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  1. Ohhhh screw you And btw I know what you mean. You have a very dirty mind lol.
  2. About 2 days ago I woke up and my damn jaw was in this extreme pain. It keeps popping out of place when I close my mouth and when I'm eating. It's swollen like crazy and it's visible enough to tell. It's been giving me these terrible headaches and I've been taking some pain killers to keep it under control. Usually I take pain like it's nothing but this is insane. I can't eat or anything. I've been living off of soup cause of it. I've got a doctors appointment set up for Saturday since were having this snow storm ATM. It's really killing me and a real PITA! I woke up this morning and my jaw wouldn't even move. I had to do these movements with my jaw to help it to start moving. Has anyone had a similar problem?
  3. Yes it is quite handsome . I love EVGA boards and their color scheme/layout. Hence one of the many reasons I went with one . Their just pure sexy.
  4. I was gonna say the same thing. You should check to see if the stand off's were installed. Usually when it does that it's a grounding issue.
  5. No that's not what I mean . On the ATI 5870 the bios is locked to prevent you from going over 900 core and 1300 memory. Luckily for me I found this http://www.overclockers.com/hd-5870-bios-flashing/ If you flash your 5870 to an Asus or MSI you can go beyond the limit it sets.
  6. I overclocked my 5870 and it's maxed out at 900 core/1300 memory stable. How come I can't go beyond that? I've tried every program and nothing. Apparently this is the full potential of the card. WTH?
  7. Sorry I'm a baseball guy. I really don't care....
  8. BTW I will do a higher OC later using the AMD GPU clock tool instead of ATI overdrive cause it has it's limits.
  9. OC'ed my XFX 5870. I used the GPU stress test part of OCCT to test stability. 900 Core/ 1300 Memory 29 degrees idle/ 42 degrees Load
  10. Ehhh Visiontek, I'll pass...... Way too many problems last year with my 4870x2's. Constant artifacting and such.
  11. Yup lol it always happens to me. It happened with like 4 E8400's and my i7 920 I use to have lol. I always get the suckish ones. If it can do 4.2 daily I'll be happy with it Although I will try lower the voltage a little to see if it's still stable. I messed with the PLL voltage too cause I've heard it's helped out some people.
  12. yup, I've actually already OC'ed it and just running some tests ATM. I will be posting up results later
  13. Well the channels aren't scratch. I sent a message to Dan to ask him and just awaiting a reply. Since it's the weekend I probably won't get a reply till Monday. I'll let you know.
  14. ewww Hayden is way better sorry
  15. Fixed it . Man this needs more voltage than my i7 920 just to get it stable at 4.1GHz:
  16. On stock settings with no OC it keeps saying error on core #1-8. Whatever OC I do it keeps saying error on core #1-8. WTH? Is the program having a problem or something. I pass 24 hours of prime 95 and orthos but keep failing OCCT even at stock settings.
  17. http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=999799 On water SuperPi 9.656
  18. BUMP!! Prices lowered on CPU, and MOBO!!
  19. Your suppose to put [WTS] in your thread title so people know. Great prices BTW
  20. I ordered one of these along with more cable sleeving: Here are some screenshots of my OC so far. I will be pushing my 860 to it's limits!!: Other than this I will have some final shots of every single thing tomorrow. I'm too lazy tonight plus my camera battery is dead
  21. Yes it's D-Day and I finally finished everything. Unfortunately I ran out of more cable sleeving and will have to wait for more to come. But this doesn't stop me from getting my build up and running. This morning I received another generous package from Dan over at DangerDen. It was the last complete piece to my build and what was stopping me from finished it. As always great packaging from DangerDen: Wow this is damn sexy. As you can see it has that brown paper thing on it, that's to protect it. Ofcoarse I removed it: Installed and filled with distilled water and Silver KillCoils added: Silver Kill Coil: There is really no need for leak testing for my setup since I've worked with a similar watercooling setup before and know for a fact the tubing size and fittings match perfectly with no leaks. If you watch what your doing there should be no leaks at all. I've already installed Windows 7 Ultimate x64 OEM, and installed all my programs (so far). I will tinker with OCing it and post up some screenies for you guys . There are still a few more minor touches I need to do like get more cable sleeving and such but it's not full neccesary ATM.
  22. crap lol I thought I'd be the next person to do this on here lol. I ordered two more 24" Samsung's from Dell yesterday plus the one I got a few weeks ago. Plus I got my XFX 5870 I'm going to kick your butt Dave
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