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  1. Im currently running the x850xt pe 256mb graphics card but debating if i should slap a water block on it for overclocking. the block i have is the thermaltake Aquarius CL-W0038. the last card I had it on, fx 5950 ultra, ended up having some problems and might have be some what damaged. if I do put it on should I get some small memory heat sinks. basically im asking if i should keep the stock fan/heat sink on or if it is worth putting the block on it to oc it.
  2. thanks, I will pass this along to him. yea ment pc3200, doing 10 times at once here.
  3. Aight my friend recently was overclocking his AMD 64bit dual core yadayadayada 4200 939socket (obviously) and got it up to about 2.3ghz (around 5-10%) (dual core off) and was working fine. he brought the core clock up slowly from 200 to 228 and after a little bit his comp would shut down every 5 min or so (probably from heat) but now it will only last for 5-10 seconds before shutting down. he is positive all the bios settings are default but cant really run his comp anymore. he has a bfg mobo and a gig of pc2300. from the core clock at 224 to 228 is when he started getting problems and "everything went crazy" as he put it. Anyone have any ideas how to fix this, basically get his comp running again? I have a feeling he fried some stuff. thanks
  4. yea i downloaded that when I installed the drivers, I think im goin to keep it at default for awhile because it seems to lock up every time i oc it
  5. Just a quick question, how much could i overclock my x850xt PE that i just bought. stock its at 540/590 and about 35 degrees C idle. dont really plan on putting my gpu water block on it for a week or 2
  6. i donno if you have or havent seen windows in 2048x1536 but it is EXTREMELY hard to read anything, and im sure its the same with games
  7. if she knows anyone in the marines ask them about the hit that will cause the person to pass out, basically instantly lol, one of my friends taught me this and would be kinda hard to explain over the internet
  8. I would agree with clay, save up for a week or two to get at least a 19" CRT or save up for an 19" LCD. The best "budge" LCD is the NEC-Mitsubishi MultiSync 1970GX which is currently around $359, which might be a lot more than you are willing to pay for a monitor
  9. yea, you'll get a better experience with the 15-17" but if your going to buy a CRT you might as well put up a little more money to get a 19". I think you'll be a lot happier in the long run and it will be more orth your while. just my opinion. btw a 19" with be around $30-$40 more, which really isnt that much but i dont know what your budge looks like
  10. thanks crazy_dude, i just wanted another source that said the pe is worth it because i am actually just about to buy it!
  11. Is the platinum version of the x850xt worth the extra $60? i know the platinum is considered the best AGP card right now
  12. thanks IUMaestro, that helps a lot. i thinki saved myself several hundred dollars tonight!
  13. ah sorry ment to say chip, ok well basically i only know which AMD is better than the other by the numbers the description say. so would that chip be some what of a good investment that i could OC and use for about 2 years?
  14. im an intel kind of guy and really dont know what im looking at when i see AMD, but would the Athlon 64 X2 3800+ be an alright card to buy, what is the intel version of it??
  15. Aight for the past week i have been thinking about upgrading my video card to the XFX 7800GTX. I currently have the FX 5950 Ultra and its having some temperture issues running new release games like Need for Speed Most Wanted and ever AOE3. However all the new gen cards or PCIe (obviously) but i have a Skt 478 (P4) that doesnt support PCIe. Asus is the only company right now that has a skt 478 motherboard that supports PCIe, but have only found it at zipzoomfly, and has been out of stock for awhile now. Should i spead around $1000 for a new mother board for a P4 skt T 3.4GHZ (has a 3.0GHz skt 478 right now) and the 7800GTX or wait for prices to drop and maybe new hardware to come out? My system is about 2 years old right now.
  16. i actually noticed the problems after i updated the driver. not overclocking it right now so that shouldnt be a problem. i still get the temp warning even when the side panel of my case is off.
  17. if you wanna get a 7800GTX get the XFX, its not as expensive as the BFG OC one but has higher stock clock stats, and you get double lifetime warrently with XFX. XFX's card also had out performed the ATI X1800XT 512MB in all tests.
  18. I installed a liquid cooling system a few weeks ago (CPU+video card) and noticed some performance issues with my graphics card. Im currently running a geforce fx 5950 ultra 256mb. I just noticed random bursts of different colored pixels on my screen every few minutes. On touch, the curcuit board of the card was extremely hot and was around 70 degrees celius but the actually chip was pretty cool. Thinking it was the new water block i put the stock heat sink and fans back on but now my temperature warning will come on whenever i start a game and performace will be turned down atomatically, which sucks. So now i really dont know which would be better or if my card just sucks with new games or i somewhat fried it, or its somehow broken in a way. Let me know your thoughts on this. Thanks!
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