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  1. yummy...... im getting sushi tonight want me to send u some??
  2. Sushi = Sashimi ontop of rice, but i guess its considered different so ill give ya that one =P
  3. hey F U ! accually i guess ur right......lies
  4. i find this funny... since fish and sushi are the same... j/k
  5. i was just kidding on the having difficulties and the obsolete part... just wanted to see what u guys would say
  6. srry i go for looks too.... and i already go an intake with Exhuast... workin on turbo charged.. srry it aint mexican either... or then i would of got an El Comino....
  7. most likely use memtest..... it worked for me!
  8. im trying to install my Floppy drive...is this Obsolete Technology??
  9. I think its a good drink... bawls...monster.....what kinda people are we?
  10. dont get Aspire.... id go with Antec.... go with NEO or Truepower....
  11. sorry it was to see comments and what i should get... but that cool i want the 2005 si
  12. PS3 ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry... i just like playstation...
  13. humm lets seee. i got my Silver 2003 Honda Civic with 2 Infinifty 12'' inch subs (Revised vers) 1200 W MAX 300 RMS, 2 Bazooka 700W MAX 300RMS AMPS, All monster cable, Alpine Headunit, Green Neon Washer Noozel, 2 12'' BLue Neon inside car (Driver seat/Passanger Seat) 1 20'' Blue Neon in the trunk... Pics commin soon.
  14. only 2 places i really know where they sell bawls is at 7 Elven or COmp USA 12 for 16.99 hummm i love bawls in my mouth
  15. any one here likes sushi?? i doo!!! especially i get it for free..... tuna roll anyone?
  16. the war in iraq is to free dictation and supress terrorism...i dont care if we bomb the crappa outta N Korea for shooting some missles over japan.... stupid Commies
  17. dont call ur current girlfriend your last girlfriend while your having ...... its not a pretty sight.. specially while ur trying to cover it up
  18. Long as u make money its good enough..... but always try to make more... more is better.... fewer is no better..
  19. humm Religion.... that is exactly what i tought.... it was just to control people.. every race that has been rules was because of god..... after the first god was created didnt u see how many other races started making stories up? back then people "WERE" NArrow mided as if the world was flat.. but these days our imagination has expanded beyond the universe... no scientific explaination if there was a god.. but there is proof on how animals were created.. now that human minds are not so narrow the world has become round.. and so will the realization that there is no need for worshiping... but to rely on ourself and not other things..
  20. im getting a new PSU and wondered if this is a good power supply ir can i get one cheaper with same quality.....
  21. id save up more money and get 3800+ or just get the first one...
  22. I have a MSI Micro-atx, AMD 64 3000+ Venice, 1GB DDR 400 (PC 3200)
  23. Hey guys.. i have a PC 3200 DDR400, i need to know whats the best RAM i can get any suggestions? thx
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