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  1. im sure they will.. or they will just call another one....???
  2. OCZ or mushkin i think is good RAM....if u wanna pay the price...
  3. lol the world is confusing.....
  4. cause some people think it can be half empty.....
  5. well ur mobo.... anyways OCZ, Mushkin, Geil is good for OCing, just remember u need a good PSU to overclock...ur putting more volts so u need more power and a sturdy one.
  6. Use media i think its good.. but i like media stuff, at least u dont have to spend more money for Home or PRo... so INSTALL IT!
  7. that sucks for the kid... but trought my experience u cant kill urself over a girl.... iv gone out with a whore cheated on my like 5 times and i still forgave her... BIG Mistake
  8. Is the Glass Half Empty or half full??
  9. i would get OCZ or mushkins 2X 1GB... and yes Voltage does matter... on ur mobo memory slot u can see the voltage number on it and on the memory u can see it too... u gotta push enough volts to the memory so make sure u ahve a good power supply
  10. thats pretty cool. some stuff is right but i guess on some of the questions it cna bea maybe.. cool tho -.-
  11. im sorry but i like WoW......but ill give it a try.
  12. i had the same problem i got it a Computer Builder's Warehouse. but im going to end up getting a new PSU cause i need more WATTS...might wanna check yours too
  13. i would go 939 AMD isnt going to go well with that socket... all the new stuff if on 939..!! and get a 3000+ (Price wise)
  14. 2053 ...... WEeEeeEEEEE ^.^
  15. I concur with phycotic God !! Techno all the way.
  16. Need more gas efficent cars.... why would u want to pay $100 for gas every 3 days...
  17. were u talking about the OCZ Performace series to be expensive or the other brands? 180-200..... i find that expensive.
  18. jsut to let all you know about Japan... and japanese cars.... if u go or ever seen japan they have small streets and its not very big..(Island) so considering japan being very smart they dont need BIG, FAST, GAS GUZZLING cars/trucks. they make economy cars. they have trucks and vans that go 24 MPG and maybe more. so thats why japan doesnt have much fast cars...Skyline,Supra.... if they wanted to they can make FAST cars...so plz lets stop talking about rice over steak huh?
  19. well i really dont want to upgrade my Mobo... but i have 1X1 GB Expandable to 4 GiG.. i jsut wanna go for another 2 GB. for now i just wanna know whats a good memory to get...and should i stick with the same brand? as the first one? or can i change it and just have the same stats?
  20. sorry my ricer doesnt have speed but at least mine is most likely to finish the 1/4 and not stop half way
  21. im with you man!!! lol and yeah i dont like my bazooka amps waiting to get some JL 1000/1
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