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  1. the extra warranty part was sarcasm (hence the smilie). I dunno... I just always bought retail. whether it was the case badge sticker you get or the HSF... dunno either way, the box is worth showing off if I can get this little beast to OC where I want i to
  2. I got mine retail from zipzoomfly just the other day. I like having the little extra warranty
  3. excellent! I was worried when I saw a 0545 instead of 0540 but from what you guys say, I'll open the package now and install this beast B:)
  4. I just upgraded from an A64 3200+ venice to my shiny new Opteron 148. The stepping is CAB2E 0545CPAW now, I've heard of the CAB2E line, but a 0545... and further more, a CPAW? with an 'A' no less! Has anyone heard of these OCing well? Hopefully up to 2.9 or beyond? EDIT-------------------- So exam week is over and now I can mess around with my system just put in the opteron with everything stock, running at 2.223ghz at 35C idle and 42 load. does this seem high to anyone else? especially at stock? shouldn't it be more like 30/38 or something. So i replaced the paste with some arctic silver (origional) and the temps went down 2C... meh, s'ok i guess. Ran Sandra and PCMark2005, scored where a 2.2ghz 64-bit chip should be compared to the others in Sandra, and got a 3591 on PCmark. So in about a couple hours, I'll update again with some OC tweaks
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