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  1. Welcome to the forums! :thumbs-up:
  2. Gonna say the same thing Heres a pretty good one http://www.filecabi.net/v/file/x-factor-barbie-girl/wmv
  3. Oh Oh Oh I'm avaible. Oh no wait nevermind srry burgerlord
  4. Mr.Who?

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    Welcome to the club and DTTL!! :thumbs-up:
  5. Mr.Who?

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    Welcome to the club! :thumbs-up: DTTL!!
  6. Mr.Who?


    Welcome too the club DTTL!
  7. No there was like a thing you buy but I can't remeber Edit: Check this http://www.ioss.com.tw/web/English/RD7%20CA.htm
  8. Because I get to click on stuff
  9. I'm with godmode117 on this one But if I took a shot at his color mabye Blue?
  10. My names Mr.Who?... Well when I use to play know I can't install it because the disk keeps giving me an error
  11. I've played M rated and violent games since I was like six and I turned out great(so far) I have had all A's and no disipline problems. He needs to get a life, he's just wasting his time because he's going to get nowhere.
  12. I got like 432K first time. Not bad as a time waster
  13. There talking about that one game called "Bully" http://www.gamespot.com/xbox/action/bully/index.html?q=Bully
  14. Who's he tellin get a life :angry2: He won't be saying that after I kick him square in the nuts ... he said masturbatory
  15. I just hope nobody goes there for advice Poor, poor people Exactly
  16. Mr.Who?

    Newer Than New

    Welcome to OCC :thumbs-up:
  17. I remember seeing this like two day's ago. I didn't think he'd get a felony though
  18. Ahh your terrible Good thing I wasn't that customer, then again I don't go too Compusa
  19. Mr.Who?

    Aloha Peeps!

    Welcome to the club!!! :thumbs-up:
  20. That's pretty weird and freakin sweet at the same time
  21. Here's the article from ExtremeTech http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,1697,1907202,00.asp
  22. I usally wear Van's because they comfotable
  23. Over at Extreme tech, the kit Intel sent them idle at 60 degress Celcius!
  24. If I had a car and a license I would get a job
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