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  1. I remember starting a thread about this. The first mistake you made was trying to cut the ihs off. I know of some people removing it by using heat from a stove and it just popping off straight like that although that technique is very risky anyways...........



    BTW nice job on murdering it :thumbs-up:

  2. Hey guys I haven't been on OCC in a while. Just been too busy painting my whole house and getting schoolwork done. I bet you guys have been missing my poor english :lol: Anyways I am currently going to be upgrading my budget system. Here is my current setup:


    Antec Super Lanboy Case (I will be keeping that in my new upgrade)


    Intel Celeron D 346 3.06 GHz


    Abit AG8 Socket 775 Motherboard


    512 MB of PC3200 Kingston RAM


    Thermaltake 600 WATT Power Supply (I will be keeping that in my new upgrade)


    Custom Water Cooling setup (I will be keeping that in my new upgrade)


    ATI Radeon 9250 256 MB


    Seagate Barracuda 80 GB PATA Harddrive


    Memorex DVD-RW Drive (I will be keeping that in my new upgrade)



    Okay for my new budget setup my budget is $400 or less. Ofcoarse it will be a core 2 setup with a highend motherboard, cheap RAM for the moment,and a mid range video card. I sold my E4300 for a favor so I will probaly want another one. But don't worry about the harddrive because my cousin is giving me one of his raptors for free. Any suggestions? This is what I have in mind so far:



    Gigabyte 965P DS3 775 ATX Motherboard $134.99


    Intel Core 2 Duo E4300 $162.99


    Buffalo 512MB PC5300 DDR2 Value Select Memory $34.99


    PNY PCI-E 7300GT Video Card 64.99



    So what do you guys think? Right now Video card and RAM isn't really important.

  3. I know I know guys but I am just following what he asked, and that is to have the best I could find out there and the most costly. The guy doesn't really know alot about computers which pretty much tells why the situation is like this. But he does do alot of hardcore gaming like with fear, wow, and others. I probaly will even end up OCing it for him if I explain to him what OCing is and how it benifits. Right now I think he is currently using a amd setup with a geforce 7600GT

  4. Well my friend wants the best setup ever. He said he doesn't give a crap how much it costs or what it needs and just wants it to have the best hardware it can possibly have to the extreme. May I not mention that this sucker is filthy rich. So here is the setup I got in mind:















    Power Supply:




    Video Card (He wants this is SLI):






    As for the Water Cooling System, DVD drives, Harddrives, Monitor, keyboard, Mouse, and case I will think of later just not right now. But please tell me how good would this setup peform. I have never did a system for no one else but my self before, atleast as far as I can remember or w/e. Anyways tell me what you guys think. And remember price doesn't matter

  5. I stuck my 8 GB memory stick pro duo in my reader/writer and used it on windows readyboost and opened some selected applications and still saw no difference in the speed of it opening with or without the readyboost. Just to simplify it for you "WINDOWS READY BOOST IS A WASTE AND DOESN'T WORK AS GOOD AS MICROSOFT SAID IT WOULD". Your better off getting more RAM for the price you will pay for a 4GB Flashdrive.

  6. Get a job, get a little more money, and put in a CD, so you'll have to wait to pull it out. When the time limit is up and you've been putting more and more money in with automatically collected interest, you'll be glad one day when you need to pay all the bills but can't with your months pay, and have that money there as a backup.



    What do you mean put in a CD? Someone please explain to me what that means, and how will it make me save money? :unsure:

  7. I got $300 for my birthday the other day and couldn't think of what to get with it. I would like to save it but I know I will eventually end up blowing it on stuff I don't want. Here is what I have on my mind what I should get. Please feel free to give me any suggestions to get other things out there for $300 or less. Please no computer hardware because I am satisfied with what I got already got maybe.



