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  1. So back to that question above...what waterblock DO you have? bc no matter how good this stuff is if the block sucks the rest will suck.



    Ohh what does it matter what kind of block I have, I found out I can't use it anyways. My block has 1/4 fittings :P


    So ok I purchased already the Swiftech MCP655-B 12v DC Pump already. Care to recommend the radiator, cpu block, and cooling fan/s for the radiator? The tubing I will get from Xoxide they got them for like $1.99 ;)

  2. When looking for a pump the pressure and delivery head measured in feet and inches plays a big role in how well it will perform, that Eheim 1250 is 6' 6" and requires 110 volts. Take a look at these 12 volt pumps that will plug into your power supply, also what are you going to use for a cooling block?



    Well the cooling blocks I already have. I couldn't help but notice Verran's Opteron rig has the Eheim 1250

  3. Okay maybe over budget isn't that bad well here it goes:









    http://sharkacomputers.com/eh12cewapu31.html (317GPH :thumbs-up: )




    http://www.xoxide.com/thermaltake-aquabay-m3-reservoir.html (Save space cause fits nice in 5.25 bay)






    As for the fittings clamps and waterblocks I have a whole collection of them :lol: Just not sure about the fans for the radiator. I seen some case fans that put out about 133 CFM's but there too noisy for my liking.


    Everything comes out to about 150.49 and alot better than the gigabyte galaxy setup

  4. The current water cooling setup I have right now is pretty much no good, and with the ocing I'm wanting to do with my Q6600 I will need better. My budget is atleast $140 to $150 or less. I found a kit that sounds good enough to me, if you could recommend anything better please do tell:






    BTW please no air cooling recommendations B:)

  5. Ok I already got my mind set on the setup my cousin asked me to build him. I will oc it for him and everything. I just got one problem should I tell him to wait for the new 45nm quads and c2d's or should he just buy the current Q6600. He does alot and I mean alot of gaming. Is the wait for the new 45nm quads even worth it? He is a patient guy so he can handle it. I'm just wondering should he or should he not. I know about them setting the release date back but I'm just wondering when the new release date is. I guess if he waited he could focus on other things right now like getting a good video card, ram, and so on until the release of the 45nm cores come out.

  6. B:) I'm still waiting for the first service pack to finally be released for vista to see if any fixes to it will make the os any better. Vista doesn't run and work to great when you don't have a sufficient amount of RAM and a decent dual core CPU. Do you got a DX10 card?

  7. My mom's current refridgerator she had for about 20 years already and right now its time for a new refridgerator and me and my dad have been looking to finding a good deal on one. We been to lowes, home depot, sears, and best buy and well let me just tell you they are very over priced with their appliances. So my dad decided to purchase online instead just due to the fact that online retail is cheaper most of the time. Does anyone know of any websites that sell appliances real cheap? If you could help that would be much appreciated. Our budget is about $1200 for a side by side stainless steel refridgerator with ice despencer.

  8. :thumbs-up: :thumbs-up:

    You guys can count me in now:

    Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 (at stock but there will be some extreme ocing)

    DFI Infinity Blood Iron P35 Series

    2X 1GB Corsair XMS2 DDR2-800 PC6400

    Titan Bianca Water Cooling System

    Samsung DVD-RW SATA Drive

    ATI Radeon X1300 (lol this is just temporary until my HD3850 comes)

    WD 250GB SATA Drive

  9. IIRC, The 8-pin PCI-e connector(not the 8-pin EPS connector, right?) is only required on the 2900xt(or any flavor thereof that uses it) if you intend to use some software overclocking tool(ati overdrive, wasn't it?). The card will run just fine on two regular PCI-e power connectors. If you go with a 3850 or a 3870, that point is moot since both cards use a regular 6-pin PCI-e power connector. Since basically every card out now uses the regular 6-pin connector, you're safe with getting the Silencer 610.


    Well I got me a watercooling block that will be going on my future video card so I guess overheating won't be a prob B:)

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