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  1. You still haven't answered our questions, yes your hypothesis's are valuable and all... but you need to give us info....


    So which wire, which connector, be specific man! Does it happen at idle? Load? Gaming? What? And take a pic of the wire and it's gauge... Hot leads mean that the wire has more amps than it can handle causing heat.... and fires



    Its the 4 Pin ATX connector to the motherboard that supplies extra voltage to the CPU. And it happens when the CPU is at load. The wire turns kind of hot and the 4pin connector turns really really hot. It gets soo hot that it makes the connector that its in on the motherboard turn hot too. Here is a picture:



  2. Okay I got my budget PC OCed from 3.06GHZ to 3.79GHZ with the voltage at 1.5V. My +12V Rail always seems to get real hot while running orthos after 2 hours or so. Can someone please tell me is there anyway for it to not overheat. The amps it has are +12V=17A.

    Is it time for a new PSU or what, and will a PSU with more AMPS heat up less? Cause I do recall like a month ago I had a PSU with 18A of the +12V rail and it practically melted into the motherboards 4-PIN connector.

  3. seeing you have an Asus A8V mainboard, i wouldn't expect too much, as Asus is not known as the best OCers unlike DFI (like caffeine, so his OC will be a wee bit outta reach). That cooler looks like it will allow you to squeeze a couple of extra MHz's outta your processor, but it does look overkill to me!


    What have you been smoking buddy? ASUS Motherboards OC very very well although I still would go with ABIT or DFI

  4. I don't have a big list may get more games if they look good.


    Any bf2142 expansion packs if any come out

    command a conquer 3 tiberian wars

    Halo 3


    YAY for HALO 3 woot woot!!!!!!!!!! But why hasn't HALO 2 come out for PC yet? They only made HALO 1 for PC.

  5. What kind of volts would i be needing? I'm prime95 stable at 1.35V (apparently 1.35V at least). I thought that the DQ6 was a great OCer lol.....


    I'm using a Thermalright Ultra 120, with a Scythe 120mm fan @ 1700RPM. This is in a CM Stacker 830 with 7x 120mm fans lol.....


    Even when full load, (two instances of prime) CPUz shows 1.296 to 1.312V...odd



    Well about the gigabyte board, I am not saying its bad its just I never seen no OC's from them yet, only the Abit and Asus boards so don't get me wrong, but what kind of thermal paste are you using with that Ultra 120? And just forget about CPU-Z, because as long as it says 1.35V in the BIOS your good then. Sometimes monitoring software readings aren't always exact like they are suppose to be. And as for the voltage my cousin he had his voltage on 1.46V at 3.6GHZ for his E6600.



    BTW someone else might know what to say about your Thermalright cpu cooler. I heard that they cool and peform very well, so I am kind of surprise to see your temperatures that high on full load with such a low voltage.

  6. Hey, got my new rig a couple of weeks ago and after this BIOS update just started OC'ing. Specs are in sig. I would just like to know how much more i could expect from this chip, i set voltage in BIOS to 1.35V but in CPUZ it reports 1.312V. Coretemp shows 42C on both cores idle, and just shy of 53/54C load. My RAM does have a lot of headroom left, so its up to my chip to match it lol....im just scared of it dying on me ahhaha..... Any tips here?


    Well I bet you could probaly hit about 3.5GHZ on that baby. But it does depend because you are using a gigabyte board, and the high OC's I seen done with the E6600 was on Asus or Abit boards. And don't worry about CPU-Z reading the wrong voltage its most likely because the processor is not at full load, because I was having the same problem. But you are using a 120, which is why I dont get why your temps are hot, what kind of thermal paste did you use? Because those load temps should be alot cooler if you plan on getting higher OC's out of the CPU.

  7. Oh I can't wait for Super Smash Brothers Brawl to come out for the Wii mainly because I love the Super Smash Brothers Series, second because it has been confirmed to support online mulitplayer, and third because I heard its going to be one of the biggest releases for the Wii in 2007. :)

  8. Certainly is a budget setup, Nice job!


    Seems kind of hollow, and is it just me, or you don't have any Optical/Floppy drives :blink:



    yeah you are right unforgivin lmao I am currently using an external DVD-RW drive instead because when I bought the Abit motherboard I didn't notice that it didnt have two IDE channels, and since my HardDrive isn't SATA I had to forget my internal CD-RW drive and use the HardDrive on the only available IDE channel I had on the motherboard. But there are like two things on there I am thinking about upgrading and that is the HardDrive and the video card. I mostly use this rig for playing my wii on and watching TV. Oh yeah I do got one question would the ATI Radeon AIW X800XL be a good card for this setup? Because it does have a TV tuner built into the card not to mention some really good graphics. Plus its only 129. What do you guys think?

  9. Obviously we would want to see someone get hung if its someone that not only us but almost everyone hates. And someone that has caused so many innocent people harm. Think about it this guy was having houses of gold built for himself, when in the meantime he was letting his people starve to death and live in poverty, and most important murdering them.

  10. how good is that W/C setup and how much did it cost?


    The W/C setup is pretty good if you ask me. Temps are at 32 idle and 44 load with it at 1.55V. Also not to mention this is a prescott were talking about so large amount of heat is not something we wouldn't be surprised to see. I paid about 170 for it in total because I had to buy extra water blocks. Although the one for the GPU I didnt put on yet because I am using a sucky 9250.

  11. Well guys I finally finished my budget setup. I wouldn't really call it budget too much because it does have a watercooling setup with a nice Abit board. Tell me what you guys think.






    Antec Super Lanboy Case


    Intel Celeron D 346 3.06GHZ @ 3.71GHZ


    ABIT AG8 LGA775 Motherboard


    Seagate Barracuda 80GB PATA HardDrive


    512MB of Kingston PC3200 RAM (2.5-2-2-9)


    ATI Radeon 9250 (Will Upgrade Soon MAYBE)


    Rosewill 400WATT Power Supply


    Titan Bianca External Water Cooling Sytem


    Memorex DVD/CD-RW 52MAX Drive


    Hauppauge WINTV GO-PLUS TV Tuner














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