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  1. Ok, I have a copy of Vista Home Premium full version.. The thing is, i am not sure I want to install it just yet.. I should be building a new computer within the next few months.. a new A64 rig.. If i did install it now, could I transfer it somehow to my new rig? Should I upgrade now or not?


    If you are wanting to test drive it and see how Vista is and what it has to offer your self, then I say yes. Just set it up as Dual Boot. Otherwise no because Vista still has some terrible driver support, and still needs some fixes here and there, and some of the bugs need to be worked out. I say give it about 6 months to a year or so. Just stick with XP as your main OS right now.

  2. we'll need a LOT more info than that.

    it's like asking how to install a cdrom in a computer with no more info.


    Like I am wondering how do you hook up the navigation to the A/V Jacks to a DVD/Video System that is already installed in a van so that it could be viewed on the screen without having to go and purchase the LCD screen, and how to install it. It's just a project that I was thinking of and I am wondering if any of you guys know how to do it?

  3. Right now 3.15 with 1.35V, but stability is unknown, 2.9 was the last "stability check" I've got the RAM running 1:1 so @ 350 and stock timmings (DDR2-800 G.Skill NQ) so that's not an issue :)


    The board I'm using was a good friend's "old" ASUS P5B-E (he had MASSIVE problems (not related to OCing at all), I'm only having minor ones (again OC is going good)


    While I don't HATE it I think I'll continue to pass on ASUS boards...the deal I got on it with the ram however was just a little too good to passup :lol:


    Now for some rough stability testing :)


    :thumbs-up: NOW THATS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT :thumbs-up:

  4. If you don't like the boot screen you can change it with this program or compelety turn off the boot screen.

    hxxp://www.tweakvista.com/Article39064.aspx Vista Boot Logo Generator (only works for 32-bit for now)

    hxxp://www.tweakvista.com/article38970.aspx Hides Vista Boot Screen



    No I don't think it's ugly, it's just I am wondering why in the heck would it not say Windows Vista on the boot screen like almost every other operating system before it.

  5. Yeah...he should have said Birthday present :lol:...then again...it's open for a motherboard 2 weeks from now as he left it...or 2 months based on the Christmas time table :lol:


    btw 2.7 now...humm back to OCage :lol:



    Good OC so far man :thumbs-up: But lets see some 3 Ghz action. I heard of people being able to hit 3.4 Ghz easily on the E4300

  6. If by give it a "try" you ment to say "fry"...go ahead...


    EDIT: Wait a min..he said Christmas present? The E4300 was released late January...looks like someone cares :lol:


    Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a E4300 to OC myself hehe the 2.5 it's at atm is not nearly enough :)



    yeah christmas present because he wasn't even able to get me a present that I wanted during Christmas. So this is more like my Christmas/Birthday present because my birthday is in less than 2 weeks. YAY I will be 17.

  7. Today I came home from picking up something at school and couldn't help but notice to see a Core 2 Duo box sitting on my kitchen table from the mail thing. At first I thought it was my C2D E6300 box, and that someone took it out. But I turned it over and it said Core 2 Duo E4300. Oh my I got so happy. I called and asked my dad who did it belong to, and he said he got it for me as a christmas present. Now I am here all alone at home stuck with this thing. I want to use it real bad right now and do some OC's. I have an ABIT AG8 motherboard from my Celly, but it doesn't support Core 2 Duo. Although I have heard of some people actually being able to use the E4300 on non supported boards with sticks of DDR400 without needing a BIOS update due to its 800 MHz bus. What I don't understand is how could the Voltage Regulator work with it. Oh well I guess I can give it a try right?

  8. But for some reason how come Windows Vista still lacks a boot screen. It doesn't even say Windows Vista Ultimate at all! All it has is the stupic little green bar moving at the boot screen. I am using the RTM version and it still doesn't have crap.

  9. Just wondering when is Intel planning to make a new socket and cancel the making of LGA775 motherboards and processors. From the looks of the news, and rumors going around it looks as though LGA775 is going to last this year without a doubt due to the release of the Bearlake chipsets, the budget C2D's coming, and not to mention Penryn cores too. But anyways does anyone know?

  10. What is bad is its your word against the cops, who is the judge going to believe? Unless its like around the Houston area there are cameras on all the stop light poles. I guess that is what they use them for?

    :withstupid: It's just like school, if a teacher in school says you did something bad when you know you didn't, and you tell the principle or who ever is in charge obviously they would believe the teacher over the student which is you. So like he said, it's your word against the cops unless you have some kind of proof on camera or whatever that you didn't do it, otherwise don't even bother going to court about it.

  11. Well, i heard the XEON has higher quality silicone, so it has a higher heat capacity.


    i'll check out the regular intel's though.


    overall my budgets going to be about $900, including the processor, but i dont want to necesarily just spend the most i can, but i do want it to be good for gaming and all.


    How fast should the RAM i get be?i currently have a gig of Corsair 333mhz RAM.

    Overall, I'll be using the computer for gaming and graphic arts.



    Well you probaly most definatly will have to move to DDR2 with the kind of setup your wanting

  12. Both of you sit down and listen, while Core 2 is fast, it is great and it is an excelent way to go, the extra $30 or so in CPU cost (I'm assuming 3800+ X2), extra $100-200 ram cost for the DDR2 move, and additional motherboard cost makes it a very BAD idea for most in such a situation forcing him into the crap land of 7300/x1300 cards willmake any system suck for gaming :-\ Core 2 or not.


    HOWEVER looking at his profile and seeing that he has NOTHING from a previous socket to really bring to the build, Core 2 really IS the way to go for performance. At least there WILL be a little more future in the 775 socket and assuming the software changes take place quad core will be an option to further your fun later on. 939...What you see is what you get, yesterday's hardware with no real future for performance. AM2...see 939, give it DDR2. When you have to buy all the parts anyway the extra money on the CPU and motherboard WILL be worth it in the long run. maybe just buy an older used x800xl (aka the one listed 4 sale in my sig) or something else "lower" on the scale that's capable to hold you until a littlee more cash comes in and then get a high end card.


    Upping the video card later because it under performs is one hell of alot easier than swapping platforms.



    Although I do understand why you would be taking his side on getting an AMD setup because from your sig it looks as though you are an AMD fanboy <_<

  13. I have decided to get an AMD Athlon 64 3800+ so i can get a better graphics card and motherboard and still have some spare money



    No no no your doing this wrong, didn't we just tell you not to get an AMD. I understand your trying to get a better graphics card and motherboard, but trust me you will regret not choosing to get a C2D. And what is the point in having a good motherboard for that setup when you can have a good motherboard with a C2D setup that will give you some extreme OC's. Don't waste your money like that because C2D is the way to go. But if you do decide to do that then it is your lost.

  14. You burned out a GXS 700w by setting it to 1.56v????? First off you should be able to RMA the psu and second off unless it was just a faulty psu Id look at other culprits such as the mobo. Ive had over 1.7vcore w/ my GXS 700w and had zero issues.



    I am not talking about the PSU on my C2D RIG, I am talking about the crappy Rosewill PSU on my budget RIG.

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