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    amd x2 3600+ processor
    1 gb or corsair value select ram
    dual xfx nvidia 7800 gt's
    400 gb western digital hardrive
    creative labs sound card
    asus vento 3600 case
    19" viewsonic lcd screen

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  1. hey guys when i start up guildwars like just at the login screen and in the game its like jumpy and like it flashes like a bar thing i dont kno what it is any ideas i reallly need help
  2. hey man how much did the gamepad cost u im thinking on getting one becuase need for speed most wanted is too hard without one.
  3. well it think the started of this topic is gone but if he shows back up i have the logitech x530 and they are awesome make my room shake when there up full tilt boogey so check those out
  4. i look on the drives but where do i find the last 2
  5. well like sometimes i will be in one of the loading screens and then just close out or other times at the end of a level and my specs are amd dual core 3600 1 gb or corsair value selct mem. 400 gb harddrive and windows xp 64 edition and dual core xfx 7800 gt's
  6. hey all my game keeps closing out on me and idea why this happens ive heard it might be my dual core processor
  7. hey all i am a new member and i have some problems with my new computer if i dosent show my specs already then ill fill them in in a bit well just saying hi
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