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  1. Looks like you're right on the money, my CPU is 100% the whole time I'm playing. Guess its time for an upgrade.
  2. The game doesn't lockup, when this happens its like a sticky key. So I'll keep moving in the direction of the last input for about 5 seconds then I'm good to play for another 10 seconds and it does it again. Still awaiting my activation over on the Steam forum.
  3. This problem started about 2 weeks ago for no apparent reason. While playing TF2 and only TF2 my keyboard and mouse will simultaneously lockup and I'll get a beep from the PC Speaker as if I had mashed the keyboard. I've switched between using PS2 and USB and they both make no difference. I have since did a fresh install/format full virus scan/spyware scan of all my drives and came up with nothing. I have scoured multiple forums and Logitech Support. I have seen other threads about this issue but never any replies on a possible cause. Anyone know of what else to do? Oh and I've also swapped out different keyboards and mice, all Logitech and the problem still exists. Perhaps I'm posting this in the wrong place, Steam/TF2 forums here I come.
  4. I've had this Sony receiver for years now and just a while ago it started to cutout, like I'll be playing some music, gaming, etc and all of a sudden it'll just stop playing audio. In order for it to start playing again I have to tap it (lightly, its sensitive) and the audio comes back. When the audio comes back it makes a click sound, just like any receiver does when you turn it on. Is there any way to fix this problem or do I have to shell out 200 bucks for a new one? Thanks!
  5. Good ol' days? Not for me. Im still running a 2800+ @ 2500MHz on an Abit NF7-S Rev 2.0
  6. Now let me see some pics of that brown 70's Chevy truck back there, they are dang good trucks.
  7. I've used that option and it doesn't work
  8. When I want to record a TV show with my ATi Theater 550 Pro with any program be it VirtualDub, iuVCR, Windows Movie Maker, or even the Nero recording/dvd authoring package the audio is never in sync with the video, it doesn't matter if I record/encode it in realtime divx or uncompressed video and its getting very annoying. The only program that lets me record with dead on syncronization is Pinnacle Studio 9 (by using its stupid codec) which isn't really what I want to use because of its lack of options and newby like setup, I would use premiere but it doesn't want to recognize my capture card. Are there any solutions to my problem rather than just recording with Newby Studio 9? P.S. even the media center software that came with the card doesn't record with audio/video sync. Thanks!
  9. Xylicon

    C&c Generals

    That blowing up usually happens when 1 or more people in that game are using the same cd key. I know from experience and had to buy the game, but it was well worth it.
  10. Xylicon

    Bf2 Video Issue

    Ive done both and applied them
  11. Xylicon

    Bf2 Video Issue

    BF2 is fully updated and whatnot, and even if my video card can't handle AA/AF in b2f it should still run it with it enabled if i have set it to be enabled.
  12. Xylicon

    Bf2 Video Issue

    Okay I have a Radeon 9800 Pro with the latest Catalyst drivers installed and I currently have AA set at 4x and AF set at 4x like I always do and it works fine in all the games I play except BF2, BF2 just doesn't recognize that I have AA/AF on so the game looks like "shizzle" and I even messed with the in-game video settings for AA/AF and still nothing. No matter what I do AA/AF will not work in BF2, does anyone here know how I can resolve this issue? Thanks!
  13. bah, you can make a pretty good looking/performing reservoir out of some 3 dollar pvc pipe.
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