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  1. crap store crap crap crap crap!!!!!!!!!!!!! All store prices were mostly retail value. Absolutely no good sales. The only time I managed to catch a sell was black friday 2 years ago and thats it. Like someone said above I only went there incase of an emergency like if I needed something right away. Ohh and dont even let me get started on the employes. I remember when I was asking about a power supply a few years back and ended selling me an AT powersupply for my ATX motherboard. At that time I didnt really no too much about computers and relied on these so called wannabe tech geeks at places just like compusa.

  2. My nissan car has HID bi xenon headlights but the problem is that i seen people with these headlights that release a beam of white light. Im tired of the headlights i have. I mean they peform good like if Im traveling in pennsylvania on my year around trips and stuff I can see pretty good at night like far back into the woods and prevents me from hitting deers and other forest friends. But the problem is that Im wanting ones that shoot white beams of light than my current ones which are yellow. If someone could please give me some info as to what to do or tell me where can I purchase a pair of these type of headlights that would be awesome. The high beams dont really matter cause I only use them when I'm alone on the road when its dirt black outside.

  3. I'm thinking about just using the money to get Super Mario Galaxy for my wii instead. It got a 9.5 out of a 10 on gamespot. It looks like a great game indeed and looks alot more promising than previous mario titles even though they were pretty awesome too. Anyone with a wii here thought about getting it?

  4. gamestop called my iphone telling me about assassins creed, weird thing was i never gave them my cell phone number nor pre-ordered the game. :lol:


    lmao what the heck if I were you I try and figure that out. Kind of creepy if you ask me. But then again now a days businesses get consumers numbers easily. I always have people calling my house from dell and i have never dealed with that company nor has my family in anyway ever.

  5. Assassin's Creed, Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, or Heavenly Sword. Time Crisis 4 comes out on the 20th if you like classic light gun games at arcade, but don't want to spend a dollar everytime you want to play.



    sounds good I'm going to have to look into time crisis 4. know any good time crisis trailer websites?

  6. Hey just picked myself up a 40 gig ps3 the other day at walmart. Does anyone know what game I should get cause i havnt bought any yet. And please don't suggest any other consoles that I should have gotten cuz i have them all now. Im just wanting to know is there any good ps3 games out there. I was thinking about getting guitar hero 3 legends or rock but the set is kind of expensive for me right now. But oh boy I cant wait for unreal tournemant 3 in Q1 of 08 :thumbs-up:

  7. I myself plan on building a new rig because I'm starting to get tired of my my current build. I think I might be going quad core or maybe just even wait for the penryn cores to come out in january but who knows. I still can't get over how high end memory now is practicaly dirt cheap. So that is just something I might be looking into after a few more weeks of saving my money from work. Oh yeah the job at work has been going very good if I do say so myself

  8. It makes me worry about finding a place to work next summer. I was planning on heading back to Micron but if this keeps up there's almost no way they'll be hiring many interns.

    I plan on buying some more ram anytime soon just as soon as I have some more money saved up from my job. I can't believe how cheap ram is getting nowadays. You can get a good overclocking name brand ram for very low prices. Now I can actually put some decent ram in my dads and moms computer for christmas. For my parents I always had to wait unit they sold those occasional no brand name budget ram for like 18 or 20 bucks for like 512mb or sometimes even 1 gb.

  9. It sounds like your using the overclock utility that came with your motherboard. Most all of those are useless. You need to learn how to overclock through the bios and what settings do what and how to change the settings and voltage. I would suggest reading some of the stickies or pinned topics in the overclocking section to get a basic idea and see what you can come up with. List all of you system hardware in your sig so we know what you have, PSU, memory, etc.

    Yeah verran what kind of power supply are you using maybe that might be contributing to why your computer keeps rebooting. I know you verran as a good overclocker so this is something I would suspect that isn't your fault. I hope your doing it from the bios because those programs that come with the motherboard suck monkey balls. I hate the ones from asus and espeacially abit

  10. you do realize that those are actually designed FOR the denali? they have wiring in the mirros... oh and the factory did install one to begin with.



    Yeah but the ones I purchased are aftermarket ones. They work with most vehicles made by ford, nissan, bmw, etc..............

  11. I just got a pair of turn signal LEDS for my vehicle that mount to my side view mirrors. Does anyone have a clue as to where I locate the wires so I can connect them to the wireless transmitter. I saw someone that had a Denali or something and saw how neat they look and decided to order them. So I am stuck here with them and need help. The intructions tell me how to install it but doesn't tell me where the relay wires or something are for the turn signals.

  12. I've tried everything to remove this certain dirty area part of my car carpet. I used the my mom's spin scub steam cleaning machine, I used almost every commercial carpet cleaning and stain removal out there such as Zep and resolve. I tried googling it and what everything everyone said is the same thing I already did. Does anyone have any home remedies or any products they know will work? I bet a auto detailing place could do it, but all the ones I been to charge an arm and a leg just to clean it, and that is just not something I am looking into doing at the moment. I even tried some oxy products and none of that as seen on tv crap works. All those bisselle and hoover cleaning solutions don't work. All it does is make the carpet attract more dirt. Can someone please help me?

