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  2. For some reason my laptop keyboard has stopped responding. my cursor sitll works though.
  3. I just turned on my CPU, I have 5 fans.. a 120mm exhast in the back, 1 80mm on top of the case blowing out, 2 80mm in the lower front intake, and 1 side intake.. my CPU temp is reading 95 F, is this norma;? should I be worried? when should I be?
  4. i got the same setup as post #1 but i got crucial 1 gig ram, 80gb seagate, and a DFI nf4 ultra-d
  5. Shipping is a killer on newegg! Anyone know of some good places to order fans that throw in combine shipping? I fonud this place http://www.coolerguys.com/840556021520.html 80mm panaflo http://www.coolerguys.com/840556001096.html 120mm panaflo good buy?
  6. Here is a picture of my mobo, I will be refering to it. http://www.tomshardware.com/motherboard/20...ket_939-06.html As you can see in the picture directly to the right of the fan there is a 4 pin 5v/12v connecter which I already connected to the PSU, along with the 20 pin connecter to the bottom right .. now this is where I get lost.. theres another 5v/12v power connecter, a much smaller one just to top left of the socket (next to those 4 white cubes) in the picture. See it? is that supposed to have a PSU-to-mobo connection as well? I know my antec 550W PSU brings PCIE, SATA, Molex, FAN only, and one additional connection that I dont know about.... which is the one I think plugs into the mobo.. not sure. help!! thanks
  7. I'm looking for a 120mm fan, and two 80mm fans...I'm looking for something with good airflow for cheap. Fan colors prefered are blue or black. Anyone have recommendations? If not, what would be good airflow for a 120mm and/or a 80mm?
  8. I was asking if it voided the processor part warranty lol anyway, its $11 bucks.. is it worth the time and money? one person says yes. what do you guys think
  9. Im going to use AS5 thermal compound, the instructions say to scrape off any thermal pad that the heatsink brings with something plastic and clean the remnants with a " xylene based cleaner, (Goof Off and some carburetor cleaners) acetone, mineral spirits, or high-purity isopropyl alcohol. " I have 70% alcohol, is this considered high-purity? If not, any suggestions for cleaners that I would actually understand what they are tlaking about? Just in case, AS5 void warranty? P.S is it worth buying AS5, or should I just stick with the thermal pad?
  10. you should of seen me a couple days ago, but after reading OCC for a couple hours, and gathering peoples opinion, I've learned a bit more. I guess I was promoted to grasshopper.
  11. 3- How do i properly cut them? 4-SATA thingy, please get as specific as possible, remember im a n00b.
  12. Its my first build and I want to triple check every move I make before I make it so.. Q1 "use fiber-insulating washers between board and plane if the board standoffs are metal." Is this really necessary? Q2- As far as thermal paste goes. To clarify. AS5 is applied only to the CPU heatspreader (not the heatsink) while not covering the enitre heatspreader but just a circle area that is over the CPU core. Is this correct? Q3 - Cooling is a factor that has me really nervous. I have an Aspire Dreamer II which brings 2 80mm fans. One on the top, and the other on the side window. Theres space for 120mm in back, and 2 more 80ms in the bottom front. Can someone post what my air flow should be and how many fans I should use (example: 2 bottom front flows in, back goes out, top goes out, side goes in). Fan grills, cut them out of the case, or leave them? Q4- "- SATA drives (usually) REQUIRE you to do a fresh install of windows and installing 3rd party drivers by pressing F6 during the windows installation and it will prompt you to insert the disk with those drivers twice during the installation." Can someone get a little more specific on exactly when to press f6, and which drivers I should install this way. Q5 - my PSU is 20+4-Pin, and my mobo is http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16813136152 matchs? Little background: AMD64 3700 SD, 7800GT, Crucial 1 gig PC3200, 550W Antec, DFI Lanparty Nf4 Ultra D. I'm sure I'll have other questions, I'll post in this thread when i come up with new ones. When answering just put the corresponding Q(#)
  13. HEY HEY HEY! this post was about ME remember? geez! lol j/k DOODOO!
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