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  1. well i would get an AMD and get an MSI... for a M-ATX
  2. im looking to get a new GPU from the internet... im looking at a 6600/6800 with 256MB GDDR3 and PCI-E GPU... can anyone give me suggestions
  3. right now my cpu is runing at 47C
  4. everyone will tell you to get a DFI, there good.... but if u cant afford it then go with the MSI
  5. thats awesome......carebares and WoW
  6. its all the same to me CMOS BIOS..... wel the battery thing works..
  7. Usually you can remove the Battery for several minuites and put it back in and there ya go
  8. Can anyone tell me the Normal Temp the Proccessor should be at??
  9. that really sucks....just dont drop ur Processor....i dont think its a good idea.....
  10. id go with the opteron.....it is soo much better when u over clock it... youll be happy with it ^.^
  11. cool.. so XFX or eVGA would be good i guess..
  12. Hey guys as u can see im looking at a XFX 6800 GTX 256MB PCI-E you think this is good???
  13. YEah im thinking of getting this game too....looks kinda cool! scary who knows.... Resident Evil was scray when things just poped out!
  14. i say...who cares about fans, water, Co2 lets put frion in our computers and make it like a frigerator.....problem solved....or just put your computer in the frigerator wither way i think it works... ^.^
  15. The Glass is THE ONE...... ITs neither half empty or half fulll....it is both... u choose what u want..
  16. ^.^ good point..i like my civic... but the 2006 SI is nice!
  17. i guess then i can start wearing hats now.....and gel ^.^
  18. everyones got there own opinion.... import no imports.... who cares..
  19. u care if its leagal??? well its fine i think and u wont get caught
  20. NinjaDude

    Smash My Xbox!

    thats great... "Can i have your controller? "
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