    Here is what I want to do with it:


    1. Take a buy my girlfriend some stuff from the mall. (Probaly will end up spending 100 or less)


    2. Buy a Sony PSP Entertainment or Core Pack (A little expensive for my tasting)


    3. Buy myself some new shoes and clothes (Probaly will end up buying).


    4. Buy an Ipod Nano 2 GB (I only want it a little not too much cause I never had an Ipod before :/)


    5. Maybe, just maybe a video card but I really can't decide


    6. Any other cool things out there you guys would reccommend.

  8. No Paste=BAD, you absolutely need paste. I tried to skimp out without using paste on a Presshot and it wouldn't even get into windows :( Thermal Paste makes a big difference. A jump from cheap stuff to the good stuff can be 3-5c!


    And I'm not understanding you here, aluminum is a MASSIVE heat conductor/transferer, plexi glass inhibits heat



    :withstupid: And who says water cooling is only about looks and not peformance!! I would love to meet the clown who said that. <_<

  9. Ok, another first timer here with self taught limited knowledge. How do I (and is it worth it to) overclock my CPU... here are some specs:


    Intel Celeron D 356 3.33GHz CPU w/533 MHz FSB (Socket 775) [New in box... I know, voids the warranty]

    PCChips P23G mobo w/1066 MHz FSB, VIA P4M800Pro/8237R Chipset, up to 2GHz DDR2 and 2Ghz DDR (4 slots total) and supports all Intel CPU including DuoCore [New in box]


    I plan on running my CPU fan [used but good] as well as 2 case fans [one older pulled from a one year old Dell that got struck with lightening...still functions properly, another new in box with variable speed and thermostat to be placed on top of CPU]. I do eventually plan on purchasing a DuoCore CPU, just don't have the cash right now and the Celeron D came with the mobo. What is the potential for this CPU without burning it up... I believe Celerons can be a little more unstable when overclocked. Your help is greatly appreciated!



    Well first of all you can start learning what to do by reading the OCing guide here on the website. Second I have a Celeron D and was able to clock it from 3.06GHz at 4 GHz stable, it was worth it a little bit. But if you ask me there isn't really any point of OCing a Celeron unless it's for fun. You won't really notice a difference in speed until you at least do a 400 to 500 MHz OC. The reason is due to its 256K cache. Compared to the P4's, PD's, C2D's you really notice a big peformance increase when OCing. I have had a motherboard similar to the one you have right now and those Via chipsets can't really OC for crap. The most you could do on that board is about a 400 MHz OC landing you in the 3.7 GHz to 3.8 GHz area, and anything pass that will probaly cause it to crash. And most chips usually get burned up cause to much voltage is applied and you don't have the proper cooling for it causing it to burn up. And not to flame or anything but I wouldn't even bother putting a Core 2 in the motherboard, it's just not worth it.

  10. 1.66v????? on a 90nm core???? On a prescott based CPU ???? tantrum.gif


    Lol, what kind of temps are you getting? generally, 1.6v is the max on 90nm/pressies, mine was burning up at 1.5v :O 43c is idle right? There is absolutely no way your getting that as load :P



    Well actually it runs 38 Idle, and 49 load at the MAX voltage of 1.73V thanks to some pump mods on my watercooling system, and some lapping.

  11. You probably need to up the voltage some more to make it stable. That or downclock it.


    :closedeyes: I obviously thought of that a long time ago. But that isn't the problem in this situation. Besides I already have it running and 1.66V just to get it this high, and I already tried the boards max voltage which is 1.73V. But really if it wasn't for water cooling I couldn't even be running at these voltages right now. :thumbs-up:



    Oh yeah guys I think I fixed it maybe. Now that I fixed the PCI-E Frequency Orthos has been running stable for about 2 Hours already. Yay I got 22 more hours to go then I will raise the clock even higher. I am hoping I will max out everything on the board lol :bah:

  12. Well I have never gotten this red screen on Orthos before with my previous OC's. Could anyone tell me what is causing the error in Orthos on my OC. And how I could make my OC stable to past Orthos. Sometimes when I am running Orthos on my OC, I get the blue screen of death about ati something, I don't know. Here is a screenie of everything:




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