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  1. Hey after doing some hard research on google and other certain websites I came in conlusion that I can remove the IHS from LGA775 processors. After looking at Hardnrg's AMD IHS removal guide before and after temperature results I came in conclusion to do it myself since there is a good temperature decrease. I know this will probaly be very hard and risky due to the fact that part of the processors IHS is soldered on. This is exactly why I will test it on a celly first and if succesful, then my Core 2 Duo. I will be doing this tommorow when I am more awake, so stay updated for pics and info. :thumbs-up:

  2. wow it crapped out on me at 13 hours and 27 minutes. So i had to go back now. I have tried everything to stabilize it at this OC and nothing works. I don't know what to do now. :closedeyes:



    I have tried all kinds of timings, added more voltage to the NB, CPU, RAM, and still nothing.I made sure my PCI clocks are right too. I even made the RAM run slower than the clockspeed at a 6:5 ratio because it soon became unstable at a 1:1 ratio. But I guess I have failed. Any ideas on what to do?

  3. yea i would love to have it but it would cost about 250 or 260 to get it from that store price including shipping.



    But I highly doubt your going to find a very good quality PSU in that price range for the things your wanting to use it for. Like the 8800's those things are freakin power drinkers. Although you probaly already know this if you get that DFI crossfire board you can't get those DX10 cards like what you want or that 7950GTX. But nice choice of processor man!!!!!!!!

  4. ok it thought about it and is there anything else out there that can compare with this power supply for around $210.00



    But wouldn't you rather have that PSU? Its in your price range and from the looks of the review it looks like it peforms well. I mean come on look at the rails on that baby. Just ask unforgivin..........................

  5. Okay my familly and I previously had a 2006 Chrysler Town & Country LE. But it was stolen like a few months ago. And now like 3 days ago my family and I bought a new minivan, it's a 2007 Nissan Quest SE Fully Loaded. OMG I LOVE IT this thing is absolutely gorgeous. But living in this New York area things tend to get stolen here easily like our previous minivan did. Is there any other ways to protect it from getting stolen like some tips and tricks. So far a security camera with day/night vision has been added to my house, we bought a brake lock, and we bought a steering wheel lock too. And yes it does have a really loud Anti-Auto Theft Alarm, although people still tend to get threw that. Is there any other things we can do to prevent it from getting stolen. Oh yeah and we will be either signing up for "Lo Jack" or "OnStar" maybe. Any suggetions guys or any tips and tricks?




    BTW: I also heard that when you park your car, leaving the tires turned left or right while parked will give people a harder time to steal it and possibly prevent it, is this true?

  6. Vista is NOT worth it right now. especially the media center craptions having all the screwed up proplems they have right now. Drivers are still a problem... which annoyes me to no end considering what I was doing when I worked for MS. it's like all that work we did was for nothing :(


    :withstupid: These are one of the problems I faced myself. MCE for Vista is slow and it has very bad driver issues and support especially for my TV Tuner, which did work with the MCE for XP.

  7. Well here is one of the screenshots of my Celly. Pretty decent OC if you ask me, it's stable running Orthos for 48 hours on priority 10. I'm using cheap Kingston Value RAM, so I am kind of amazed to see this OC. I will have a picture of Orthos running for 14+ hours on here soon, as well as a picture of my Core 2 E6300 OC.

    Here is the picture I promised:



  8. I started "working" at 12... And that was mowing lawns... then at 14 I started work at the Military Golf Course, and guess what, I found jobs ALL OVER the place in a dead city...


    now if you can't find jobs in NYC...



    I know I can find one easily but my dad already set the rules that it has to be close to home, don't know why but that is what he said..........

  9. Thanks for the words guys!!


    I am just going to put this thing together for starters, been a long time since I messed around with the insides of computers (not since highschool 10 years ago) so it will be a learning curve in itself.


    However the more I read, it appears that the E6600 can be pushed a lot faster than it comes out of the box. Can someone please point me in the direction of some very BASIC steps to overclocking please??? (remember newbie here)


    The info on these forums is quite interesting but a lot of it is in gobblygook language to me. Where do I go to get my traning wheels??



    Well just to let you know that E6600 you got makes you a lucky man cause of its outrageous overclocking abilities. Just look at our member cokeman, he has a very decent overclock on his. Why don't you ask him for the basics on how to get the best of your E6600.

  10. x6800 ES @ 3.9ghz

    q6700 @ 3.2ghz

    both don't seem to get too hot either. low 50's on stock coolers.




    HMMM sounds wrong if you ask me cause I am kind of surpised you would even hit 3.9GHZ on that Intel Bad AXE. Cause I had a bad axe and the OCing on it sucks butt and you still really didnt get high OC with it. Please tell me how you did that :rolleyes:


    BTw: I am running an E6300 so that might be the reason

  11. I will have my celly and allendale posted on here just as soon as I do another orthos run and other stuff.




    Celeron D 346 3.06 GHZ @ 3.806.2 GHZ (PRESCOTT) 1.48V



    Core 2 Duo E6300 1.86 GHZ @ 3.2 GHZ (ALLENDALE) 1.55V





    Will have screenies posted up by later today or tommorow



    Both are running on water!


    NO FAIR my clock is almost like ziggys and I have to keep my voltage at 1.55V for it to stay stable and his is only at 1.376V, whats up with that?

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