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  1. I asked same question in the official EA forum, a mod told me it I barely meet system requirements. I'd rather not repeat what I told him. Happy new year Nerm and all members :)


    EDIT, i have same problem with nfsu2 so EA maybe?



    TT Soprano | Asus P5GD1 | Enermax Noisetaker 600W | XP Media Center 2005 | Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM 300GB | P4 3.6 GHz | TT Beetle CPU Cooler | BFG 7800 GTX OC 256MB 505MHz 1.41GHz | Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS | 2GB PC3200 Crucial | Hauppauge TV/FM Radio Tuner | TT Hardcano 13

  2. A friend of mine was complaining his pc was running hot and was getting a lot of errors (not related to the heat) so he told me he "washed it" and sent me these pics, said he let it dry, mounted it back and was like new again. Possible or a joke?

  3. I had a very similar situation last month, I clicked on 'activate windows by phone' (or similar) I got a activation code on that same window, I think it was in this format ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ******

    When I got a rep on the phone (about 1 min wait) I gave that ^^ activation code and she gave me a new product key and I activated with no probs. I hope this helps you.

  4. Forgive me if im in the wrong place but...

    At 28 I was diagnosed with FAP, stage 3 colo-rectal cancer. I recently (last Friday got my 3rd surgery) still getting chemo-radiation (1 year already) havent been able to work in nearly 2 years due to my condition (very week bad memory & many side effects from the chemo, pain) I have worked for 15 years as a steel worker\supervisor for a well known construction company. I have almost all the work credits to retire right now if I had the age (but im only 30) and Social Security tells me I don

  5. Yes they are a bunch of ungrateful f*cks. And with the immigrants working for $2.00 an hour its getting harder to find a job here even with a degree.


    (I got back home yesterday after a short stay at the New York Presbyterian Hospital for my 3rd surgery diagnosed colon cancer) doing fine with the Vicodin :D

  6. doesnt xfx have a lifetime warranty?


    "Here's the deal: We will repair and service your 6-Series or 7-Series Graphics Card for as long as you own it. All you have to do is register the card with us online. And, should you sell or transfer the card, we'll honor the warranty for the card's second owner, too, as long as they register it with us online. You get protection AND the added value of being able to pass along a full warranty with the card should you sell or otherwise transfer it. Now that's a Double Lifetime Warranty!


    *Based on online registration. Warranty applies regardless of whether the card has been transferred or sold, or previously repaired or replaced by XFX"


    source xfxgraphics.com

  7. that isnt the full version, the full version has alot more options unlocked


    thats why I had a ? I wasnt sure, anyway I found the full version

  8. EXACTLY..so why do they put them there!! I read somewhere (Maybe here) that using them cases alot of issues when gaming Do you manually set it to your liking or do you have it set to the default all the time?


    it is 'preset' as 'best settings' for that game but you can manually change them. After testing, im better wiith my settings, all on max :)

    (edit, tested on NFSU2 & Doom3) no difference.

  9. I would have thought it was garbage also (it said junk) Im thining if anybody wants it, take it. Having interest in PC's I probobly would have taken it BUT not asking 1st, you know there might be consequences. I say take the deal, if they find you guilty you will do more then 2 years and NOT on probation. And you have a lil girl :)


    Once I didnt accept a deal and I did 5 years in prison, and the funny thing is it was related with school property also.

    I really hope you take my advice. Moses.

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