  13. My dad needs a new in dash navigation for his 02 Mercedes ML500. It came factory installed with a navigation already, but turn by turn directions suck and one most important thing, the screen is too freaking small. It's only about 3.5'' or something. This is bad cause my father has terrible eyesight not good enough to see it, and the position of the screen isn't good. I tried to talk my dad into getting external navigation, but he wants it with a clean natural look, so that it will be hooked up to the car speakers. He doesn't want to spend anything above $1000. Can someone please help me pick a nice one with features or recommend anything?

  14. Hey has any of you ever admired that showroom paint job on your car, then you walk to the back and all of a sudden your thoughts change because of that rusty corroded tail pipe on your muffler. Well thats how I felt when I was looking at my vehicle. Allthough my Quest is an 07, it did suffer alot of corrosion and rust on the tail pipe from the rainy days we been having, to the bad wintery snow storms we got last winter, and the tons of salt they pour on the road for the snow, and some occasional condensation. Well I put together a guide to show you how to turn your tailpipe back to its original factory look. This job should take no longer and 20-25 minutes depending on how bad its rusted.


    Here are some of the things you will need:


    A couple pieces of 80 grit sandpaper= $2.97

    One 1000 grit or above sandpaper= $2.97

    A bottle of metal/chrome polish(Brasso, Turtle Wax) any one is fine= $2.99

    A micro fiber cloth= $1.89

    a little elbow grease= priceless


    Step 1: Start by taking your microfiber cloth and metal/chrome polish(I used Brasso) and gently squeez a little amount onto your microfiber cloth. Next, start by rubbing the polish on the tailpipe in clockwise motions pressing a little hard onto the tailpipe. Then repeat in counterclockwise motions. This step is to loosen up the rust before you start your sanding. You may even already notice some is starting to come off.



    Step 2: Next take your 80 grit or less sand paper and start sanding all over the tailpipe in clockwise and counterclockwise motions until no more rust or corrosion is visisble. I do advise that you wear gloves when doing this cause you can get blisters and harmful chemicals on your hands.



    Step 3: Next take your 1000 grit sandpaper or aything above 1000 grit, and start sanding the sameway you did in Step 2 until the surface of the tailpipe is smooth.



    Step 4: You may now notice almost all signs of rust and corrosion are gone, but you are now left with tiny microscopic scratches, swirl marks, and maybe even some dullness. This is where Brasso comes in handy again. Start by rubbing some more brasso and rubbing it in clockwise and counterclockwise motions until scratches are no longer visible and all you are left with is a nice clean shine. Finally rub off any excess residue and polish with the other side of your microfiber cloth.



    Well there you have it!!!. A nice clean like new looking tailpipe just as it was when the day you bought it. But anyways like I told you in step one I found it more affective pre polishing the tailpipe with brasso before I even began any sanding. It was more effective in loosing up the rust. You may find it a little hard removing rust and corrosion from the tip of the tailpipe. I couldn't tell you guys how many of my friends went out and bought tailpipe covers for their cars just because they were dealing with rust problems that they didn't want to be seen, when they could have easily cleaned it up. So if you don't got the money to buy a tailpipe cover because your saving up for the new rig to go on computer desk in the bedroom, then follow and listen to this guide. It will save you some money, plus everything together costs no less than $11, you may even have some of this stuff laying around the house already. Anyways for anyone that follows this I hope you enjoy your like new looking muffler :thumbs-up: :thumbs-up: :thumbs-up: :thumbs-up: :thumbs-up:

  15. Get there on time, make sure you've had breakfast or lunch before your shift so you aren't working hungry, make sure you've had enough sleep the night before...


    The hardest thing about working in fast food is having the patience to deal with stupid and annoying people, and being alert enough to remember random lists of items... the actual job really comes down to patience, alertness and memory skills. There aren't really any real technical skills to learn.


    I worked at McD's for over a year on weekends and evenings to fund buying, maintaining and running my car while I was in high school. In hindsight, dealing with the idiot public was one of the best learning experiences of any job, and has proved useful in all my jobs since.


    Just in case you didn't get the message, the customers at fast food places are amongst the most stupid and annoying anywhere, it's like a concentrated area of retard. Stick with it, and learn to deal with it, just remember, you won't be working fast food forever, but it's gonna pay the bills for now ;)



    yeah it's the car insurance thats really taking a stab into my back thats why I need to work. And I don't have any pocket money to spend on some tech toys I occasionly see when I go out. Thats why this job is a must have for me no matter what I have to do. And its on the weekends only. This is great because I can concentrate on my studies mon-fri, since I'm a senior in high school then work on the weekends. Pretty good work schedule if I do say so myself :D

  16. Tommorow I start working at popeyes/burger king for the first time. Can someone please give me some tips on how I should approach it. I have never worked at fast food in my life and have no clue on what to do besides what to wear for uniform. I don't kknow how to make their food or anything. I need to make a good impression cause the manager said he was going to start me off on weekends and see how it goes from there. Please please please will someone help me!!!!! I am so nervous, I don't know what to do.

  17. I'm not sure about the upholstry attatchment, but a rug doctor got a stain out of my carpet that was being built up on for years (took tons of passes, but it got it). They're only about $30 to rent, so go ahead and nab one.

    Oh yea, don't forget the other stuff you have to buy -.-.



    What about the drying part? Did that dry and go fast

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