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  1. hey guys im the new newb in town.... i have already posted some stuff and hope to hear from u guys... i come from The Home of the " Hurricanes" Florida.... and no not University of Miami....
  2. that sucks.... but these proc sounds pretty good. might get me one of these. but i wont do massive OCing
  3. ok well i know u told me to get Seagate... but my old hard drive wasent compatible to my comp. so my sister had a the SATA and tought i would use it....she just bought it..
  4. i got a Lightscribe DVD burner from I/O Magic =) good pricing too... got it on sale at Black Friday...
  5. I suggest PC Hardware Buyers Guide (from PC Gamers) i found this magazine very usefull on upto date stuff it coems out every season.... and it even gives u an over view on everything u need for a computer...HD, Processor with explination, SOund Card, Graphics, anything part of a computer.....
  6. 1 more Question.... Can i install a SATA HardDrive with Windows XP on it already from a diffrent computer and istall it on my computer?
  7. Ok first of all....i been having major problems with my CPU.....im still a newb at this. but i got a MSI MIRCO-ATX with a AMD64 3000+, 1 GB DDR400, with a 160 GB HD SATA. ok now finally all the hardware is installed. after finding right 20-pin 24-pin Power connector. and finding how to configure my reset button... now i tryed to install Windows XP pro. and every loads up but when it looks like it almost starts to get to the desktop windows go blue screen and tells my something about system is shutting down..... and then i have to disconnect my power. any suggestions???? or can i just throw my computer out the window
  8. hey, i got a new mother board with ATX and it have 24 pins and my old power supply has 20 the manual i got from MSI says i can use it..... but i hooked it up and i cant.... can anyone help me?
  9. this is true...... i gotta get one of those controllers.. soudns like fun ^.^ Blue_Cow.... DOnt have a cow, when PS3 comes out then there will be more threads.... cant wait O.o
  10. for the past years i hear people arguing which is better.... PS2 or XboX seriously i think its just a computer with controllers..... sure its fun with our the keyboard but i serously think people should stop arguing over PS2 or XBOX, or PS3 and XBOX 360!, but i think PS2 is better.. or playstation overall....
  11. thx for the Info... Why Mico-ATX ??? because i got it for 60$ and it beat my old MOBO. my OLD P4 that runs 1.2Ghz 128 MB RD RAM, i jsut need a good gaming computer. nota super godly computer. and i got the Processor and the Mobo for $150 so i got a good deal... at least i think
  12. my socket is a 939, but id liek to get a better processor, i dont need a hardcore gaming computer just something that will get me trought WoW or at least gaming for the next year ^.^
  13. ok well.... lets jsut say X Box 360 is just a computer with controlers...... that what i think.
  14. Hey, im new at this soo i need help! i have a MSI Micro-ATX with 1GB DDR 400 (MAx 1GB) Athlon 64 3000+ 256 ATI X700 PRO GDDR3 80 GB Hard Drive SoundBlaster Live 5.1 Creative Surround Sound 17'' LCD Monitor Is this good enough for gaming?
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