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  1. two weeks before i was old enough to work in mcdonald's i started the training and worked a few evenings, then from 16-18 i worked there pretty much every weekend bar exam time and i had my own car, paid my own insurance, bought like 300 cd's, bought my own clothes, went up to NYC on greyhound, bought loads of booze, got wrecked, did really well in school academically and in sports, had a wicked social life...


    basically i had a lot of money and had a lot of fun, and did what had to be done in school...


    mcdonald's sucks yeah, but it let me have my own money to buy EVERYthing i wanted... then the summer before leaving the US for university in the UK i earnt about $3000-4000 working at a cement factory shovelling rocks and cement in 110

  2. too bad some of his posts about money got taken out with the drive failure.

    you'd understand better.

    he's crying because he spent his allowance on toys and wants a $100 pair of shoes to impress the other kids. now he's again trying to find a cheap way around things.


    it's not like he lives out in the middle of nowhere. there are always entry level jobs, busting tables, putting up stock somewhere, loading and unloading deliveries... for god's sake it's NYC.

    I'm sorry I don't have any sympothy for that kinda crap. at 17 I was out of the house, on my own. reinforced what my parents thankfully tought me.


    hey man no need for that cause you do not understand what I am trying to say here and that is that I am currently waiting for a job. I applied and he put an okay on my application saying that I could come and work sometime after the holiday because the slots at work were piled up and he just doesn't have the hours I want to put in yet w/e that is.

  3. All I know is that AGP is going, going, GONE! For me. I had a GeForce 5900, and will never look back after this PCI-E 7950GT.


    And, when DX10 comes out, I don't think there will be that many games using it at first because not many people will have cards supporting it.




  4. GMRS requires an FCC license. I'd suggest NOT using it without one.

    and I'm sorry if you two can't afford to paying your own cell bills... then you aren't old / responsible enough to be "dating"



    we are responsible its just I am waiting to hear from the boss at my local grocery store that said he will give me the job, and she is doing something else but not the same job.

  5. QFT


    By me, there is a thing called a land phone. What it is is a phone that plugs into the wall (not always to charge either...)!



    I know that its just me and her can't talk on the phone on weekdays and want to have a little voice to voice communication whenever we feel like it during the weekday so that is why I bought the walkie talkies

  6. In NY? Heh, there will be tons of people listening in... (There are only like 25 channels available for use )


    and why don't you just get msn messenger and get a couple of cheap $5 mics... way easier...


    cause its suppose to be easier because she barely has access to a computer. Thats why I am trying to use walkie talkies.

  7. it depends on the area... wide open mountain ranges or fields, yes... big built up cities like new york (lol), maybe not?


    easy enough to find out though i guess :P


    if it doesn't work, just get some bluetooth headsets / usb-adaptors and talk over skype for free


    Midland make some of the more serious radio equipment though, so i'd say it stands a chance


    thanx but what is skype can you please tell me :)

  8. yea but what im say is that you can still play all games out with a good agp card im not saying that its going to be around forever im saying if you plan on upgrading you might has well get a DX10 card it would be stupid to get a top off the line 7 series card when DX10 will be out soon.



    well there is still AGP Cards out there that peform well like the X1650 agp version peforms well if you ask me. And as for your comment about DX10 all I can say is that to me I agree with what your saying but as of right now a DX10 capable card is very very expensive. Were looking in the 400-500 dollar price range here.

  9. Do you mean $250 for just the video card, or for the whole upgrade. You can't get a PCI-E board for your AXP chip, so moving to PCI-E will mean a new board, new chip, AND new video card.


    :withstupid: And not to mention if he chooses an AM2 setup he will have to buy new RAM also cause he is currently only using DDR

  10. AGP is DEAD. Your better off buying a very good motherboard with a mid-range PCI-E graphics card. Thats all I can say. Look its just this simple, if you prefer OCing more buy a very good motherboard with a kind of not so good video card under 250 like what you want, or if you prefer gaming more buy a very good PCI-E video card with a kind of not so good motherboard. You get me?

  11. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that's "Have A Very Happy New Years Guys"....


    Either that, or it's a "drunken stupor post". :P 'Tis the season, after all.



    Tis the season to be on OCC fa la-la-la-la-la-la-la-laaaaaaaaaaa


    HAPPY OCC NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT WOOT

  12. It's a great idea, but we've got members from EVERYWHERE. I mean Cali to New York is bad enough, but what about people from the UK or Australia? It becomes very difficult to get a decent turnout when most of the people involved will need to drive 10 hours or more (or cross an ocean :P)


    Yeah that is true like for our good old buddy hardnrg

  13. Don't you guys think it would be nice if we could set up some kind of convention get together and all meet up and a specific location and greet and meet eachother. I think that would be so cool because we could talk about our favorite thing and that is computers, and get to know eachother more. But I think it would be wierd meeting some person that has been helping you and talking to on the forums here. I know it might never happen its just something that came across my mind, and just sounded cool and exciting.

  14. i had this happen on an old gigabyte, i was trying to get a hsf on and the screwdriver slipped and busted off a itty bitty chip (resistor i think). it made my old 1900+ run at 1.1ghz and also cause the 20 pin plastic atx plug to turn brown around some of the the pins after a few months of use like that. so you might want to check your board like capthowdy said as this technically could be a problem also.



    hmmmm well I got the voltage on 1.46V at load and it seems to get very hot. The time when it melted the 4-Pin power connector was when it was running at 1.51V at full load. Would you guys like to see a picture of the melted 4-PIN connector if I still have it?

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