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  1. My power supply crapped out on me again after setting the voltage to 1.56Vcore. Now I have to buy a whole new freaking power supply again. Here is my choices on what I want and only want:









    Tell me which one you think would be more stable and better to get cause everytime I set the voltage to 1.56V on these crappy PSU's all I get is an in-rush current and it burns up my +12V ATX Connector :angry2:

  2. That is the WORST mentality to have...


    As Kash has stated just because your on a certain side doesn't mean you have to vote for a certain person.

    *just a warning if you truly belive what you wrote to be true then fine, this is just a rant and dont take it as if im harassing you*


    I don't mean any direct disrespect to you Queenz, but people who base their decisions on their upbringings are idiots in my opinion.


    Remember there is no need to say and do whatever everyone else is because its cool, you are a human and you have every and any right to think whatever you want.

    The majority of my very close personal friends are liberals and I hate them for that and they hate me for being a conservative, but I make dang well sure that when they say stupid ignorant "closed-minded" liberal things that they here what I have to say on the matter...


    I wouldn't care if every person in my entire state was liberal and I was beat-up, hospitalized, jailed, had stuff stolen, or had stuff vandalized im still going to voice my true opinions no matter who agrees with it or not, SUCH AS RIGHT NOW. <_<


    A lot of people (teens and young adults) now a days are so "LEFT" its not even funny, WHY you might ask?


    Liberal teachings in schools, MTV (any other "HIP" thing on TV), and Hippy parents...


    Well its mostly because of these reasons I choose Hilary:


    #1 She is against the war is Iraq

    This is a big one for me because I am so freakin tired of hearing all this stuff about people dieing and stuff about the Iraq war on television everyday. I swear if I hear it one more thing mentioned about this, and I will rip my hair out.


    #2 My family has been with democrats since like the freakin dawn of time lol


    #3 It would be good to finally see a woman in office for once to show that women can do very good things in our world and for our country. I am not a woman but I do believe this.






    But you know I am not that mature enough to say which one is best and which one isn't cause I am only 16. I can't politically choose the Candidates apart which one is best and which one isn't like how all you guys can that are older than me especially the most political guy on here, Lo.

  3. I could really care less who gets elected president i mean this country is all ready ran by some moron.were already at war with someone that is so poor that they dont even have a real army.



    :withstupid: I know were like fighting the people as opposed to fighting a real true Army

  4. I will probaly be looking into 1 Killowatt PSU'S for a crossfire setup on my current configuration. Nowadays setups with C2D's and higher end video card need atleast 600 or more at the most if you plan to OC. It's just having a 1 kilowatt will probaly consume alot more electricty because I have an air conditioner that has the same amount of watts and boy does it run up the electric bill every summer.


    Was thinking about this one:



  5. Well, I seem to only be having one small problem at the moment. The RAM's SPD settings are being detected as 2.5-3-3-8 as opposed to the 2-3-3-6 that was listed on NewEgg. I know NewEgg has had items' specs wrong before, but I even went to the manufacturers' web site to verify the timings. I'll mess with it some more tomorrow, but at 2.7V the memory just will not post at CAS 2.



    It's because the motherboard sets it to the settings that it thinks is suitable for the RAM, it's most likely that the settings in the bios are set to "Auto" thats why. Change the settings from "Auto" to "Manual", and then choose what timings you want the RAM to run at yourself. This is usually found in the "Advanced Chipset Features" category in the BIOS.

  6. I wouldn't say I'm a big fan, but I like some of their songs, and I did see them in concert when they came to Cornell.


    EDIT: Queenz, maybe pay attention to the forum category stuff is posted in next time.



    UMMM I wasn't even in the forums section to see which category it was posted in, I was on the OCC Main Page and saw it on the Lastest Forum Topics DUHH :rolleyes:

  7. How come on OCCT 1/2 Test I failed on my OC, but running Orthos for 24 Hours on Priority 10 a week ago I passed?




    BTW: If OCCT tests your OC better than Orthos then I would recommend to others that have only been using Orthos or Prime 95 to switch to OCCT instead for checking for true stability, and that goes for people too that have been showing OCing results in the LGA 775 Overclocking Competition because yours may not even be fully stable at all!!!

  8. Yea so I'm planning on building a new comp with my tax return, well at least it will pay for some of it. so I'm looking around and I'm gonna use an e6600 cpu on the Asus P5N-E SLI mobo, and for now one 8800GTS maybe another one later on. So I'm wondering what you guys would recommend I get, I am working on a budget here so I really don't want to go over $150 for the PSU and cheaper is always better but at the same point I don't want complete crap. And If any of you have any other recommendation as far as the other parts go I'm all ears. Also, so you know, I don't really plan on OC'ing this at least not for a little while. Thanks for any and all help you can give me.



    Okay I found two that you might be interested in. They both have Quad Rails which is very good and both powerful enough to power SLI:



    Here is one but its $10 over which isn't so bad for the name and price and specs:





    Here is the one at your price that you want, and not to mention it's OcZ:


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