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  1. Ok I don't know what to choose between, either a E6750 or a Q6600. I just forgot about me needing a new power supply so I thought that extra $100 difference added with a little other money could go to a new power supply. Plus I know my video card I will be getting will be very power demanding along with ocing it and my cpu. I don't want to stick my parts in and screw them up with a a psu that won't even handle the stuff I throw at it. So what do you guys think I should do

  2. You already have 4 gigs of good ram...why would you replace it?

    I don't have 4 gigs of ram as a matter of fact I have no ram for my new setup. I wrote I have 4 gigs of ram cuz I was planning on buying 4 gigs for my new setup. That's why I made this thread to ask if the two pairs of 2 gigs of ram I was buying was worth it.

  3. uuughhhhh I don't know, just being this teacher's student makes me not like computers :glare: It not only his incorrect information but it is also his way of teaching. All he does is throw a book at us and do writing work writing work writing work, practically no hands on work which is something you do alot of in the comp rep world. Oh well to be honest I didn't really need this class. Most of the things we discuss in class is either old or I know it already. The only reason I took this class is to get the voucher from him at the end of the year to get the discount on the A+ test. The test cost 400 bucks to take but if I present myself with the voucher on the day of the test I pay like 163 bucks.

  4. I currently so far have a DFI blood iron board, and a C2 quad Q6600. I am in the need of some very decent ram but at an affordable price. Mainly since I overclock it will have to be some good peformance RAM. I picked out this ram tell me what you think of it and do you think it will get me far in my road to getting a good oc out of my new setup.


    Here it is at a very very good price if you ask me:



  5. I think during this whole thread were forgetting the guy said there is DDR4 and DDR5 system ram out there right now and he did not me video ram :lol:



    BTW I forgot to add he even mentions prices of these so called DDR4 and DDR5 ram. He mentioned how they range from a good 500 to about 1000 bucks

  6. z7shysterical.gif




    Anywho...if I was in your shoes, I'd take my SATA DVD-RW drive out of my computer and bring it into class, go up to him and ask "so what the <insert explitive> is this, numbnuts?" Then when he's all flabbergasted, I'd just walk out and go to the administrative office and tell them that the guy knows crap and demand a refund (if you paid for it) because you refuse to be taught by someone who knows less than you.



    Lol funny thing about that is that he is my teacher because I am taking this class at my High School. In order to graduate this year I need the credit in Comp Rep, and if I take this class I will get a discount on my comp rep A+ test in May at the comptia place to become A+ certified. He will be handing out the vouchers sometime soon I think.

  7. Something funny but still at the same got me pissed. Today my Comp Rep A+ teacher in my school was talking to us in class. He was discussing how we will be dealing with the real world and the type of people that we will be dealing with when people come in to have their computers serviced on after screwing them up. This is the part that got me mad, he said that most of the time it will be tech geeks like us here at OCC that will be bringing them in because we have no clue to as what we are doing and we always rely on comp rep tech people to come and clean up their crap after screwing something up. Oh my god seriously this guy is dumb and he does not have a clue about computers. Me and him got into an argument in class about their being SATA DVD/CD drives. He said there is no such thing and it does not exist and that there is only SATA HDD. This is the funny part, he said right now in the computer world we got DDR, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4 and even DDR5. I swere this guy sometimes has no clue as to what. I guess this is something you would expect from a guy that use to only know how to service type writers and I think xerox machines.

  8. To me I could really care less. I think blu ray dominates right now due to the fact that it comes standard on all PS3's and I think sony was really smart to do it like that. The public could care less about the specs. They have no clue as to what is what. They just buy stuff based on the price unless your the type of person that knows alot about multimedia and stuff like that. I mean heck you go buy a PS3 for gaming why not just have the future of watching movies too right? Xbox doesn't even have that with HDDVD yet and thats what sets sony and their blu ray disc far apart from the others.

  9. Yea, but you need to know EXACTLY what you're doing if you're screwing with those timings! I haven't had the courage to mess with them yet, most of them are things I've never heard of before, and google only returns other people with the exact same questions :ph34r:



    So I bet if you knew how to mess with those timings you could probaly get a better oc with your Q6600 rite. And let me guess there were some idiots out there that actually had the guts to mess with the timings right and screwed up their boards?

  10. The manual is .-wipe at best... Peanut Butter always helps, especially with overheating northbridges. Be sure to use some as your thermal compound, should be ace! Alright, now you bought it, but I'm telling you one thing BEFORE IT HAPPENS: Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT screw with the advanced memory timings, as you can most easily ***k up your memory like that! <_< On another note, do not update to the newest BIOS, it's a lot of bogus. Only includes microcode changes for Yorkfield/Wolfdale, but it also takes away the option of adjusting your NB voltages (that is, the option is there, but if you want your board to boot, do not ***k with it!).


    But won't I need to mess with the advanced memory timings if I plan on doing what I bought the board for and that is some extreme ocing

  11. Also check out the DFI Blood Iron. King has one and it appears to be a very sweet board. Reviewers out there have been hitting 450+ fsb speeds with ease so it's got some overclocking wiggle room.


    As a matter of fact I just purchased the blood iron. Seen some good reviews on it and decided to try it out. Just saw some problems with overheated northbridges but that's nothing I can't fix since I will definitly be running my water cooling setup. But king don't worry I think I will be able to handle the complicated bios settings with the help of my occ friends and the well organized manual that came with the blood iron board. And ofcoarse a little peanut butter

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