I am using a water cooling setup. Oh and I choose the foxconn version because it comes OCed to 575MHZ Core and 1800 Memery

  2. Ok I got some new things coming in since my dad finally let me order from newegg. I already got a Core 2 Duo E6300 and 1GB of OCZ Gold Series DDR2 Memory, and all of the other rest of the stuff. Except I have decided to upgrade to a different motherboard and video card. Except this time I am going SLI. Here is what I got coming in so far:



    Video Card/s: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814186011 <---------------------This baby looks real good





    Motherboard: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16813188009




    Since I am going with SLI do I buy the same exact video card as I already bought above or the non SLI version of it?




    BTW: Got some ideas from Unforgivin's new E6600 setup, THANKS Unforgivin!!!!

  3. Exactly! That's what I'm saying. Auto just sets it to what it's supposed to be. But "auto mode" isn't smart enough to loosen the timings accordingly as you raise the FSB. That's your job as an overclocker. If you want to overclock, "auto" should not be in your vocabulary.



    kk thanx man I was just hoping to atleast hit about 3.9ghz or so. But to be honest I am kind of afraid to push it more because my psu isnt all that great. the +12v is only 17A which is pretty much very bad isnt it? And in conclusion its making me think that the +12v wont supply enough electricity to the cpu and might burn out the connector or most important damage the motherboard or cpu.

  4. Leaving it on Auto sets the timings to stock settings. Generally, when you push the FSB up, the timings have to loosen. Stock (tight) timings will only push so far. That's the problem you're running into now (more than likely).


    The smartest thing to do is to put your ram on a divider until you get your cpu OC settled down. Otherwise, just loosen the timings a little and keep going. Do you know what the stock timings are supposed to be?



    The stock timings are supposed to be 3-3-3-8 and with it on auto in the bios its also on 3-3-3-8

  5. Is it better to leave the RAM Timings on Auto when OCing in an Abit BIOS using cheap kingston value RAM or making the timings your own custom setting? Because on my celly 3.06ghz @ 3.71ghz, I cant seem to get the FSB past 161MHZ, anything after that it becomes unstable. My timings are set at auto. What should I do? And yes I gave it enough vcore and upped the volts on the ram a little and on the northbridge.

  6. im am thinking of getting an optron 175 will i need to get diffrent ram at the min i have 2 gigs of ddr 400 and will my board take an optron i have an asus a8v se thanks in advance


    Well I think you should get an OEM opty if you already got a previous hsf from your 939 setup. It would save you about 30 buckies on the egg. But thats if you already got an hsf.



    btw you spelled opteron wrong on your threads title :P

  7. Ah lol, good thing i asked, it would be quite funny if i opened the box to find no hsf.


    I think i might have to go for the retail version to get the cooler because an aftermarket one and artic silver5 will add more to my costs which are already a bit high due to me chosing a 7900gs over a 7600gs and then upgrading that again to a X1950 lol. I can alway stick another one on a while later when i begin overclocking (i don't intend to start straight away)


    As for the OS it will be XP and a friend will be hooking me up with it.



    Yeah I agree because since your choice is a Core 2 it will already be running very cool due to the low vcore and 65nm process. And as you said you are not doing no OCing at the moment. So just wait because if you wait you could save up for a very very good aftermarket cooler and thermal paste.

  8. After Some serious thought... I decided to scale my budget up...


    My new setup:

    $312 Intel Core 2 Duo e6600

    $250 eVGA 680i SLI mobo

    $429 eVGA 8800gts 640mb PCI-E

    $310 Crucial Ballistix DDR2 1000 5-5-5-12

    $36 3x Rosewill IDE>SATA converters (will be used for storage drives, not performance)

    $65 Thermalright Si-128 + Silverstone Fm121-B 120mm



    I hope to god that eVGA and nVidia fixed the sata issues on that board... and if that Si-128 will fit. Suggestions will be welcome. @king, sorry can't wait that long due to money issues


    I hope I can sell some of my old parts :(



    woah!!!!!!!!!! Is that your christmas gift or something????????????

  9. x1300 won't even compare to that 7600,


    7600=mid range

    x1300= low end/basic


    That other retailer is one of those super small and stupidly expensive in my book. And your choices are pretty limited... its between a x1650pro and that 7600gs, AGP is starting to go bye-bye :(



    But I aint using it in the AGP Version I am using it in the PCI-E version its just those are the only pics of the video cards I can find. But I will be purchasing the PCI-E version of the 7600GS.

  10. I am wanting to get a new video card and have choosen to purchase one of these two video cards:


    Option 1:





    Option 2:






    I heard that for that PNY 7600GS you could unlock extra pipes and how much can you unlock, is that true and is it a good OCer? Tell me which one you think is the best.

  11. Okay I am kind of getting tired of using my celly d on my abit board so I have decided to change the processor. What I have in mind for a good budget upgrade is a dual core processor but not core 2 cause I already have one. I already decided to make a choice to just get the Pentium D 915. I could probaly easily hit about 3.6 or 3.7GHZ from 2.8GHZ stock on my abit board. Plus not to mention I have watercooling on my budget computer also. I looked and have read some good reviews about it. The only problem that seemed to turn up alot was heat, but it aint any threat to me. I would love to make this purchase because for its 65NM process cores and its 2X 2MB L2Cache. Should I or should I not get it? Its only $119 right now. Plus I do need to get rid of my celly. And this processor is a good bang for the buck in my terms of peformance and price.

  12. alright queenz, nevermind, I only looked at the pic and I was like what the heck is he thinking? :P





    oh yeah I am afraid to put some more vcore to the cpu right now until I get a better power supply because last time I put 1.5V vcore I literally melted the +12V 4 pin atx connector into the motherboard resulting into having to exchange the motherboard and throwing away the cheap compusa 500WATT PSU. And the one I am using right now is even worse. Its a Rosewill LC-B400ATX PSU with only 17 amps supplied to +12V. The compusa one that melted was even better than this piece of crap. It supplied 18 amps to the +12V

  13. aren't you using an Asus motherboard tho? :blink:


    keep pushin it.. cpu temps look low unless orthos hadn't kicked in properly at that point... so looks like you can afford to use a bit more vcore?


    keep up the good work :)


    this is a much better result than one involving peanut butter :lol:



    thanx and I am using an asus motherboard on my core 2 setup not my celly.


    lmao yeah it is better than peanut butter :lol:


    oh and king if you read my post right you would see that I said the screenshot was taken before I ran orthos and prime 95 for 2 straight days

  14. well I got my celly 3.06GHZ to hit 3.71GHZ after some tweaking. And can you believe I hit 3.71ghz on some crappy kingston value RAM on a 2:3 ratio. Here is some pics. I did so some benchmarks and got a 1273 3D marks difference I will run it again later and show you guys some pics of that too. Oh yeah I ran orthos and prime 95 for 48 hours straight so these pics were taken before I ran it so dont mind the orthos application running in the picture. All I have to say is that ABIT boards are one of a kind :)




  15. I got a Hauppauge WinTV Go Plus TV Tuner. The software that came with it sucked. Using game consoles in fullscreen mode looked real pixelated. So I downloaded D-Scaler and got even better picture quality. But if you ask me it still isnt that great. Does anyone know of any freeware TV Tuner software that I can download, and is of the best quality and features.

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