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    Cars ^_^ I <3 my FD3S and DC5<br />Also my "command center" full of colorful LED fans and UV reactive pci slots and all the shiney things kids these days like :)<br />And maybe even a little guitar shredding every now and then.


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    AMD Athlon 64 x2 Socket AM2+ 5600+
    MSI K9N2 Plat SLI
    2x Geforce 8800GTX SLI
    4gb Mushkin DDR2 800 5-5-5-12
    WD 500GB
  1. First off, Do you have a graphic card?
  2. Please Bosco, I love you, marry me!
  3. 200watt......thats a tad bit weak maybe?
  4. the guy said because my wires were stuck behind my cd drives it was shorting it out. Dosn't sound like he knew entirely what he was doing, espically since he put my front pannel pins on upside down Anyway my rigs running, apparantly there was some lenier overload to the cd drive, which for some reason wasnt letting it pass post. ...:noob couth at self...hard:
  5. Of course Heh, mine wont run with 2 sticks either, no clue if ill ever get it running at this point, <_< looking into RMA.
  6. lol yeah I've known him since like, 3rd grade or something
  7. Sounds like PSU problem IMO. Theres a slight possibility that it might be the CPU, I'd put the CPU back in and boot back up.
  8. Dude, 1 I didn't take it, my dad did because hes one of those people who are like "zzomgwtfbbq comp storez r 1337!!!!!1!!" He thinks they're going to do stuff that I couldn't do with other PCI-E cards, mobos, and cpus. 2, No, it was deffinetly not a magnitized screwdriver, I'm not that idiotic. The thing was basiclly wooden.
  9. Yeah, I've been testing my card with other motherboards and cpus and stuff. So far nothing works
  10. Yeah, Newegg. Someone also suggugested that it could be my ram because DFIs are notoriuosly picky
  11. Well its not the graphic card. Still didn't work with friends 6800gt. I'm looking at it possibly being the motherboard or the processer (I hope not, RMAing them would take a long time) <_< Oh well, I'll know by tomorrow evening.
  12. 1. unpluged power 2. set jumper from pins 1-2 to 2-3 3. pushed power 4. waited 10 minutes 5. set jumpers back to 1-2 6. plug power in and turned back on I'm thinking its the gpu tho, idk gonna try it after school.
  13. Good Job! Get a better digital camera. Or atleast turn the flash on and put your finger over it
  14. yeah its running a GeForce 5200 agp 8x. I have reset the cmos and tried the ram from this rig. Nothing <_<
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