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  1. Okay the carpets in my van have got real ditry since the almost past 6 months I had it. I tried spot cleaning, but nothing really works. So last saturday I borrowed my mom's Bisselle deep cleaner using the car tool and still I get a crappy job. So I been looking into renting a commercial deep cleaner such as a rug doctor. Has anyone had any experiences with these and would the handtool get the job done right? I keep telling my mom to stop buying those stupid retail machines because all they do is just cause my back to go out, and don't do the job right. I do figure commmercial will out peform a household machine. What do you guys think?

  2. Ok i am upgrading from my current monitor and looking into a this is what the LCDmonitor must have:



    Both a DVI and VGA connector

    Must accept a VGA to Component cable


    between 17 and 19 inches


    Please help me choose and find the right kind of monitor. I really need the most cheapest pice tag you can find with the stuff above

  3. Ok I have a problem. I bought a male VGA to Male Component adapter. Unfortunately I forgot that my nintendo wii needs a female component in to go in to. So now I pretty much don't know what to do. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do. Would a RF modulator switch work. If so can I find one with a component in and component output. I dont have no DVD player that even has a component input. Its only output.

  4. Well lets see,

    since you have not been here.

    Posts are up 25%

    5 reviews posted a week.

    Membership up about 6000 since January.

    Anything else?

    Welcome Back.

    EDIT: I also forgot we has 19,604 at one time on the forums July 5, 2007




    Thannks for the update man, I did not know all of this was going on :blink:

  5. I got a new setup in mind to replace my current setup because I gave my motherboard, processor, ram, and harddrive to my brother. Here is what I got in mind:



    Abit Fatality F-I90HD (I'm really liking the HDMI connector on the rear I/O)

    Corsair XMS2 2GB DDR2

    Intel Core 2 Duo E6320

    Western Digital Caviar SE 200GB SATA Hardrive


    So wht do you guys think?

  6. I didn't know what a Quest was... I did a quick Google Image Search... and I'm not joking when I say,


    It's a hearse, dude! :lol:





    lol the dealership was even nice enough to throw a dead body in with it but yeah here is a little graph I made to show you:




  7. Just recently I went to pick up a box of forks over at the factory district in brooklyn with my 2007 Nissan Quest. The reason I went there to buy a simple box of forks is because they sale them wholesale and very cheap there. But anyways as I was backing out of the factory, this guy accelerates forwad into the back end of my quest and smashes the trunk and bumper in. You can pretty much say everything is screwed on the back end, except the tail lights. OMG I was so pissed that I felt like smashing my head into the rest of the van because I vehicle has never been into an accident. The rear sonar system is completely screwed too. The beep sound is solid now everytime I back up. Then when the police came to the scene of the accident, the report was written out and the guy was declared resposible for it and everything. So yeah I went to my parents insurance company with them to give them the police report after recieving it from the presinct. They told me I would have to wait almost two months to get an estimate to find out how much it will cost to repair the damage. I'm just glad the guy's insurance company has to pay for it. But then again my freaking quest will never be the same again :angry2: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Man sorry I been out for a very long time guys. I was busy with finals and regents stuff since school ended not to long ago. Then traveled to Ohio to visit some family there. When I got back I helped my mom paint the whole house. Pretty soon we will be ripping up the current floor and put a new one in. But anyway whats been up with you guys? Whats been going on in the computer world since I been gone. I did see something in an ad aout Pentium Dual Core processors..... Hmm thought the Pentium production line was done :unsure: I missed you people alot and hopefully you havent forgot me and my crazy threads :lol: if some of you know what I mean

  9. Okay I am going to buy a sidekick 2 from this electronics store since its real cheap. The phone comes with a SIM card already but that is only for if you are putting a plan on the phone. Unfortuatly I can only do prepaid, lets not get into that. I am wondering if I put my Prepaid T-Mobile Sim card in my T-Mobile Sidekick 2 will it work? I tried googling it but nothing really came up about this question I have. Can someone please help me here.

  10. sounds like you might have just knocked the exhaust pipe from it's brackets or something... have you looked underneath?


    you might have a hole in the cat or something if they say it needs replacing... but you can fix it with some stuff to patch up holes in exhausts... like peanut butter


    if your van sounds like it has a coffee can exhaust, it's more likely to be a hole... if it's rattling, then i'd check the brackets... either way, you wanna look underneath for any signs of damage or looseness...


    don't forget... Jif extra crunchy is best :D



    lol it seems as though this peanut butter joke will never die down lol. Hopefully over this weekend I can put it up on the jack and see whats wrong myself.


    btw I will be trying the peanut butter if nothing else works B:)

  11. I got a 2007 Nissan Quest SE and I think something is wrong already. As you know these Quests sit pretty low to the ground. When I was coming out of the McDonalds Parking lot yesterday the slope to the McDonalds driveway goes down very low and when I went down it slowly when exiting it made a loud scrape sound from under. Since then my Quest has been making a loud vibrating and buzzing noise from under when I give the van more gas on the pedal. I took the van to Knappa and they said it was some sort of problem with the catalytic Converter and the exhaust and now it will require a new one. Is this true guys? This is really the most I can go into detail about it cause there isn't really much more I know what to say. Any suggestions guys? I want to know if this really could be the problem before I get this fixed by Knappa and costs me an arm and a leg.

  12. You lucky nerd :P I sure do wish I had a 60 inch. I'm stuck with a wall mounted 19 inch LCD for my computer and game consoles. Oh yeah and another thing your lucky you have all 3 freakin leakin game consoles I only have a wii :( Anyways thats a good deal. One of my dad's friends has the same exact tv and paid like $1600 for it i think.

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